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Pokemon Region of Yaton


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OOC: Remember all trainers need to go to the Professor of their town to get their starter pokemon and pokedex, also anyone competing for the Yanton League need to go to the Kentow city pokemon center for registration. In this rpg Team Aqua will be an enemy.

IC: Meg(Dreaming): I'll choose Treeko. GO TREEKO, POUND ATTACK!!! No I'll choose Mudkip. GO MUDKIP, WATER GUN!!! No the pokemon I want is Torchic. TORCHIC I CHOOSE YOU, EMBER ATTACK!!!

[i]Within a few seconds BEEP BEEP BEEP, Meg's alarm clock had went off and she awoke with a start, she stood in the middle of her room when suddenly her mother came bursting in.[/i]

"Meg dear don't forget to make your bed." Meg's mom said in a cheerful tone.

"Mom this is the day I've been waiting for my entire life, the day I get my very first pokemon, the day I begin my journey to become the world's number 1 pokemon master so who cares about a stupid bed being made up." Meg stated triumphantly.

"That's nice dear but don't forget to make up your bed" Meg's mom said in a less cheerful tone.

[i]After Meg washed up, packed her things in her pack, and made her bed Meg went to say goodbye to her mother as she walked in the living room which hear mother was tidying a special news report was announced.[/i]

News Announcer: Team Magma strikes again the Kentow city pokemon daycare has been broken into but only evolved pokemon where stolen.

Meg's Mom: Those poor pokemon. Meg I don't think you should go to Kentow city for your Yanton League registration.

Meg: Mom don't be ridiculous I'll be fine. I have to go to the Professor's lab to get my pokemon. Bye mom.

Meg's Mom: Be careful Megan bye.

[i]Meg began to walk to the Professor's lab she looked in the sky and saw two Beautifly and a Butterfree use Sweet Scent over a large garden. She looked over to the side of herself and saw two Sentret rolling around. When the lab came into site Meg saw the Professor being chased by a Rattata and couldn't help but laugh.[/i]

Professor: Rattata return. Ah Meg!

Meg: Hi Professor, I'm ready for my first pokemon!

Professor: Ah yes.

[i]The two of them walked into the lab to a circular table with 3 pillows on it.[/i]

Prof.: Alright Meg now you choose, Mudkip the mud fish pokemon.

[i]The prof. let out Mudkip who tackled Meg playfully knocking her down.[/i]

Mudkip: Mudkip!

Meg: Uh maybe one a little less playful.

Prof: Treeko the tree gecko pokemon.
Treeko stood and stared at meg without blinking.

Meg: Uh maybe one a little less scary.

Prof: Very well, Torchic the chic pokemon.

Torchic: Tor Tor chic!

[i]Torchic Jumped into Meg's arms.[/i]

Meg: I love it. I choose Torchic.

Torchic: Torchic Tor!

[i]The prof gave Meg Torchic's pokeball which she put in her pack after calling Torchic back.[/i]

Prof: Fine choice that's may favorite pokemon too. Here take these.

[i]The prof. gave Meg a pokedex, 5 more pokeballs and a potion.[/i]

Meg: Thanks professor.

Prof: Your welcome Meg. Good luck!

[i]Meg walked out of the lab and let out Torchic.[/i]

Meg: We'll Torchic we're off!

Torchic: Torchic!

OOC: Could everyone please try to stay active because I worked really hard on this and I want it to last for a long time. I will explain the Retsam Stadium later on. Have Fun!
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OOC: Remember Rei there is a high chance of an RPG that is made from a hardworking person may fall, but I'll try to be active. I won't post unless someone else will post, I don't want to double post ya know.

The fast wind blew towards a red headed boy. His eyes reflect the sea, and the sun rised upon him. The boy sighed and lept off the ledge.

"Hey John, watcha doing out here?" a man asked

"Quick stop in my exercises." Replied the boy.

"Oh, well get back home, your appretices are getting a bit crabby." said the man

"Oh no..."


John ran off to his gym and inside were pokemon everywhere, his haunter was floating away from a mad machop and Typhlosion was repeatly using flamethrower at a Bellosom.

"What happened here?" asked John

"Kyosuke here made Typhlosion ticked off," said a boy, "There was nothing we could do."

"Hmm, I'll be back, don't worry" said John as he ran off.
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[COLOR=darkred][SIZE=1]David flicked his hair from his face as the morning wind blew against him.
He stared into the rising sun, watching as the sky flared a great red, orange, purple, and finally finished into the usual blue.
He turned to look over Myrrsilth Isle.
The strangely shaped trees and berry bushes thrived on this tropical beauty of an Island Paradise. The wild Pokemon frolicked through the grass, covering themselves in the morning dew. Undesturbed.
David turned east, to face his home.
"David, what do you want for breakfast? You've got a whole bunch of new trainers to watch out for. They'll be stopping off here quite soon to try and claim a Myrr Badge from you," David's girlfriend, Tath smiled sweetly as he rolled his eyes.
"When are they gonna learn? You don't just stroll up to Myrrsilth Isle expecting an easy match and a badge on your way off."
"I know. We'll show them though. Don't worry about that," she said as she walked over, her black hair blowing freely in the wind about her.
With the sun behind her, she looked like some kind of a goddess.

Later that day, at Myrrsilth Isle's Pokemon Gym, Tath and David began a fierce Pokemon match.
"Sweetie?" Tath called across the arena, "This time I'll win. This time we won't draw."
"Not in your wildest dreams," he called back and grinned, "I'm in those."
She couldn't help but give a small laugh.
"Let's see what your dreams will reveal then?" she taunted as she whipped out a Pokeball.
"Sproink! Go!"
David's face went blank. She was going straight for the offensive? This was unusual...
"Whismur! Get to it!"
Whismur practically leapt out of it's Pokeball and onto the field, roaring fiercely.
"Sproink! Go for it with a Psybeam!!"
Sproink's face screwed up in deep concentration.
"Uh-oh..." David managed to mutter, this was going to be big..."Whismur!! Super Sonic! Quickly!"
Whismur's ears lowered themselves, protecting itself from the sound that would next come out.
As Sproink launched it's massive Psybeam, Whismur roared louder and more high pitched than before. A huge soundwave came to meet the beam of concentrated psychic energy.
The room filled with a bright light, knocking everyone off their feet.
When David managed to open his eyes and survey the surroundings, he just stared blandly at Tath. She'd been practicing.
Whismur was lying on the floor, panting in its unconsciousness, while Sproink sat bouncing in great happiness at its victory over Whismur.
"Well done, Tath..."
"Not needed David, there're still three rounds to go."
David nodded. True, things weren't over yet, but if Tath won...
David's thoughts trailed off.
"Good try Whismur, return," he said as he returned the Pokemon and sent out another. "Corphish, GO!"


Hey, Rei...my computer can't open .bmp attachments properly, so do you think you could re-save it as a .jpg or .gif file? I want to know which number Gym my character's is.
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OOC: Sorry inti my computer can't do that but your # 2 see the list below.

IC: After enjoying a short lunch break Meg gathers her things as Torchic runs around, when suddenly he trips over Meg's pokedex.

Meg: Torchic be careful you could hurt yourself. Hmm lets see what the pokedex says about you.

Torchic: Chic Chic Torchic!

Meg flipped open her pokedex and pointed it towards Torchic.

Pokedex: Torchic the Chic pokemon, Torchic has a place inside its body where it keeps its flame. Give it a hug - it will be glowing with warmth. This pokemon is covered all over by a fluffy coat of down.
Meg: Well lets see if its right.

Meg gave Torchic a huge hug and as she did she felt an amazingly warm feeling cover her body as Torchic began to glow with happiness.

Meg: You sure are somethin special Torchic.

Torchic: Torchic Torchic!

Meg: If we hurry we could get to Kentow City before it gets dark. Torchic Return!

Meg calls back her Torchic and puts his ball into her pack and begins her walk to Kentow City.
Meg walks quickly along the path as she gazes up at the beautiful blue sky. When suddenly she hears someone talking.

???: Wurmple Wurmple come on out I know your here somewhere.

Meg: Huh?

Suddenly a kid no more than 10 years old burst out of a bush with a net in one hand and a pokeball in the other. The kid looked up at a confused Meg and emmediatly he had a cocky smirk.

Meg: Hi there Im Meg.
???: I don't care who you are. Im Pike the worlds best bug pokemon trainer and your in the way of me catching pokemon so I highly recommend you get out of my way.

Meg: Look here you little snot nose brat someone needs to teach you some manners and that someone is going to be me.

Meg pulled out her Torchic's pokeball and held it out.

Pike: You challenge me don't make me laugh. I accept your challenge I guess I could use a warm up. Go Spinarak!

Meg: Go Torchic!

The two trainers threw thier pokeballs and their pokemon emerged.

Pike: Spinarak Poison Sting!

Spinarak: Spinarak Spinarak!

Spinarak shot out poison needles toward Torchic.

Meg: Torchic break through with Ember Attack!

Torchic shot out many small fireballs, the two attacks collided. Torchic's ember broke threw the poison sting and hit Spinarak head on, Spinarak fainted.

Meg: Yay Torchic you were amazing our first pokemon battle and we won!

Torchic: Torchic Tor Tor!

Pike: Return Spinarak. This doesn't mean anything I am still the best.

As Meg and Pike argued a Wurmple came out of the bushes.

Wurmple: Wurm?

Meg and Pike turned their heads to see a confused looking Wurmple.

OOC: Here are the Gym Leaders.

Okat City: Pike (Insectoid Badge)
Pokemon: Ariados, Ledian, Dustox

Myrrsilth Isle: David Daru (Myrr Badge)
Pokemon: Whismur, Skitty, Zangoose, Corphish

Hitsetna City: Blake (Blaze Badge)
Pokemon: Slugma, Numel, Flareon

Trentrix City: Ace (Wish Badge)
Pokemon: Dratini,Eevee,Skarmory,Beldum,Kecl

Botanica City: Forest Shev ( Forest Badge)
Pokemon: Cacturne, Shiftry, Crobat, Tropius

Ameruta City: John Komiyo (Spirit Badge)
Pokemon: Typhlosion, Poliwhirl, Chinchou, Crocanaw, Haunter, Pidgeotto
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[color=red]Ace Climbed up from the side of Trentrix Crater with his Kecleon on his back and his Eevee on his head holding some flowers.

"You think these are enuf for the pokemart"Ace pulls him self up the rest of the way so his feet still dangle into the crater.

"Waheve."Eevee pounces off Ace's head at a butterfly.

"Kec!"Kecleon dissappers and appers in a nearby fruit tree.

Ace looks up the unbeaten path leading back to Trentrix Town seeing a figure of a girl in the distance.

"Hey!"Ace yells at the girl.

"Hey,Ace."The girl quickly runs up and glares at Ace.
"Your spose to be at the gym training not getting stuff for the Pokemart!"

"Oh right!"Ace pulls out a Pokeball with fading colors.Skarmory come forth!"

A red light shoots from the ball and forms into the metal bird Skarmory.

"Well,I'll just have skarmory deliver these and return to the Gym..."Ace puts the flowers into a bag and puts the bag strap around Skarmoy's neck.

"Good,It would be horible if one of the new trainers came by and you weren't there for them to battle for a gym badge."The girl stands there waiting for Ace to start walking.

"...After I get the rest of the chores finushed!"Ace pats Skarmory on the back and it flies away.

"What!"The girl takes a firm step towards Ace."Whos going to Be incharge then?!"

"That easy...I'm going to leave..."

"ME!?"The girl interupts .

"Of course not,I'm leaving Eevee in charge wial I go do the rest of the chores."Ace looks down at Eevee smiling.

"What!"The girl backs up lookign down at the little Pokemon.

"Well,I'd love to keep chatting,but..Cya!"

With that Ace dashes off towards the other side of the crater.

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Pike: Finally I'll get Wurmple!

Meg: Wurmple?

Meg got out up her pokedex and pointed it to the bug pokemon.

Pokedex: Wurmple the Worm Pokemon, Wurmple is targeted by Swellow as prey. This Pokemon will try to resist by pointing the spikes on its rear at the attacking predator. It will weaken the foe by leaking poison from the spikes.

Pike: Go Ledyba!

Pike sent out the lady bug pokemon which scared Wurmple into running away.

Meg: Look what you did you scared it.

Pike: Shut up you old hag!

Pike returned Ledybay to its pokeball and went into the bush after Wurmple.

Meg: I can't let that Wurmple be caught by such a terrible little boy. Return Torchic.

Meg followed after pike and the Wurmple. Soon she emerged out of the bushes and saw Wurmple in a tree with Pike under it.

Pike: I will have you. Go Spinarak!

Pike sent out his still tired Spinarak.

Pike: Alright Poison Sting!

Spinarak shot out poison needles. Wurmple dodged it by using String Shot to swing to another tree.

Pike: Spinarak use your String Shot!

Spinarak shot it's String Shot at Wurmple and pulled it down to the ground.

Pike: Know Poison Sting!

Before Spinarak could use its attack it was bombarded with many small fire balls.

Meg: Great Job Torchic.

Pike: Are you insane?

Meg: Im not going to let you get your grubby little hands on that Wurmple. Pokeball Go!

Meg threw out an empty pokeball toward Wurmple, in a flash of red light Wurmple was in the pokeball which then shook as the button flashed a few times until it stooped and became still.

Meg: I got Wurmple!

Torchic: Tor Torchic!

Pike: You stole my pokemon.

Meg: Really cause I think I saved it.

Meg went over to her Wurmple's pokeball and picked it up.

Pike: You won't get away with this go Ledyba!

Meg: Go Wurmple!

The two threw their pokeballs and the two pokemon emerged.

Meg/Pike: Tackle Attack!

The two bug pokemon went head to head with Tackle.

Pike: Ledyba Comet Punch!

Ledyba pummeled on Wurmple with is rapid punches.

Meg: Wurmple Poison Sting!

Wurmple hit Ledyba hard with the end of its tail which injected poison into it.

Meg: Now use Tackle!

Wurmple sent Ledyba flying into Pike's chest.

Meg: Torchic Ember!

Torchic scorched Ledyba and Pike with its fire attack.

Pike: You worthless pokemon.

Pike said as he whirled around his Ledyba. Pike took one more look at Meg then turned and ran away.

Pike: You haven't seen the last of me.

Meg: Great Job Torchic! You too Wurmple, so will you come along with Torchic and I on our quest.

Wurmple: Wurmple!

The bug pokemon wrapped itself around Meg's leg.

Meg: I guess so, great.
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ok, this sounds cool so far.

Alita had been up early, getting ready to go get her first Pokemon. She packed up her backpack and looked around her room for the last time before she left. She looked at the clock. It was 6:30 AM. She grabbed her watch from her dresser and put it on. She opened her bedroom door and walked into the kitchen. Her mother had just finished breakfast. Alita sat down at the table and grabbed some food and put it on her plate. She ate quickly, stood up and said goodbye to her mother.
"Bye mom" she said and hugged her before leaving.
"Goodbye honey, have fun and don't forget to call everyday." her mother said.
"Allright, everyday." Alita mumbled and walked out the door. She walked down the dirt trail that led to the city. Alita's home was located just outside Enertun. It had a large field behind it where her mother and father studied Pokemon. Alita watched two Furret run across the trail in front of her. She smiled at the two and continued walking.
She arrived in Enertun a few minutes later and walked up to the lab. She went inside and looked for the Professor.
"Professor! Professor!" she called out his name throughout the lab before finding him in the field behind it. He recalled the Muk he had been studying and walked over to her. "Ah, Alita. You are here for your Pokemon I presume?" Alita nodded and the Professor led her to a room filled with Pokeballs inside the lab. He went to the small table in the middle of the room and hit a button. Three Pokeballs came up from the middle of the table. He picked one up and let the Pokemon out. It was a Chikorita. Alita looked at the Chikorita with interest. The Chikorita kind of glared at Alita. "Uhm, I think I want one that's a little nicer..." The Professor returned Chikorita and let out the next one. It was Totodile. The Totodile hopped around the room and hit a wall. It fell over laughing and got back up. "How bout one thats a little smarter, Professor?" Alita said now getting impatient. She didn't mean to be picky but the first two Pokemon just weren't what would suit to her liking. Their personalitys wouldn't mix with her own very well. The Professor picked up the last Pokeball and let out the Pokemon inside. It was Cyndaquil. Alita looked at the Cyndaquil as it smiled at her. "That Cyndaquil has been feeling a little down after some other Trainers said that he wasn't strong enough." The Professor said and smiled a big wide smile as the Cyndaquil walked up to Alita and looked up at her. "Well, I guess I'll take him! He's perfect!" Alita picked Cyndaquil up and put him on her shoulder. The Professor gave her 5 Pokeballs, her very own Pokedex, and a Potion. Alita put the Pokeballs on her belt, the Pokedex in her pocket, and the Potion in her backpack. She said thank you to the Professor and left the lab.
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[size=1][color=darkred]Tath stared strangely at David's choice of Pokemon. Corphish? But that would go down quickly against her Sproink. Or so she thought.
"Corphish! Let's try out that new move I tought you yesterday! Feint Attack!" David called to the small lobster-like pokemon.
Corphish vanished into thin air and appeared behind Sproink. It looked darker.
"Sproink! Behind you!" Tath screamed, but it was too late.
Corphish lashed out at Sproink as it turned, knocking it halfway across the arena.
Tath's face screwed up in wonder. How could such a tiny Corphish become so strong so quickly? Then it dawned on her as Corphish began to glow.
"It's that time of year again. And I think Corphish wants to join the others straight after this match," David said.
The now white, glowing Corphish grew rapidly in size, tripling its height. Dark patches appeared on it's underbelly, and the three small horns atop its head merged together and seemed to melt into a star.
"So, Tath? You still want to use your Psychic Pokemon? Or will you rethink your strategy?" David taunted.
"Sweetie, don't taunt me like that. I can still beat you," she retorted. "Sproink, return. It's your turn, Breloom! Go!"
A child sized Pokemon appeared on the field, hopping swiftly from side to side.
Things were about to get interesting.[/color][/size]
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John ran to the pokemon center and immediatly asked for nurse joy's attention.

"Hello, welcome to the pokemon center how may I help----," said nurse joy

"Typhlosion again, I need a sleep ball." interrupted John.

"Oh not again, here I have it already." said Joy

Nurse Joy handed John black ball with a blue crescent shape on it, and john ran back to the gym where the walls were burnt.

"Alright, GO SLEEP BALL!!!!!!!!!!" yelled John

Typhlosion got his head smacked by the sleep ball and he turned into a red light which entered the ball. The pokemon did not fight against it, instead a pop sound was made and Typhlosion was caught.

"Whew, that was close." said John

"I need to stop interruping Typhlsion's resting time," said a boy.

"Kyosuke, didn't I tell you before NOT TO ENTER THAT ROOM!!??!?!?!?!?!?!" roared John.

The boy froze in terror as John walked up to him and threw him across the lobby.

"Oooo, at least John didn't sick his crocnaw at him." mumured one boy from the left room poking his head out.

"Too late, Kyosuke is going to have bite marks tonight." whispered another boy.

John did unleash his crocnaw to bite Kyosuke's left arm. Though Crocnaw hesitated so that it wouldn't hurt that much. Kyosuke went limping off to the right room where he could be healed.

"Kyosuke should learn his lesson by now, one more incident, and one great army boot out of the gym." sighed John

Kids snickered in the lobby and left. John went into the middle room and opened a trap door in the wooden floor. He entured and many dusty pokeballs were found. John placed the sleep ball in one of the sockets listed "Typhlosion." He reached to his belt to grab a pokeflute and he played a song. A haunter came out of nowhere staring at John. He immediatly threw an Ultra ball at haunter and caught it without fighting.

"Let see if Crocnaw can beat Haunter." mumbled John.
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Trainer: Zigzagoon Tackle Attack!

The Trainer's Zigzagoon hit Torchic head on.

Meg: Hang on Torchic, use Peck Attack!

Torchic hit it's beak on Zigzagoon hard and it to pass out.

Meg: Great job Torchic!

Torchic: Torchic!

Trainer: Zigzagoon Return! Go Lotad!

Lotad: Lotad!

Meg: Torchic Return! Go Wurmple!

Trainer: Lotad Absorb!

Wurmble hardly felt anything at all as the combination water and grass pokemon tried to suck away Wurmple's energy.

Meg: Guess he doesn't know that grass attacks are not that effective on bug pokemon. Poison Sting Wurmple!

Wurmple: Wurm!

Wurmple hit Latad hard with the end of it's tail causing it to get knocked into a tree.

Trainer: Lotad Astonish Attack!

Wurmple was hurt badly by the ghost type attack and fainted.

Meg: You were great Wurmple Return. Well I guess its a draw then.

Trainer: That was a great battle. Your pokemon are tougher than I thought.

Meg: Thanks same here, see ya.

Trainer: Good bye.

After her battle Meg kept on walking to Kentow City until she had finally got there.

Meg: Its about time I reached this city .

Meg walked a little more until she reached the pokemon center.

As Meg walked in she saw so many trainers with so many pokemon, Meg assumed that they were all competing in the Pokemon League.

Meg: So these people will be my opponents in the Yanton League.

After a few minutes when the line got shorter it was finally Meg's turn to get registered.

Nurse Joy: Hi there, I am Nurse Joy, may I heal your pokemon?

Meg: Yes please.

Meg gave her pokeballs' to Nurse Joy who gave them to a Chansey.

Nurse Joy: Are you here to be registered in the Pokemon League?

Meg: Yes I am.

Nurse Joy: I'll need your pokedex.

Meg: Sure.

Meg gave her pokedex to Nurse Joy and she inserted it into a slot in a computer beside her, after being registered Meg got her pokedex back and took a seat as she waited for her pokemon.
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[color=blue]Alita walked out of Enertun and looked back at it. It was so beautiful a town. She was going to miss it. She sighed and walked along a path to Kentow. Along the way she spotted many Pokemon. Wurmples, Caterpie's, and Weedle's. Sentret's, Furret's, Zigzagoon's, and Linoone's. But none of them seemed right for her. She continued walking through a small forest when she heard a trainer yelling at a Pokemon.
[b]Trainer:[/b] You stupid Pokemon! Why won't you evolve? (hears a whip)
Alita runs through some brush and finds the Trainer. It was a young boy. He was whipping his Scyther. Alita ran up to him and pushed him away from the Scyther.
[b]Alita:[/b] Stop it! Stop whipping that Scyther!
[b]Trainer:[/b] Why should I? It's my Pokemon. I can do whatever I want to it!
[b]Alita:[/b] So what if it's yours? What you are doing is mean!
[b]Trainer:[/b] Well, if you care about it so much why don't you fight me for it?
[b]Alita:[/b] Allright then!
[b]Trainer/Alita:[/b] Go! Bellossom!/Go Cyndaquil!
Alita laughs.
[b]Alita:[/b] Grass against Fire? This'll be an easy match. Cyndaquil! Start out with a tackle attack!
[b]Cyndaquil:[/b] [i]Cynda! Quil![/i]
Cyndaquil charged at the Bellossom. Cyndaquil needed to be warmed up a little before it could use fire type attacks. Cyndaquil slammed into Bellossom.
[b]Trainer:[/b]Bellossom! Use razor leaf attack!
Bellossom spun around and sent a flurry of leaves at Cyndaquil.
[b]Alita:[/b]Cyndaquil! Evade the attack! Jump up into the air and use headbutt!
Cyndaquil pushed against the ground and flung itself into the air. The razor leaf attack missing it by inches. Cyndaquil changed its direction in the air and aimed itself downward with its head down, ready for a headbutt attack. It fell down towards Bellossom and hit Bellossom right on the head. The pretty flower Pokemon was dazed. Cyndaquils flames on its back suddenly spouted up in a blaze of yellow and orange. Cyndaquil ran in front of the dazed Bellossom, ready to attack.
[b]Alita:[/b]Cyndaquil! Ember! Now!
Cyndaquil sent out a shower of sparks at Bellossom. Bellossom was hit by the sparks and caught on fire. The fire went out quickly and Bellossom fell over, knocked out.
[b]Alita:[/b]Good job Cyndaquil!
[b]Cyndaquil:[/b][i]Cynda! Cyndaquil![/i]
Cyndaquil ran back to Alita and put its flames out while jumping into her arms. She held it and approached the Trainer as he recalled his Bellossom.
[b]Trainer:[/b]Fine! Have the stupid Scyther if you really want it!
He ran off leaving Alita, Cyndaquil, and the Scyther behind. Alita cautiously approached the Scyther.
It hissed at her and put up its scythes, ready to fight.
[b]Alita:[/b]I do not wish to fight you. But if it is what you want to do, then I will.
She looks at Cyndaquil.
[b]Alita:[/b]You up for another battle so soon Cyndaquil?
It jumped out of her arms and flames sprouted on its back again.
[b]Alita:[/b]Ok, lets go Cyndaquil! Leer attack!
Cyndaquil looked at Scyther with leering eyes. Scyther's defense started to drop.
[b]Alita:[/b]Cyndaquil! Ember attack now!
Cyndaquil sent a bigger shower of sparks at Scyther than it had at Bellossom. Scyther used Swords Dance to block most of the embers, but it still got hit by a few. It was now burnt and weaker than before.
[b]Alita:[/b]Ok Cyndaquil! Hit it with a quick attack!
Cyndaquil quickly ran towards Scyther and slammed against it. But Scyther just pushed Cyndaquil away even in its weak state. Cyndaquil rolled across the ground aways before hopping up.
[b]Alita:[/b]This Scyther just doesn't want to give up. Cyndaquil, try a headbutt attack!
Just as Cyndaquil charged at Scyther with its headbutt attack Scyther used Slash attack. Cyndaquil met the slash attack head on but just charged through it into Scyther. Scyther fell down and so did Cyndaquil.
[b]Alita:[/b]Cyndaquil, you did great.
She recalled Cyndaquil and pulled an empty Pokeball off of her belt.
[b]Alita:[/b]Well, here goes! Pokeball! Go!
The Pokeball opened in a flash of red light and Scyther was swallowed up by it. Scyther disappeared inside the Pokeball. The Pokeball shook for a few moments before turning white. Alita went and grabbed the Pokeball.
[b]Alita:[/b]Wow, the first Pokemon I ever caught.
She put the Pokeball on her belt and continued on her way to Kentow.[/color]
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"Training session has begun, Haunter vs Crocnaw!!!" announced John

Kids from every room crowded together around the pokemon arena as John threw 2 ultra balls into the air. 2 pokemon flew out, crocnaw landed feet first as Haunter remained in the air.

"READY BEGIN!!!!!!!" yelled John

Crocanaw begin with a hydro pump which pushed Haunter towards the ceiling. Haunter dissappeared and reappeared behind crocanaw to use night shade. Crocanaw flinched as Haunter prepared a shadow ball which made a direct hit on Crocanaw. Cracanaw used slash but it went through Haunter. Huanter use this chance to use Hypnosis. Crocanaw fell asleep as it slumped down to the ground. Haunter used a combination of nightmare and dream eater to finish the battle.

"Whoa, crocanaw got burned, totally." mummured a boy.

"Poor Crocanaw" said a girl sadly.

"You have learned right here that physical attacks does not affect ghost pokemon. But attacks like Hydro pump can affect a ghost pokemon." Sean said. "Go back to the gym, You should've ate breakfast by now."

The kids walked away in a single file line to every door avalible.

"You did a good job, both of you." admired John. "You two deserves a rest."

John aimed the 2 pokeball at the pokemons and walked away from the battle arena.
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[color=blue][font=Serifa BT]Alita walked through the rest of the forest thinking about how great an addition to her team Scyther was. She reached the end of the forest and looked at the town of Kentow before her. She smiled and walked into the town.

Alita walked to the Pokemon Center at a hurried pace. She didn't want to be behind any other Trainers because she had had to battle with Scyther and its old trainer. She made it to the Pokemon Center and walked inside. There was a line of people waiting to sign up for the Yanton League. She joined the back of the line and pretty soon it decreased and she was at the front. Nurse Joy came talked to her.
[b]Nurse Joy:[/b]Are you here to sign up for the Yanton League?
Alita nodded.
[b]Nurse Joy:[/b]Ok, may I take your Pokemon to be healed?
[b]Alita:[/b]Yeah, they both got a little worn out.
Alita handed Nurse Joy her two Pokeballs and gave them to a Chansey who hurried them to a back room.
[b]Nurse Joy:[/b]Ok, I am going to need your Pokedex now.
Alita handed Nurse Joy her Pokedex. Nurse Joy inserted it into a slot in a machine next to her. It registered her and Nurse Joy handed her her Pokedex back. Alita walked over to a couch and sat down, waiting for her Pokemon.[/color][/font]
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Oi sorry I haven't posted yet, were getting ready to move and I can only do so many things at one time...
Seshuri walked out of her home late one morning. She looked at her watch witch read 4:30 am. Her mother hated the idea of her oldest daughter running off on a journey that could endanger her life, but Seshuri didn't care. Proffesor Garmond can tell when a good trainer has come around, and if not, can certinly bring out the best. He's worked with Pokemon his entire life, and that's exactly where Seshuri was heading.
When she got to the lab, she sneekily crept through the back door. Her mother was waiting at the front, even at this hour of the morning. She creeped up the stairs to the proffesor's Pokemon Analisis room. Seshuri had creeped around in that room for a closer look many a times at night, so she knew the whole place by heart. 'But I don't have to' , Seshuri thought as the lights came on and the figure of Proffesor Garmon came up the stairs. The proffesor has straght, long(almost shoulder length), black hair that was tied into a small ponytail. and his ares were a deep, dark blue. What amazed Seshuri the most was te fact that he was barely 17. His father had passed away when he was 14 and left his lab to Garmond(witch is his first name because he's so friendly, people often call him by that instead of his last name).
P. Garmond led Seshuri to a small tabel with a strange looking ...calculator? That's what it looked like. "No, Seshuri," P. Garmond said," it's a Pokedex. It's for your journey. You'll need it to check out the stats of your pokemon that you've caught. You can also check out the stats of enemy pokemon in battles." Seshuri thought, 'He's too smart!', but she didn't show it, instead she sshruged and said, "I don't need it, I already know alot about pokemon!". P. Garmon shook his head, "No, you could learn alot more by using this.". Seshuri just glared at him, "Whatever."
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As Meg waited for her pokemon she could hear the words Special News Report coming from the tv Meg looked up at the tv as did every other trainer in the pokemon center.

TV Reporter: This just in, two Team Aqua members have been reportedly stealing pokemon from trainers passing through the Kentat Forest, if traveling through the forest be on the look out.

Trainers were furious about this special news report.

Trainer 1: Hey just how am I supposed to get to Okat City?

Trainer 2: Yeah I gotta badge to win.

Suddenly Officer Jenny came bursting into the pokemon center.

Officer Jenny: Trainers please calm down the authorities are dealing with this issue as we speak....

Suddenly a bunch of policemen came through the door with Growlithe in their hands. The trainers again burst into a huge commotion. As Officer Jenny blew her whistle trying to keep everyone quiet Nurse Joy and Chansey gave back the pokemon they healed. As Meg began to walk outside she still had her eyes on all the commotion causing her to bump into someone.

Meg: I'm so sorry I should've been watching where I was going.

Girl: No it was my fault, I'm name is Alita.

Meg: Hi Im Meg, are you a pokemon trainer?

Alita:Yes and you?

Meg: Well I'm trying to be. I also have a badge to win and I'm not going to let this stop me from it.

Alita: I know exactly what you mean.

Meg: Say since were both heading the same way would you like to travel together?
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[color=navy]Alita looked at Meg and smiled.

[b]Alita:[/b]Sure, I'd love that.

[b]Meg:[/b]Allright, let's go then!

Alita and Meg walked outside of the Pokemon Center leaving the commotion inside behind.

[b]Alita:[/b]So what kind of Pokemon do you have?

[b]Meg:[/b]I have a Torchic and a Wurmple. What about you?

[b]Alita:[/b]I have a Cyndaquil and a Scyther.

[b]Meg:[/b]Wow! You have a Scyther?

Alita nodded. She took her two Pokeballs off of her belt that had Pokemon inside and let them out. Scyther and Cyndaquil appeared in a flash of red light.

[b]Alita:[/b]Don't want to keep them cooped up in those Pokeballs.

Alita watched her two Pokemon play while Meg let her two Pokemon out also. Meg's Torchic and Wurmple began to play with Scyther and Cyndaquil. Alita suddenly laughed.

[b]Alita:[/b]That's weird. We both have a fire type and we both have a bug type.

[b]Meg:[/b]Your right that is weird.

They both looked at the forest that loomed ahead of them, dark and gloomy.

[b]Alita:[/b]Well, there's Kentat Forest.

[b]Meg:[/b]Then what're we waiting for? Let's go!

Meg and Alita returned their Pokemon and ran into the forest.[/color]
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[size=1]Kai walked into the white tiled lab with the Professor. He looked at the table with two Pokeballs on it. Kai looked at the Professor.

"Meg came already?" Kai said with a cold voice.

"Yes she did. She picked a Torchic." the Professor said told answered cheerfuly. Kai rolled his eyes, and picked up a Pokeball in the middle. He started to walk out of the small lab. "Wait do you even know what Pokemon you picked?!?" The Professor asked. Kai stood there, and opened the Pokeball. A Treecko came out, and looked at him.

Kai bent down to met the Treecko. Kai smiled and put his hand on Treecko's head, and rubbed it. Kai put the pokemon back in the ball, and walked to the Professor.

"Thank you." Kai said to him. The Professer handed him five more Pokeballs, and Pokedex, and a item. Kai walked off to the forest, and entered it. The branches shaded his eyes, and he took out his Pokeball, and let out Treecko.

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[size=1][color=darkred]Breloom and Crawdaunt launched into a fierce battle. Both used tackle, hitting the other square between the eyes.
"Crawdaunt! Clamp attack!" David yelled over the commotion.
"Breloom, dodge it with agility and counter with Comet Punch!!" Tath yelled back.
The two simultaneously hit each other again.
Crawdaunt had Breloom's tail in its Clamp while Breloom coninuously punched at Crawdaunt's head.
It would come down to whoever wanted it most.
"Crawdaunt, Harden!"
"Breloom, Giga Drain!"
Crawdaunt lay on the floor of the stadium panting. Breloom looked as if it had just been healed at a Pokemon Center. The effects of its Giga Drain attack had been devastating.
"Well done Crawdaunt, return." David said solemnly, then his tone immediately changed, "It's time to see what you'll be able to do against the might of Skitty!"
A small, pink, cat-like Pokemon came out of this PokeBall. Anyone would wonder why a Gym Leader would use a Skitty, but once you'd battled David's, you'd rethink your wonderings.
Tath just stood there with a worried look on her face. Breloom was part Fighting type, so the Normal type Skitty would be no problem. She was worried about Skitty. But then again, she'd never seen it battle.
"David? Why are you going to put Skitty through a complete anihilation?"
"Tell me, Tath, when's the last time you saw Skitty battle?"
"Well I've nev--"
"Exactly. Skitty, Charm then Attract!"
Skitty was a female Pokemon, and Breloom was a male. The Charm/Attract combo couldn't possibly fail.
Breloom lowered it's defences a little as Skitty worked its Charm, then just sat down and stared lovingly at its opponent after Skitty's Attract.
"See Tath? Trainers always forget that opposites attract! Skitty! Double Slap!"
Skitty's tail is long and thin, until you reach the end. Then there's a huge football shaped bump with three small knubs, making it the perfect slapping weapon.
Breloom didn't stand a chance.
"Breloom, return. Go, Swampert!"
The humongous creature seemed to have fallen out of the sky because it shook the ground so hard.
Skitty looked like a play toy compared to Swapert.[/color][/size]
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As John walked out of the battle arena and out of the Gym, he went to the pokemon center when suddenly a trainer rushed up to him and said "Hey, did you know some guys are stealing pokemon near Kentat Forest?"

"WHAT!?!?!??! Who are these "guys" called?" asked John

"Umm, Team Aqua" said the trainer

"I dispise them." said John. "Tell everyone that the gym is closed, becuase I'm coming after Team aqua!!!!!"

The trainer nodded and ran to every trainer in the pokemon center's lobby about John's announcement. John ran back to the gym to tell everyone. He grabbed his backpack, then he went to his Pokemon storage to grab 4 pokeballs, then John went outside with a note on a sign. John hang it up on the door, and ran to the harbor to a nearby man.

"Are you selling any tickets, to Okat City?" asked john breathing heavily.

"No, but I have tickets to Myrrsilth Isle," siad the man. "After that stop, take this ticket to a sailor, you'll get to Okat city in no time."

"Thank.... you," said John slowly.

The man gave him 2 tickets and John ran towards the ship, flashing his ticket to a sailor and off he went to Myrrsilth Isle.

[I]During the trip....[/I]
"Talking about Luxury," said John.

He walked to his room and saw a mini refrigerator, a huge bed, and a small clean bathroom. John tossed his backpack to the side and let all of his pokemon out in the room. 6 red lights exploded. 1 of them went into the kitchen and into the the bathtub. John ran after it and turned on the water before it turned into a chinchou. John ran back to his room to make some space for his Poliwhirl, Typhlosion, Haunter, Pidgetto, and Crocanaw.

"Ahh, this is the good life." said John.


"WHy does this has to happen." sighed John.
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[size=1][color=darkred]"David! Tath! Stop this battle immediately!" a commanding ringing voice called into the arena.
It was David's mother, who was standing in the doorway, his father standing by her.
"Mum, Dad, so good to see you! But...why stop in the middle of a battle?" he asked, quite puzzled.
"Has something happened?" Tath joined in.
"Yes, there have been reports of Team Aqua theives in Kentat Forest. You two should leave immediately," David's mum whipped out two backpacks, "Here, I ran over and packed your things as soon as we heard the news."
"Mrs Daru...David should wait here. I'll go ahead. There should be some trainers on their way over here for a badge soon."
"Tath, it's nice of you to offer, but we're here for the Gym. We were the old Gym Leaders," David's dad said calmly.
"Mr and Mrs Daru, not to be rude, but it's David's decision. I mean, he [b]is[/b] the current Gym Leader. We should leave it for him to choose." Tath turned to David, "David, I'm going ahead either way, you'll stay here, right?"
"Yeah, I think I'll stay behind. Just to heal my Pokemon though. You put up a rough fight," David lightly pushed Tath on the chest and against the wall, "But next time..." he put his arms either side of her and leaned in close so he was whispering right into her ear. He said something to her that no one else heard.
Mr and Mrs Daru turned away to give the two some privacy.
Just as David was about to kiss Tath, someone else came rushing in. He looked like a sailor or a deckhand.
"Sir, Ma'am! We've just got news that there's a Pokemon theif on board the ferry coming over from Ameruta City!"
David stopped and rolled his eyes, Tath giggled a little, then gave him a kiss on the cheek. David whirled around.
"What?! A theif on board a ferry, [b]and[/b] in Kentat Forest?!" he turned back to Tath, "Tath, you go ahead to Kentat, and I'll stay and check the trainers when they get off the ferry. Mum, Dad, you two are in charge of the Gym while we're gone. Tath, I'll meet up with you on the border of Kentat Forest."
Tath nodded with a determined look on her face and returned her Pokemon to their PokeBalls. David returned his Pokemon too.
Both took their backpacks from Mrs Daru and headed out opposite doors of the Gym.[/color][/size]
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As Meg and Alita continued their journey to Okat City they decided to stop and take a short lunch break. As Torchic, Wurmple, and Cyndaquil played with each other Scyther sat by itself and meditated a bit as Meg and Alita talked about different battle strategies. Suddenly Torchic and Cyndaquil realized that they were the only to running around, Meg and Alita looked over to check on the pokemon.

Meg: Oh no where's my Wurmple!?

The two fire pokemon suddenly ran into a bush after hearing something.

Meg: Where are they going?

Alita: Lets find out, Scyther Return.

Alita called back her Scyther then she and Meg followed Cyndaquil and Torchic. Meg and Alita emerged to see the two pokemon looking around trying to find Wurmple. Meg heard something and ran over to the other side of a huge tree to see what it was.

Meg: Wurmple!

Meg saw her Wurmple on the ground under a Poochyena.

Meg: Go Torchic, Quick Attack! Lets see what the pokedex has to say.

As Meg got out her pokedex Torchic quickly ran over and knocked itself into the wild pokemon, Poochyena attacked with tackle.

Pokedex: At first site, Poochyena takes a bite of anything that moves. This pokemon chases after prey until the victim becomes exhausted. However, it may turn tail if the prey strikes back.

Meg: Well is not runnin away, Torchic Ember!

Before Torchic could attack Wurmple quickly lunged at Poochyena with poison sting and knocked it into a tree.

Meg: Pokeball Go!

Meg threw an empty pokeball at the wild pokemon. In a flash of red light Poochyena disappeared into the pokeball, as the pokeball shook the button on it flashed red until the both stopped.

Meg: Yay we caught Poochyena! You were great Torchic and you Wurm.....

As Meg congratulated Wurmple it began to glow a white light and grew until it stopped and was an entirely different pokemon.

Alita: Wow.

Meg: You evolved!

Meg got out her pokedex and Pointed it to her new evolved pokemon.

Pokedex: Silcoon the cocoon pokemon, Silcoon tethers itself to a tree branch using silk to keep from falling. There, this pokemon hangs quietly while it awaits evolution. It peers out of the silk cocoon through a small hole. Like Caterpie and Weedle the Wurmple family evolves at low levels.

Meg: A Silcoon.
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  • 2 weeks later...
[size=1][color=darkred]David rushed out of the gym, running the horrid possibilities of the thievings through his head.
[i]How many Pokemon have been taken? What type Pokemon are the thieves aiming to steal? What's going to happen when I reach the port? How will the thieves try to get away?[/i]
He slowed down to a fast walk, thinking of the best way to prevent any escape from the ship.
He walked on for a while, then arrived at the Pokemon Center on the inner edge of Myrrslith Isle's southern {OOC: or is it northern?} port.
'Nurse Joy, this is an emergency, I need my Pokemon healed, stat,' he said as he burst through the doors.
'David, why the hurry?' the Nurse asked in her usual soothing way.
'There are thieves on the next ship to arrive here. I need to go out to help. All water Pokemon trainers have to come with me. We need to stop all possible escape routes the thieves could take.'
Murmurs rose across the room, and Nurse Joy hurried over and took David's Pokeballs.
He sat down in a chair for the three minute wait for his Pokemon to be healed.

Once he had his Pokemon back and a group of water Pokemon trainers following him, he rushed down to the port.
'Everyone, send out your best swimming Pokemon, we need to get out there before the ship gets too close to the land,' David told the trainers as he released Crawdaunt from its Pokeball.
As he looked around, he saw all kinds of water Pokemon leap from their Pokeballs and into the water.
'Ok, everyone into the water and follow me!' he called to everyone as he leapt into the water and grabbed a hold of Crawdaunt. 'Crawdaunt, head toward the ship as fast as you can!'
The trainers all told their Pokemon similar things, and the group headed out into the ocean faster than a scared Abra could use teleport.[/color][/size]
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