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It's Elemeno P!


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Elemeno P is a New Zealand band that I have just recvently got into, their debut album has just hit the shelves over here.
(The name is pronounced as if you were saying the Alphabet, and got up to the LMNOP part.)

Elemeno P have some great hits that have been rocking their way up the local charts for some time now, such songs as "Fast Times in Tahoe" "Every Day's a Saturday" and "Verona" are hard to ignore, and hard not to like.

you can find the website for Elemeno P [url=www.elemenop.com]Here[/url] and it has got some cool downloads, samples of their hits "Fast Times in Tahoe" , "Every Day's a Saturday" and "Nirvana"

Elemeno P are a great band and they definatley deserve some exposure out abroad. Check them out.

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I totally agree, Shinji. Elemeno P have a great sound to them and their music is great.

BTW, if you are considering other NZ music purichases here are a few of my picks

Genre: Old School Rock
Crowded House - Nineties rock band, with memorable songs such as Don't Dream It's Over, Weather With You and Four Season in One Day. Lead Singer / Guitarist Neil Finn was also in a band called Split Enz which also ROCK.

Genre: Hip Hop
Nesian Mystik - Funky New Zealand Hip Hop with a flavor which is totally unique to NZ. Anyone interested in hip-hop must consider buying this.

Genre: Rap
Scribe - Newcomer Scribe had a great 2003, securing the top song of the year in NZ, in a landside victory to the second placed Black Eyed Peas' Where is the Love. Several collaborations with good friend P-Money.

In the way of rock there are too many great bands to single one out : Zed (they do the main song in Rob Schneiders "The Hot Chick, it's called Starlight & it plays in the closing credits), The Feelers and Pacifer (Jon Toogood, skinny white guy with huge voice)

I Know thats not all of the great NZ music but instead is a snapshot of some of the good stuff.
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Yeah dude! Elemeno P rock. In fact, most Kiwi music rocks. I would know--Born and raised in Canterbury! Right now, my Favourite homegrown acts would have to be Scribe, Concord Dawn and Salmonella Dub.

Those last two, Concord Dawn and Salmonella Dub, are Drum and Bass/Techno groups, both with very unique and awesome sound. I'd suggest any fans of the genre pay both of these bands a listen, they're pretty dope.
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I'm listening to the dbut album, Love and disrespect right now, after finally purchasing it, it's really good, as in, I didn't know how good it was going to be until I got it.

Such songs as Nirvana, The Benjamins, Claim to Fame and Weed Out. All very good songs.

The album art is really cool too. It's cupid with a machine gun instead of the usual arrow. The band name is placed in a way resembling scrabble letters. Very original, good use of the band name.

I'm thinking of featuring an mp3 or two from Elemeno P on my MyOtaku music player. I don't want people thinking piracy though. I would just like to get this band the exposure they deserve.

I have a limited edition in which thye do a hip hop version of Verona with another NZ band, rap group Deceptikonz. Their hit, stop Drop and Roll is a good track to listen to.
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