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Dragons blood Red(12/21/03)

"It's an herb" The old woman said," Back, when I myself was a child. It was used for love and for Protection. Though, not actually the blood of a dragon. Basically . . . Its tree resin!" The little Girl stared at the old woman intensely, Though her thoughts could not be further than the lesson"God," she
thought," I wonder if we'll ever learn about him?" "Rayone!" the old woman?s voice Shouted in a thunderclap, ?Are you even listening to me? I swear sometimes you?re in a world of your own! Now pay attention!" "ss sorry Miss" Rayone stuttered. And she went back to her lesson.
On the Planet of Carien History was not studied by the continent or by the country, but by the
planet. A place where the spirits of the dead go. A place where they live and die, again. Everything was not well. Carien, Though highly technologically advanced, Held its armed forces with Knights, and Mages, Jobs in every squad arose. Schools, for archers, knights, mages, lancers, priests and even
monks were everywhere. It was a place where war was like a child?s past time. A place where the local chemist used the latest magic potion to heal a mortal wound. Bustling with activity and excitement, it was a place of industry and power. The streets were filled with both the poor and the rich, Neither
bothering in each others presences. The government was Magnificat, The courts controlled the people, The officials control the courts, the Kings control the officials, The meaysters control the kings of kingdoms and if all else fails the Grand
Monarch steps in and of coarse the people control him, also the temple hierophant. The temples were
gorgeous, Built centuries before to honor the Deities.
It all started such a short time ago too, When terra was at its end, When Alexandria fell, When
Garnet died . . .

The Story Continued (12/22/03)

Ah, Garnet til Axexandros. She was a beautiful woman, and the inspiration of Terra. But only a
few short years after saving Terra from the death angel Kuja, Terra's Natural fate occurred. What no one seemed to know is that Garnet was the key to terra. Without her the world would end, thus because of her mortality, proving the world to be, "On it's last leg." If you will. But one day as Garnet, then, the soft age of 28, was walking in the once misty plains. When suddenly her messenger arrived in a panic . . . " My lady, please" He panted," come to the castle at once, it is lord
Zidane!" She rushed off like lightning to her lover?s side only to find him bed ridden. "Don't know about this" Doctor Tot said depressingly, " Back, when there was mist, These plants grew. Their toxins are incurable." He held up a small withered plant. " He thought it was a healing herb. I couldn't stop him fast
enough. I?m so sorry miss."There was a gutrenching look on her face, " Oh God" She cried. And she wept and vowed to stay by his side to the bitter end. As time passed though, it seemed that he might return to health, so Garnet spent less and less time by his side. But then one day when Garnet was resting on the high balcony of the castle, Tot walked up behind her. Ignorantly assuming that Garnet
Realized Zidanes futile situation, He broke her the news, ?I'm sorry " was all he said. " Why what for?"
Dagger replied, not looking back," Zidane is looking better and I think he shall be able to walk soon!" but then she turned and saw the devastating look on the MAN?s face. She did not speak a word, She fell to her knees and screamed with all the agony of her heart. And then, She lost her footing, And fell to
her untimely death.
Some say that she died of a broken heart. Others say the fall killed her, And a few think she may be
never had really died, one thing was for sure though, Terra was in a lot of trouble! To put it as bluntly as possible, Shortly after her death the world crumbled. The moons shattered and the sky turned grey. And the strong souls of terra
moved on . . . onto Carien. And they say that the souls of the dead of other worlds lie in Carien, which is why so many people resemble historical figures. (LOL) But I?ve slightly miss led you in this preview, lets get back to our main Character, Rayone! Rayone was a child of only 10.She had one green eye, one blue. She had short blue hair and a dainty figure. Her parents were quite odd people. While other children were prepared to go to school and become knights and Scientists her parents wanted her to become a witch. So mush that they were almost carried to the odd house for it. And they would always say, " When you leave just promise to write, when you leave of coarse." So needless to say Rayone led a very strange, but charmed life. Unlike most other children, She had a natural talent for black magic. At the age of five she could whip up a mean whirlwind. And by nine she had mastered the art of jinxing. Unfortunately being talented isn?t always being popular, and she had few friends. So Rayone just
wasted the day away, learning about herbs and medicines and how when and where to use a hex. Her
Favorite was the herbs. She loved Herbology very much. And her favorite Herb was Dragons blood,
Though it was something her teacher taught about regularly! Not good for aches, not good for sprains,
not even good for old back pains, But if a fix, you find yourself then Dragons blood is there to help.
Her favorite acronym. One day when she was walking through the streets of Elexus, The city she lived in, she saw a very
intriguing boy walk by. His hair was short and blond. His built was desirable for her, for he couldn't be for than fifteen. And at each side of his belt were two magnificently designed Daggers. Why . . . Hello she stammered. But the boy ne?er gave her a passing glance. "Hmm,? she thought, " I just know we'll meet
again, I just know it! And she set off for home for it had become late. About the boy, he was very important.
His name was.....
[To be continued. ( depending on the votes, if no one votes I wont write.)]

Part3(12/22/03, later this afternoon)
His name was KeZora, about five ten, Blue-ish hair with a lanky build. He was a young thief, Took after his father I guess. He was well respected in spite of his reputation. For long years he trained to be a knight, but found that it was not his
speed, And fell into Thief training. A nice character, though he Worries far more about himself than any
other."Damn!" he thought," What did I do with that bag!" He walked briskly through the streets in
search of his latest steal. "Gee, what?s the pint in taking it if im just gonna loose it!" He stomped his footand stuck his hand into his pocket."oh... there it is!" He opened a small bag full of Bright lustrous metal.
Dijin, as they called it. It was the Carien wide currency. Made of pure mythril. He walked into a shop,
And gazed at the blades lined up on the wall. " Finally! I have taken just enough for you." He glared at a
heavily guarded, jewel encrusted short sword.
"What do you want!" The old shop keeper scowled. " That sword!" KeZora said with confidence."
Whoa?? The Sword of shards!" The shop keeper said in shock," It took me years to get that magic
blade, I hardly think a boy like you could afford it in this lifetime!" "well, you old hag " He shouted,"
how bout this!" He laid the bag of dijin along with a few others on the counter.
"my my my!" she said," Beats the hell outta me how you got this money, but can't say as I care, the
sword is yours!" She grabbed the money and handed over the sword. " heh, though I can't see as to
why you wanted it, You can only unlock its power if you?re a black mage! he he he!" "DAMN!" he
thought."well I'll just have to find one. And he stormed out of the shop, Moneyless, magic less and with
only an inch of hope.
Rayone went about her chores and bided by her business throughout the day. Then in the early
evening she took her classes. Being a witch meant being an expert in Black magery. And is exactly
what she set out to do. So naturally, A young boy looking for a black mage would go strait to the school of natural magic. Black magic as it is called, Does not always involve the dark arts. Most of it involves nature and the elements. So many students took the lighter side and Became mage knights. But Reyones parents expected more from her, So she studied privately with the witch, Madam Leione. As she sat and listened to lectures she daydreamed about her favorite lesson in history; the rise of Terra. She was most intrigued by the hero, Zidane. As she dreamed away, KeZora crept into the room and listened in." now is time for practice child, Though you hardly need it. " Madam Leione raised her hand and Rayone put on her ceremonial hat. " Now" the old woman continued."Please demonstrate a low level Fire spell. Remember, you only have so much energy" rayone nodded And went to the corner of the room and picked up a small rickety staff." Pyre spirits, Heat like love"She chanted, the she through out her staff and a bullet of flames shot out of it. Destroying a small dummy at the back of the room."NO NO NO!" the old woman scowled," That was a very impressive spell but not at all what I asked, LOW LEVEL! go around casting spells like that and you'll be out of energy before you can say I surrender! And remember, energy is the force within you that allows you to use magic!" She went on with a stern, but caring voice, "Now, if you want to do a low level spell, Focus on the target alone and cast!" Rayone looked disappointed, " Yes Ma'am!" She focused at another dummy and said," Pyre Spirit, Fire!" The dummy burst into flames and was burnt to a crisp. "excellent!" Thought KeZora," I'll get her to be my 'friend' and she can activate my sword!" So when the girl was done with her lesson she walked out of the room and was greeted whole heartedly by KeZora. " Why hello there" he said ," how would you like to......

To be continued, soon"TYPE=PICT;ALT="
... Like to come over and see me sometimes?" He said with a delectable tone. " No way perv!" Rayone shouted, then she stormed off to her house. He ran after her and tried his best to keep up,"Sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I was just watching you practice magic" Rayone stopped dead on her tracks," Oh, You were? Um..." " I was just wondering" he continued,"If you could help me with something." He held up the sword and its bright gleaming gems of yellow, red and blue shown in the sun."Oh..." She said depressingly,"you want me to activate your magic sword huh." "well." he said guiltily."No it's okay. I understand. Just hold the sword out in front of me will ya." He held the sword right in front of her and she took two steps back."Aurum Othin! Bless thy blade!" Blinding colors shot from her fingertips and surrounded the blade. "Well" she said"Try it out!" He grasped the sword in his hand and swung...nothing." Damn it all! What is wrong?" "I thought so" Rayone said smiling,"That magic blade can only be used by mages and knights! you very well may be able to use it ... one day. he he he" KeZora's face was red with anger,"It's not funny! you don't know how much I spent on that!"
"Oh yeah! I've seen you around, don't you mean how many people have paid for it! Anyway, maybe the spell just didn't work, let me see it." He handed over the sword, then Rayone swung as hard as she could. A ring of pure fire shot out of the weapon and nearly blew up a shop sign."Yup!" Rayone said intently"Only for knights and mages! but what do you want it for anyways? you got two really good looking daggers there!" " don't worry about it!" he said depressed. He took the sword from her and began to walk away."Hey!" Rayone yelled,"Guess I'll see you around then?"
"Sure, whatever" came the sullen reply of KeZora.
That night all did not seem right with rayone. She was restless and could not sleep. Late in the night, she could hear a voice. Calling her, begging her to come outside. She slowly walked through her house and stumbled out into her front yard. And then the voice kept calling, And as though she was in a trance, she walked and walked ever so slowly until...
BAM! She smacked right into KeZora!"What are you doing out here?"KeZora asked. " I don't quite know... The voice kept calling me and I came." KeZora looked surprised." The maidens voice? Me too!" The soft breeze could be heard through the silence. The suddenly There was a crash, And then another!! The sounds of explosion and panic could be heard all throughout the city. "AHHHHHH" the two ran back in the direction of Rayone?s house in a panic. And right when they got to the gate. A large beam shot down from the sky and hit the house. It exploded and Shattered into a million pieces."MOTHER!!!FATHER!" Rayone screamed. "Dear god" KeZora said in Anguish,"We must leave!" He carried the little girl and ran as fast as he could towards the outskirts of towns. Everywhere buildings and houses exploded and all Rayone could do was cry. He got to the edge of the town and the beginning of the forest and put the girl down from exhaustion."OKAY!" she whimpered,"We have to be strong, we can't stop!" And they both ran into the forest until they could hear the explosions no more.
Deep inside of the forest, the forest of Nell, there was a small cottage. It seemed to be quite empty, And fearing what was outside more than the possibility of what was inside, they entered. They walked up and stood next to the roaring fire that was sustained in a very unique, Room-Centered fireplace. KeZora noticed a small bed near a far corner, And when he went over to it... The fairest of maidens lay asleep, As if dead but with breath....
Her hair was like the golden arches of heaven and her face a warm blush. She was about seventeen or eighteen, with a beautiful build and dainty hands."So shortly ago.."KeZora thought,"I was a happy guy, now im stuck with some little kid, my home gone and in someone else?s house...who is this beautiful sleeping woman?" he turned to Rayone,"it'll all be okay. lets just wait over bye the fire until she wakes, she looks harmless." Okay" came the crackled reply of the scared girl,"And lets lock the door, she?s lucky that were the only thing that?s come in here." And they both fell asleep, by the fire.
"Good, I had hoped you would all find each other. I don't have much time, I just hope you find the others soon" came the thoughts of an unknown force.

to be continued.

The next morning the fair maiden awoke and went to make a cup of tea. She went to the fire and saw the two asleep on the floor. "Ah, there finally here" she said with relief,"Wake up now, rise and shine!" Rayone and KeZora stiffly began to rise."Oh.." KeZora started," we don?t mean any trouble but..""It's quite all right", the young girl interrupted,"I know why you are here." "You do??" Rayone said puzzled."Yes, the water told me" KeZora gave Rayon a worried look and said," Um.. yeah well we best be on our way.." The girl blushed," Oh no, I don?t mean that the water talks, you see, this forest is enchanted by a holy spirit. the ground the water and the trees speak and the animals use magic. it's really quite amazing. Though in truth it is this holy spirit that talks to me, she said that you would come to me. A wild eyed boy and a quiet girl. well, that seems to be you!"
"Wait.." Kezora said as he put the pieces of the puzzle together," A woman spirit? With a soothing and trance-like voice." A smile grew on the girls face,"so you?ve met eh?" " she?s the one who brought us here" Rayone added. "But why?"
"well" the maiden started,"I really don't know, but the spirit said that we should find the others" "what others?" Kezora said in confusion. "I don?t know, but I know that we must leave soon." "WHY?" asked Rayone. " Because I have had a bad feeling about the forest lately, There is a dark presence drawing near, I can tell because the animals, which are immortal, have been dying, right and left. There spirit just... gone."Kezora looked down with sadness,"It must be.. whatever destroyed our city.." Talking with the beautiful maiden had made both of them forgot about the night before. Rayone sat on the floor, back in disbelief."oh..oh I?m so sorry, I only wish I knew how you feel. I have never had a family, this forest has provided for me since I can remember..but then, at least you have families....." "I hope" Rayone said with despair. "Well look you too! You'll never find out if your families are alive by grieving like this! Let us go north to the small town of Ghanis. I?ve only been there once or twice, but I?m sure that they would have news of such an event." "okay, is that alright with you Rayone?" KeZora asked." Okay lets go."
"Oh god.. I haven?t even told you my name! heh, Its Rose, but I am often called Alexus by the forest , It was the name once given to me, though I don't remember from who." Well Alexus, lets prepare and head north"suggested KeZora. "Yeah!" Rayone yipped. Alexus picked up a bag and filled it with a day or two's supply of food and some clothes. Then she walked to her bed, reached under and pulled out a long rod. It was blue with gold trim and a large crystal sphere was faceted to the higher end.
"That is the rod of a priestess!"Rayone exclaimed. "The forest tells me that it was my mothers. I figure we might need to defend ourselfs, we have a lot of forest to walk through, and not enchanted forest either!" "Well," Rayone asked,"Can you use magic?" "Of course" Alexus replied,"through living hear, I learned to use holy magic. To heal the animals, put out fire whatever I could help." "Wow,"rayone exclaimed,"I can use black magic! best in my class!" "well is that so!" Alexus said caringly."Geese" KeZora complained,"Seems everyone but me can use magic!, well that doesn't matter, my strength will outweigh my lack of magic. Come on girls, lets go!" Rayone and Alexus giggled,"yes sir!" they shouted, and they all walked out the door.

As they walked through the forest there was a suspicious silence. Every once in a while it seemed as though the three youths were not the only ones walking on two legs in the forest, but KeZora seemed to be the only one to notice. "can you hear that?" he said to Alexus, they stopped, and so did the noise. "Hear what??" She asked,"Nothing" He replied, and went on. They walked all day until the sun began to ste, and the sky was like a sapphire rainbow, blue fading into pink. They reached the edge of a large hill and decided to rest and watch the sunset.
"wow, it sure is pretty" Rayone said with excitement."Maybe we should set up camp here, it looks pretty safe" Suggested KeZora. " Okay" Said Alexus,"I have some blankets for us to sleep on, I sure am glad that its printemps, these blankets won't do for the heat of Ete or the cold winds of Hiver." "Yeah"Kezora yawned
"I love the cool breeze and the warm days" "Well my favorite season is Autoumne, I like the red leaves and dreary days" Alexus smiled as she laid down the blankets,"You sure are a strange on aren?t you, by they way, I know your only a little girl, but did you bring a weapon?" "Well of coarse! I have my training staff, but I need one of my own" "Well lets see when we get to Ghanis." Suddenly they heard a loud crash from a near by tree. A small man with long ears and a wretched looking sword strapped to his side fell out of a tree." Oh damn!" He yelled." Who are you?!" KeZora shouted at him. "That?s none of your concern!" He said menacingly, "The boss just said make sure the kids don't get far, guess I won't have to wait till you fall asleep, heh heh heh" "Over my dead Body" KeZora screamed at him."well that?s the point!" He said sarcastically and drew out his sword. "What?s a little man like you gonna do!" KeZora said with confidence. "Don't provoke him!" Rayone yelled,"He's an Imp!"The little man leaped at KeZora and swung his sword and shards of ice flew out of it. Kezora narrowly dodged the blow,"Damn it all, Does everyone one on Carein knows how to use magic but me!" He pulled out the daggers he kept on his side and flew at the Imp. Nimble as the little beast was time after time he dodged KeZora's Blows and adding to know ones exhaustion but KeZora's. "We have to do something!" Alexus said to Rayone in a panic,"My white magic won't make him any easier to catch!" But despite her age rayone always kept a cool head,"Calm down! You just focus on Kezora, I'll deal with that little Imp!" "Right!" Alexus replied. She Held out her staff towards the tiering KeZora,"Light of love, guard the heart, SHELL!" A blinding light surrounded him and a Sphere of dim light surrounded him
"His magic can't hurt you now Kezora, But be careful of that sword!" she yelled at him. Rayone focused her energy in the little man," pyre spirits arise, Fire!" And in his attack raid on sage, he was so fast that when his clothes started to combust, he jumped out of the spot and dodged the attack."Darn" Rayone exclaimed,"Fine! You asked for it pipsqueak!" She held up her staff with a fierce anger in her eyes,"Mighty wind of Caspian tides, through my voice yo now abide, Strike him down, tear him asunder, I call upon the mighty thunder!!!!!" The sky opened up and a giant bolt of pure electrical energy Rained down on the imp, never touching Kezora. The small man jumped, dodging one after another until he slipped and was struck. The bolts stopped and the little man was paralyzed. "Damn you ingrates, I can't move..." " Who sent you to kill us!?" Alexus said in anger as Kezora caught his breath."Hmph! It was the almighty Dyne! heh, But don't get excited, im not the only one you'll be dead before you ever get to see the master. Its just to bad we had to destroy a whole City looking for you! Master usually keeps a low profile, Sad too, every single person died... Cept for some odd reason you two!" "you....you killed them..." Rayone was in a shock. "damn you to Death gigas you little monster!" KeZora leaped out and Slashed the Imp in half, His body burst into flames and fade into ashes."what, what just happened?" Alexus looked at him calmly," When you defeat a monster in our world that it what happens, You damned him to Death gigas, and that is where he went." She turned to Rayone,"Are you okay sweetie?" "Rayone looked up,"I have never been close to them, but I never got to say bye. We will find this 'Dyne', and I shall have his head on a platter. So lets rest, I?m okay." "Alright" Alexus said sadly as she turned to KeZora,"She's tough as nails you know, that?s what you need out here I guess, with all the danger." He nodded and they set up a little camp and slept for the night....
In the morning they packed up and started off again. They walked for hours and hardly talked."Hey," KeZora directed his voice to Alexus. "Well," She started,"I have a dear friend, one of the only humans I speak to. He lives there, We will visit him, He is a knight of the Carien order, He will certainly know the truth of your cities destruction, and maybe even where to find this horrible Dyne person." "Sounds good to me!" Rayone said. After a while they finally made it to the small town of Ghanis. The streets were filled with people and hundreds of little houses were laid out in rows along the streets. There was a town square, where all the shops and merchants seemed to hang out. "It's been a while since I?ve been here, I'm not used to people, but I used to come when I needed clothes and supplies. Before we visit Archum let's find you a new staff Rayone!" " okay" The other two said. Alexus directed them to a small shop with an emblem on the door with a picture of a sword surrounded in a flame."Archum says that , that symbol is intercarienal for magical weaponry. Sounds good to me anyway. And don't worry, I have some Dijin that I save for strange occasions such as this. They walked in and saw an aray of weapons lined up in holders and on the walls. Swords and daggers encrusted with jewels and gems. Rods and staffs with beautiful stones in them. Rayone walked up to the old woman tending the shop,"Um.. Ma'am I need a staff.." "Oh.." the old woman said,"what a cute little thing you are, I can see that you?re a witch in training eh?" "Yes Ma'am!" Alexus looked at KeZora and ha gave a slight giggle. "Well, I'm Moana, and you don't have to call me ma'am. Now lets see, I have the perfect thing!" She went to the back wall and pulled off a staff. It was a strange, blue wood, And the top end curved into a crooked semicircle and in it was a large blue crystal."This is a very special staff,"the old woman said,"It will give you the power to control ice, and learn the blizzard spell. You don't always have to practice by the spell books you know. With magical items like this you can learn spell that are unfused into them. I'll let you have it for... well your so darn cute! thirty Dijin!" "Perfect " Said Alexus, she paid the woman and Rayone got the staff. "Try it out on that dummy over there" Moana said. "I can't, I'm all out of energy for magic" Rayone said sadly. "Practicing big spells eh!? Well, then take these",she handed Rayone two small bottles filled with a pale purple liquid. "These are ethers, when ever you run out of energy, drink one! But don't waist that extra one I gave you , they are expensive." Thank you" Rayone said, Then she took a swig from one and felt lifted instantly. Then she focused on the dummy,"Spirit within this chilly staff, freeze you, Blizzard!" Blue energy shot from the staff and a crystal of ice entrapped the dummy, then it exploded, leaving the dummy full of holes."That'll come in handy" KeZora said. Then they thanked the woman and headed for the house of archum, knight of the carien order.....
To be continued soon.

They walked with Alexus for a few minutes, passing all of the normal looking houses, until at the very end of the street Alexus stopped. "There it is!" She pointed to a medium sized tower, with only one window and a large wooden door."That is my friends house, he should be at home, lets go in!" KeZora looked at Rayone with worry,"If you say so." They walked up to the large door and bashed he knocker into the wood. Unfortunately there was no answer, so they walked in. Immediately the sound of Clanging metal could be heard in the background. suddenly..
A man appeard through a large door at the side of the entrance hall. "Alexus!"He shouted as he ran to her,"What are you doing here this time of year?" Alexus looked at him with a worried face,"It's not good news I'm afraid. You see, We are looking for a man, That we suspect burned down my friends' villidge.""Oh," He said with concern, then he looked at KeZora and Rayone. He wor an oddly tall hat, that fit is head like a glove. He had on a green and blue knight's robe and had a chest plate on.in his right hand was a metal dummy sword.he could not have been over twenty or so."Dear god,"He said surprised,"That is terrible. Perhaps I can help you, lets go to the dining room and have a cup of tea and we'll talk over it."he lead them down the lon hall, into a large room filled with tapestrys and portrait, and in the center of the room was a large table. Near the entry way was a stove, with a kettle of tea allready brewing. They sat down and Archum pourd their tea. "His name is Dyne, I think" Alexus tried to explain...
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Guest sixthcrusifix
Please take a second to look at this pic. I wanted to put it on the fan fiction, But i Decided to make it seperate, to make things simpler on me. I feel that this picture kinda sets the mood for my story.
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Guest EikoTheWolf
K, Now lets hope this post gets up. I like it soo far and it seems really cool!! Too bad it's not a real game, cuz that would be really cool!! Well, later bro, Keep up the good work!!
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