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?It is such a beautiful summer day?, the girl said, as a warm honeysuckle scented breeze caressed her face.

She sighed happily, looking at all the bright flowers, the pretty blue of the sky, the white fluffy clouds.

Walking on the sidewalk up ahead was her good friend.

She smiled, thinking of all the long talks they had, all the secrets they shared.

?Hey, wait up!? She called, running to catch up.

Her friend didn?t turn around, until she tapped him on the shoulder.

She gasped in confusion at the hardness in his eyes; the hate, the anger.

She smiled a reassuring smile.

He slapped her hard on the face.

?I care about you? she whispered.

He punched her in the gut.

?I care about you, even if you don?t care about me? She gasped.

She stood there, looking at her friend with love in her eyes.

She made a move to hug him, to love his worries away.

He moved close to her, and sank his glinting hate in her heart.

?I love you? she whispered, as he took his knife out.

The colors around her started fading.

He roughly shoved her off of him.

She lay face up, staring at the clouding sky.

He sneered at her.

He laughed as he walked away.

?I love you, even if you don?t love me? she whispered to the sky.

She stared as the worlds colors faded away, to shades of gray.

As she laid there, her heart bleeding, she knew she had been
living a lie; what she perceived now is what reality really is.

She shivered as a cold cruel wind blew around her, accentuating the wound in her chest.

She stared at the gray cloudy sky, wondering just what went wrong.

Little snow flurries lit upon her dark lashes
as her eyes closed for the last time.
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