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DragonBall Forum Details - READ FIRST


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[size=1]This thread holds a reminder of OtakuBoards' general rules as well as clarification of any common Dragon Ball-related rumors. Content originally from Transtic Nerve and Jinzouningen17; I just wanted to get all the information in one post.[/size]

[b][u]OtakuBoards Rules[/b][/u] - by Jinzouningen17

[b]Site Rules:[/b] [url]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=30059[/url]

[b]Site FAQ:[/b] [url]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=30058[/url]

Read that before you post ANYTHING. If I see a topic started that looks like spam or disobeys any of those rules, you will get a warning. Second offense, you will get reported to Shy. Third, you will be reported to James and/or Charles and you WILL be banned. And I will not be locking a topic if it disobeys any of those rules. I will delete it and send you a warning via Private Message.

[b][u]DragonBall Related Rumors, Etc.[/b][/u] - by Transtic Nerve

Ok, there was a topic made, that I deleted, that had some guy saying that Dragonball AF was currently being released in Japan. Which BTW is the biggest bunch of bull crap I've ever heard, but if he wants to think that, he can be disappointed when you never see it in America or even in Japan for that matter.

Now I went and did some fairly quick research on the latest news regarding DBAF, as far as people believing it and whatnot. And I have ample proof, and this WILL shut everyone up, about the fact the series is absolute garbage.

These are rumors about DBAF, what it is, was, and supposed to be. The characters and plot and all that other BS.

[b]Rumor 1: Everyone fuses and become gohnvegpandenpicclhurclegotentrunktenks.[/b]
Hahaha, yeah right. a) That totally goes against the rules of fusing, and how DUMB would that be. Not to mention the name is totally out of whack.

[b]Rumor 2: Nothing is in production, and nothing is planned. There is no Dragonball AF. Most rumors of a new series come from fan manga drawn in Japan (and some in America), otherwise known as "doujinshi." Generally, these comics are very well-drawn, and can easily be mistaken for Toriyama's work. However, they are fan-made, and are not considered a part of the DB universe.[/b]
This actually isn't a rumor and is ABSOLUTELY 100% CORRECT. That's all I got to say about that.

[b]Rumor 3: It's a Spanish comic book they are making a cartoon version for the US and the first rumor is the storyline.[/b]
Hahaha, no. it's not a Spanish anything. It's a fan manga.

[b]Rumor 4: Akira Toriyama is working with Dragonball animators to create Dragonball AF. Also, Vegeta and Trunks Fuse. Gotenks goes SSJ4, Gohan becomes another form of Mystic Saiyan. Goku has the power of the dragonballs and can grant wishes like the Dragon.[/b]
Again, Toriyama has stopped all production on DragonBall, he said it himself. And that fussion most ofyou have seen called "Vegetrunks" is an OBVIOUS fan-art picture. I mean serious, how DENSE can you be to believe that that is real.

[b]Rumor 5: There are new levels of Super Saiyan, ssj 5, ssj 6(which is the ultimate form), and mystic saiyan(not mystical).[/b]
I don't remember a Mystical from anywhere but ok... I mean seriously, One to many levels is far enough. SS-J 4 was pushing it.

[b]Rumor 6: Goku reaches Super Saiyan level 5 The power he receives is too much for him, and he becomes the bad guy. In DBAF Vegeta gets to play the good guy trying to stop "the evil Goku".[/b]
Now THIS is what i call a good plot. However, it is not true. As well all know, that loser Gokou, is pure good. If he wasn't purely good, he wouldn't have turned SS-J in the first place. And we know he's not evil, like Vegita, so yeah.

[b]Rumor 7: Dragonball AF stands for Dragonball After Future, Another Future or Alternative Future.[/b]
It's so real it has THREE DIFFERENT TITLES! I must say, I'm impressed.

[b]Rumor 8: Dragon Ball AF! Dragonball AF is being made by Bird Studios right this moment! If Dragonball AF is not a hit in Japan then it is not coming to North America! But that won't be the case! They will be making around 250 episodes.[/b]
If they make 250 episodes, I'm killing myself. Ther's all ready 500+ episodes... no more... please..... And they're right about one thing, It certainly won't be a hit in Japan.

[b]Rumor 9: In DBAF Vegeta goes ssj5 and 6 and becomes the strongest.[/b]
I sure hope he doesn't cheat to gain these levels. :p Thats far to plain a plot to go 250 episodes on.

[b]Rumor 10: DBAF is in Portugal, Italy and in Japan.[/b]
Go ahead, ask anyone from any three of those countries.... you'll know what they'll say... NO!

Now, this ultimate proof on the non-existence of DragonBall AF is this:

[b]Q: Is there a sequel to Dragon Ball GT that is called Dragon Ball AF?[/b]

[i]A: No, Dragon Ball AF is just a rumor. FUNimation wants fans to know from the official source that Dragon Ball GT is the last series and AF does not exist. As far as we know, and Toei has confirmed this matter, there are no future plans for any continuance of the Dragon Ball series beyond GT. [/i]

That comes straight from DragonBallZ.com The one thing they are good for. And the ONLY people to have 100% source verification.

Every picture shown from Dragonball AF is either fan-art, gif-art (which are also fan-art, just animated), or pictures taken from DragonBall Z or GT and with some EASY photoshop skills, made to look different (ie: longer hair, different color hair, whatever) It's really quite obvious. Go ahead now... go look at any DBAF site and their pictures. And if you know anything about DragonBall, you'll see they are 100% fake.

Pretty much every site that was based on DragonBall AF has no said that it is fake. I went to 4 or 5 today that have flat out said "It's fake" and to not believe it, yet some of you gullable little dubbies choose to believe it and you're all stupid. I'm sorry. You are.... there's no if, and, or but about it.

If you want to believe it, be my guest. But from now on, Please don't post any topics about it. It says so right in the rules not to. Yet some do... oh well. Anyone who dilliberately posts a topic like the one the guy had today which basically said "DBAF is out in Japan now. You are all dumb because you think it's fake" or something along those lines, will have their topic deleted and they will be banned. Get a clue people. Don't you think if it were real you'd see more than just fan-sites on it. DOn't you think one of the most popular anime series in the WORLD would have more truth than a few fan-sites? It'd be on the news and a controversy wouldn't exist. And you know the one who started this whole rumor? Yes, DaBlackGoku started it... now seriously folk... how much credit can you give a guy who names his site "DaBlackGoku".... enough said.
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