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Favorite Science fiction readings?


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Question is open and simple: what is/are your favorite sci-fi book(s)?

I haven't read Dune (I'm planning too, though), neither did I ever read Star Wars or Trek (was never into the movies either :lol), so my tastes goes into classic.

I love everything by Asimov, especially the Foundation serie, even though I never managed to read all of them in the right order :(

I also deeply appreciate the german serie (French Translation, actually, but I might read the German once I learn enough of it :D) Perry Rhodan. I appreciate the deeply intertwined storyline, cycle system and very, very rich multiverse. It's been going on since the 60s at a rate of an episode (hefte) each week... That's more than 2500 episodes!
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I would have to say the best sci-fi series I have had the pleasure of reading was the [U]His Dark Materials[/U] series. It is simply legendary. A plot worthy of an award and a rich, complex world (er, worlds... plural) of every twist of humanity you could imagine.

My favorite author of all time though, would have to be Robert Heinlein... did I spell that right?

And you can't forget Kavin J. Anderson, who helped Frank Herbert's son make the prequels to Dune and is in the prossess of finishing a series called [U]Saga of the Seven Suns[/U].

Sci-fi is my life, and I hope to be an author some day.
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