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The good witch

Guest sixthcrusifix

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Guest sixthcrusifix
Heart of opal

Oh from the darkness, fly ahead
Come to me love, Fast as you might
Past the cold dark nights and past the sorrow
Come before you may be dead
Come for I am what is right
So that you might live to see marrow
Fast like lightning in the night
I shall save the from deep misfortune
In my womb of love come hide
Fastening your harness for your plite
Destroy this song of sad tune
burrow your heart into my side
I shal make me the sacrifice
you shall live again once more
You shall know the light again
A bit of white magic will suffice
Banish those ills from my door
So you , will never again , feel pain.
come to me great child
Winged dove of strength and beauty
Creature of the forest lights
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