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Victory with no joy


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A small peice of humor I made off the top of my head... it was inspired by LotR: RotK when [spoiler]Frodo says "I don't think there will be a return trip"[/spoiler]. Anyway, it's rather short, and kind of funny. Hope you enjoy it...

[B]"Aaahhhahahaha!! Think you can mess with me do ya? Aaaahahaha!!" the happy man in armor spits at the body of a dead warlord. "Not feelin' so mighty now huh? I should throw you into the da**ed pit!! HAHAHAA!! I beat Sauron, I beat Sauron! HAHAHAA!!" Another man runs in and stares at the first.

"What are you doing? We must go back to Gondor!"

"HAHAAHAA!! We can't get back to Gondor! We're too far away! HAAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

"Why the h*ll are you celebrating then? Saurons armies shall kill us!"

"So why be sad? Let's die happy!" he kicks Sauron "Haha! stupid dark lord, all ya need to do is chop his head off!"

"I'll never get out of here..." T_T

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Guest sixthcrusifix
hey, I am surprised that a moderator has not condemned you for that. Well, um, it doesnt really make a lot of since to me. In fact, i really don't understand it at all, but I'm sure there is just something that i am missing so, hope you have a good....life
um well
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