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Shera's adventuer part 3


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Shera sat at her desk the silver haied boy walked up to her his tie was crooked and his hair really was silver there was no die used even his brows and eyelashes "Ummm" the boy sucked on his bottom lip. "Your sorta in my spot... but uh since ur new i guess ill let it slide" He smirk. Shera thought she would melt, the boy sat beside her " So what ur name?" he said ".........um oh " she giggled " Sheras oh im mean Shear oh i-" "Mrs. Shera can you please take your seat? Or would you and Mr. Jack like to stay after class?" Said the teacher, Jack pulled Shera down by the arm "i think the last thing you want is dentiton trust me" he began to study about and hour later he flicked a note over which was kinda dumb because they were only about 5cm apart she read it " lemme introduce you to everyone that over there is the tecaher Mr.Assintal and that is Dany, Nicole, Greg,Tody and of course my Ex and my stalker Sarah" Shera wrote somehting back and flicked the paper, Jack read it and wrote back " get a bathroom pass" ok she thought Shera threw the note to Ashley would threw the note to Tino who threw the note to Dany who threw it to Nicole ect. Shera sat on the Bench and looked around Jack came out joging to her "Hey now wut did you want to talk about?" said shera "well you want to go to lunch with me?"said Jack "..Ok sure that would br great wonderful!" said shera "cool ok" He pulled his hair back with his fingers she saw a long braid behind his ear " why do u have that braid-" but befor she knew it she counld controll it like regularshe was seeing something else another vision it was that girl "Why do u have that braid" said a young girl about 6 " Why do you keep asking me!" said a boy about 8 "Because its a dumb braid Jake!!" "No Shear its a sign that i am a member of the Sinjookoo clan now either you can come with me or stay here!!!" The boy walked along the sandy path "Wait please im sorry" said the girl she began to cry " i only want to go somewere warm:bawl: " the girl cry loudly "ARGG SHUT UP OR ILL LEAVE YOU HEAR U CANT CRY IF UR A SINJOOKOO! SO IF U DONT STOP ILL LEAVE U U DUMB STUPID GIRL!" he continued to to walk she feel on the groung and sobbed and the boy just kept walking " Well wen ever you stop crying just follow the path" said the boy he wanted to hepl he really did he want to he wanted to go back and say please stop crying its ok ill protect you but he could he looked back *sighed and ran for her he wanted to be gentel but the Sinjookoo clan always say worrie of your self not other but Jake was diffrent he didn't want to be like theleader he did want to be woken up is his .....................Shera SHERA! wut the hell did u do!" "it must be his divelish charm oooooooooooooo Jack take me in ur arm forever oooh!" "hey shut up....its my falt we should have never-" Shera mumbled something and woke up everyone was in her room she looked at jack "you still ahvent told me why you have that braid" she felll back and weht to sleep.
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