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Super Cosplay War Ultra pays homage to lots of popular anime series!

Guest The Elite1

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Guest The Elite1
This game is paying serious homage to a number of classic anime series (yours may even be included). It plays almost just like the quirky 2D fighting game that Capcom made years back, Pocket Fighter (Gem Fighter in Japan), only better. Characters on this game turn into popular anime and videogame chars (Gundam, Saint Seiya, Resident Evil, Mazinger Z, Virtual On, etc) during their special moves, supers, and combos. The game is about 70MB, but you can't complain too much since it's FREE also. The game's main site servers are down, but you can still download the full game here- [url]http://www.popcultureshock.com/news.php?id=444[/url]

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