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Well, it depends.

Unlike Microsoft's approach with the Xbox, Sony doesn't have a central network for the Playstation 2. Online gaming is developer reliant.

Having said that, most online titles don't require an online fee. There are always exceptions, such as RPGs or the online version of Hot Shots Golf, that will require a subscription costs, but for the most part you won't have to worry about it.

I myself have finally entered the world of online PS2 gaming and--it's pretty good. You obviously have your fair share of lamers who say stuff like "[insert name] is gayy" but when you actually get a game going it's a blast. It's just a shame that I've discovered I suck at games compared to a lot of people. :blush:

Thus far, I've only played Tony Hawk's Underground, Tiger Woods 2004, and ATV Offroad Fury 2 over broadband. My name on Tiger Woods is actually [b]OtakuBoards.[/b] Represent. ^_^

Today I hope to pick up Socom II to help flex my online muscles a bit.

It'd be great if I could find some other OtakuBoards members with those games. I think Tony has SSX3, and I definitely enjoy that game, so perhaps I'll think about picking that one up eventually.
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Anything from EA is a good choice. They have an excellent network setup; one of the more advanced on the Playstation 2. It's all very organized. Generally, it's probably up there with the stuff you would find on Xbox Live. The same could be said of Socom II (which is arguably the best online game you'll get for your money on the system).

I've also had a lot of fun with THUG. You're able to download other peoples' parks, and upload your face into the game (as you've probably learned by now). Despite running into some unbelieveably skilled players, I've had a lot of fun. It's a breeze creating a new room and getting a game going. People join almost instantly--and there are a lot of options you can work with once they do.

There is some stuff I'm looking forward to in the future as well, like online Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, Final Fantasy XI, Kill Zone, Resident Evil Outbreak, Grand Turisom 4 (I think) and the next SmackDown.
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