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Please Read my Samurai of sorrow RK rules!!

Megumi momo

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This sword... it has brought only pain.
I have seen many suns set but never have tasted the rain.
This..agonizing tear that falls on my cheek is nothing but blood from my enemy.
How can I move on when I lost everything including myself?
I was once a samurai... strong and brave.
But now even the pits of hell are calling my name.
My honor has been washed away.... I can see it in her eyes.
The one I have loved was only a wiser I
She gracfully ran into that sword for me..
Why...how could she forgive a man like me
My sword cut through even the most loyal men and my scar is vivid I can see that so easy now through this disguise.
Oh Tomoe I cannot find atonement for the batosaii
Tomoe I will find a way to realese this scar
Atonment such a funny word for days like tomorrow
Atonment Tomoe Atonment for your sorrow
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