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Boy Meets Boy


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[size=1][color=blue]Has anyone watched this show on Bravo? It's over right now, but there was a marathon of all the episodes last night, and I'll tell you, in less than an hour, I was hooked.

It's about this guy, James, looking to find - yes, another guy. Each episode, he eliminates a few 'mates', as they're called, and then gets closer to the remaining mates.[/color]

[spoiler]One of the twists was that some of the men were straight, and if James chose that man, the mate would win $25k, but if he chose a gay mate, James would win the money and go to New Zealand with the mate he chose.

The last episode was the best - it was so nerve-racking. By then, I had fallen in love with Wes, one of the mates, and was so hoping he wasn't straight.

It was down to Wes, Brian, and Franklin - who I thought [i]had[/i] to be straight. And he was, and James didn't chose Brian - he chose WES!! Oh, I was so happy. [/spoiler]

[color=blue]So, have any of you watched this show? If so, what did you think?

More information here: [url]www.bravotv.com/boymeetsboy[/url][/color][/size]
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I Loved Wes too! I was pleased with my self. As a gay guy, I only called 2 of the guys wrong. THere were some hot guys on there. The show got a lot of negative reaction from the gay community, but I think it portrayed us pretty well and showed that we're just normal people who happened to be attracted to other guys, not because they're the same sex, but in spite of the fact that they are.
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