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heh...i'm back i guess


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hey everyone i don't think i've posted in a looong time well i have a poem i want critized...nicelyy or meanly...i wont get angry....^_^

Did you ever get the feeling you were dead,
Gone from the world.

So cold and lonely,
Heart beats seems to cease to come.

But you know your still alive,
Ever get the feeling that nobody cares?

The people you loved are gone,
No longer there to comfort you.

I've had these feelings so many times before,
And even then I wished myself dead.

But I was all ways to afraid,
Afraid of what I'd miss.

And afraid of what I was getting myself into,
People talk about Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil.

But Where does a gurl like me,
Go when I'm dead, but still forever wondering.

~*~ANGEL~*~:tasty: -cute
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