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I got the whole series DVD collection of Arc the Lad for Christmas and I finished watching the it yesterday. And I must say, it was a great series. I've played the games it was based on and, of course, there are some differences between the games and the series, but the series was still good nonetheless and it was great to see the Arc the Lad world in anime form.

The animation was wonderful and the music was good. But I did have some nitpicks about it like Dave Mallow(who also plays as Angemon and other characters in Digimon) playing Shu. To be honest, I never imagined Shu to sound like that. [spoiler]I was also a little disturbed seeing Elk vomitting not only once, but twice[/spoiler]. I was also left a bit clueless about the ending, [spoiler]I mean, what happened to Andel? The last we see him is watching the final battle from a far distance and curious as to wondering if dark or light will win.[/spoiler]

Heh, I'm also happy with [spoiler]Arc and Kukuru staying alive at the end, contradicting what's supposed to happen to them at the end of the game Arc the Lad 2.[/spoiler]

Aside from my nitpicks, I found the series awesome. Anyone else see this series and have comments?
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