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Final Christmas Fantasy


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[color=green][font=vivaldi][size=4]Fantasy, fantasy
Fantasy all the way.
O what fun it is to watch
Them have a Christmas day!

Cloud and Squall both fight
Over who gets the eggnog.
While Aeris and Setzer bet
On who draws their sword first, hey!

Fighter gets real drunk,
Black Mage can't cast a spell
Thief has lost his keys,
And Monk sends orcs to hell!

Locke and Celes dance,
Edgar hits on Tifa,
Sabin fights Kimahri,
While Tidus argues with Mog, hey!

Selphie's obsessed with trains,
Shadow fights Auron,
Sephiroth compares swords
With Seifer all the way!

Seymour hides mistletoe,
Wakka gets a buzz,
Lulu tries "new things"
With Rikku and Yuna, hey!

Barrett takes off his gun,
Puts on a candy cane!
Gau and Red XIII
Both have a good time!

Terra and Dagger yell
At Zidane and Steiner!
Both the guys got drunk,
And tagged Cid's airship, hey!

Cyan's still depressed,
Over the family he lost.
Yuffie and Vincent both
Go on a rampage!

The chocobo dinner
Finally gets served.
The Final Fantasy cast
Wish you a merry christmas, hey![/color][/font][/size]
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[color=teal]Who says it had to be a song? I just put up the first stanza like that to give it a more Christmas-y feeling. It's a poem. I'd kill myself before writing a song, at least not until after i take some music classes.[/color]
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Hittokiri, it's hard for a person not to take offense when you say that their work is terrible. ^_^;;

Anyway, Legacy, I like your poem's concept. It's rather amusing to imagine how all the different Final Fantasy characters would interact, and some of the situations that you described are really quite cute. However, I'd recommend establishing a more rigid poetic meter, so that the individual stanzas flow more easily. Also, the various "hey!"s are unnecessary; they only serve to distract from the rhyme scheme.

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[quote]Hittokiri, it's hard for a person not to take offense when you say that their work is terrible. ^_^;;[/quote]

If your not open minded then it might be :P. And I only assumed it to be a 'song' because it was ripping off of that old christmas song that all the little kids sing -_-. Well even for a poem on a personal note I didn't really like it, blah blah yes intresting idea but I do think with another attempt you could pull off something better.
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