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Z pg-15 violence

Guest jon j

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Long ago, there was a dark called the demonseed. It was almighty and destrutive. Many men failed to defeat this foe, until a child came with the power of light. And his light he defeated the demonseed.The world was safe for now.
1000 years later, the skies of Razzaria began to get dark and a new evil rise. A mad scientist conducting freak out expermints on humans. And now he are is forming an army a war is about break loose. Which side will you be on?

Requirments:age(13-?) does not matter
side: hero/villan
weapon; which ever
rules: no godmoding
no more than two forms
no lasers cannons or guns

name: Ace
side hero
weapon sword
descripation: tall with black hair with sliver eyes
and a X scar on right eye
bio: born in razzaria,and the son of the king the village
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