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[color=green]Gene and crew have been through a lot, they have been everywhere from heifong to the galactic leyline, from sentinel III to Planet Tenrei (hot springs planet ep. 23 not aired on cartoon network.) now they are making thier way back to Sentinel III, to check up on Fred, they have just encountered 5 pirate ships and almost depleted thier missiles. They are now curious, they havnt seen pirates in months. why now do they encounter a group of 5 powerful pirate ships. in less than a day they make it to sentinel III and get their ship ready to launch again. they decided to goto the Towards Star Inn , the spacerace was in less than 2 weeks, and fred had agreed to sponsor them again. They were about half way there, when they saw a huge pirate ship coming towards them fast, all of a sudden the outlaw stars lights flickerd and on the viewer appeared a pirate with a mask that appeared to be a liquid metal, i seemed to flucuate, all of a sudden it turned into an evil grin, the pirate announced that he was Lord Hazanko's brother, and that he seeked revenge for those who killed his brother. all of a sudden a barrage of missiles bigger than any of the outlaw stars crew had ever seen befor came from the pirate ship...[/color]
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