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Holiday Shows


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No I'm not talking about the holiday specials on TV I'm talking about holiday shows.
At my school we have a thing every year called the Holiday Ham Show.No there is no ham invloved.
Its where the teachers get to act like they just escaped from the funny farm. This years show was interesting.And by that I mean how often do you get to see a Charlies Angel dressed in a flapper dress kick Neo in the face because he pulled her hair? Or see your crazed history act like he has just been hit by a taser that was so high in voltage it could kill whale while he was trying to be "four calling birds" during the 12 days of X-mas? Then after that see your english and science teacher do a dance with giant candy canes.
It tramatized me.I now need to find some bubble wrap or a really good shrink. But before I do that do any of you all do anything like this or did do anything like this at school?
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