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Pendragon #1: Denduron


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Lrb [/i]
[B]"I am Osa. I will explain everything to you. There are two tribes in this territory. One of them is the Zelgan, they are poor and live under the rule of the Xelkarra. They are rich and have a castle fortress. The Zelgan mine for the Xelkarra. But the Zelgan have had enough and thanks to a little old man, they are going to revolt. Normally the miners would lose but this time they have a special weapon called tak. If they succeed this territory will be destroyed.[/B][/QUOTE]

People who are alligable to post in this Thread,
[*]Lrb - Matt Pendragon
[*]Ohkami - Kari Sanai
[*]K.K.C. - Cay Took
[*]PiroMunkie - Johnny Crimson
[*]Artemis - Tara Carver
"This is all too much to handle. I have got to be having a bad dream!" exclaimed Matt. He was pretty sure everyone else felt the same way.

"My Uncle cannot be dead! Someone pinch me." he wasn't gonna stop until he had some answers.

"Please young Pendragon. In time you will see your Uncle again. But now you must change into these clothes." Osa tossed each friend a pair of clothes much like hers. They were long robes covered in brown fur. Each person changed and they came back to Osa.

"Now we will be going down this hill and to the Native land. There you will meet my daughter, Loor. I will stay here though. I have to go back and see your Uncle." Osa finished. With that she walked to a hole in the ground marked by a star. She crawled in and everyone could hear her slight yell. "[i]Second Earth[/i]!"

Everyone charged down the mountain not wanting to stay and freeze to death.

"This really is odd. But I think we should just go along with it.." said Johnny as they got to the bottom.

There was a forest and a path. Everyone followed the Path and finally came to a small village. A small, elderly but etcentric man ran up to them.

"Tak is the future." he then ran away. Everyone shrugged and kept walking, seeking for Loor.[/color]
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[color=royalblue][size=1]Cay peered around the village, it seemed... desserted... as if everyone had decided to go off and die. Everything had happened so quickly, Cay couldn't really ask any questions. There were way too many in her head.

"It looks.... like no one lives in this place..." Tara pointed out the obvious. Cay laughed slightly and then looked around the village again. Pearing into windows trying to get a glimps of a shadow or something.

"Hm..." Matt looked around as they all stopped in the middle of the village where a large statue of a man stood, the nose was gone and it had a few chips in it. "Let's split up and try to find this Loor person." [/color][/size]
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OOC: Yeah... I've read the first 3 books, Lrb. (When's the 4th coming out?) Hmm...we certainly made it down the hill easily...I take it we have no quigs to get past... (FYI: quigs are the guardians of the gateways. On Second Earth, they're terrifying rabid dogs. Here on Denduron, they're huge grizzly bear type creatures...lots of fun...) I'll try not to be a b**** about sticking with the books... :p

[COLOR=sienna]"Sounds like a plan to me," Tara shrugged. There seemed to be one main street in the tiny village. It separated roughly two dozen houses at the most.
"I'll search the houses on the right," Tara volunteered. "Who's coming with me?"
"I'll come!" Cay piped in brightly.
"Alright," Matt agreed, "Johnny and Kari can come with me. We'll meet back here in about fifteen minutes."
"Let's go," Tara said turning to Cay.
They walked cautiously up to the first house. There was one small window but no glass in it. Tara peered in warily. No one was there, but the glowing embers in the fire pit proved that someone had been there earlier in the day. The primitive nature of the dwelling was almost shocking. Then again, the clothing they had been forced to wear had been quite telling of the technological advances of this alien soceity. The one room hut was quite small but appeared to house several people. Off to one side of the room, away from the crude table, were four rough animal furs. They appeared to Tara to be sleeping mats, but she couldn't be sure.
Finally, Cay tapped Tara on the shoulder, "She's obviously not in there, Tara."
"Don't you think we should try to learn a bit about these people before we run into them?" Tara countered rolling her eyes.
Cay looked slightly hurt. Tara was being a little more abrasive than usual. "Sure I do, but it's important that we find Loor soon! We really have no idea what we're doing here! Anything could happen to us!"
Tara could hear the panic growing in Cay's voice. Her patience was waning. "Cay, listen to me. I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I'm the youngest black belt in town...well, back home at least. I doubt they have black belts here."
Tara glanced around as though looking for another martial arts master.
"You see," she continued with a smile, "We're perfectly safe. You've got nothing to worry about."
But at that exact moment, a bloodcurdling scream rose up from the opposite side of the street. It sounded like Kari...[/COLOR]
OOC: Um...when is someone else gonna post in here?!?! Is it [i]that[/i] weird of a storyline?
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