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Dark Thoughts


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[COLOR=teal]Heh...you finally get to see what goes on inside my head....



Boredum posesses you. I swear it does. It makes you feel like theres nothing in the world that can save you from your bottomless pit of horrible blackness. It swallows you and your stuck there until something or someone rescues you from your would-be eternal prison of self-thought. All your memories cloud your mind and you can't help but think that there's something better for you to do with your life than sit here drowning your self in thought. The only problem is theres never any way out. You try your hardest but nothing ever works. So you sit there, waiting. Once again darkness surrounds you. You feel neither light nor heavy, asleep nor awake. Its kind of like the line between life & death. Is there really a line? If so, what is keeping you from crossing it at any given moment? Who or What is keeping you from the other side? As you sit here it the midst of the darkness, thinking....wondering....waiting......you relize, just what it is that will take you out of the darkness. Suddenly, There is light. As you walk towards the brightening glow, you think back to the thing that brought the light....You think back to all the thoughts....all the memories....all the pain....the suffering...all the seemingly happy moments......as you turn around, something cathes your eye. A small glimse of light and the slightest movement. The movement is a thought. The last one left from your time in the darkness. The one that let you out..You turn around and walk into the light. As the last scenes of the darkness fade away, someone steps out of the darkness. It is the person you think about always. They are the one...The one who brought you to the light.

Welcome to my Darkest Thoughts...




I am told that my glare sucks all happiness from the air, yet I am also told that when I am happy, everyone can't help but be happy as well because of how much I laugh & smile. Yet there are people who are intent on making my life miserable for I am never truly happy anymore. It is but a mere facade I put up out of habit. That day seemed to have sucked all the real happiness from me. I am know just an expressionless girl lost in the crowd, suck in between worlds, with nothing there to pull me away from the line. Maybe some day I will have my optimistic life back again but as of now, everything is dull & worthless. Or so I thought. In reality, all things are made possible by somebodys unconditional happiness.



Don't let me down,
I'll let you see
What its like to be close to me.
Don't let me die,
Don't let me fall,
I hope you wont, not at all.
Until that very fateful day,
On which we go our seperate ways,
I'll always say I love you so
Just because you need to know.
You'll keep my heart forever, or
Unless you choose to close the door
And leave behind that broken girl
Who said she'd love you ever more.



For Sari & Jessica-

This world is cruel, it has 2 faces. Just when you think you've got everything figured out, the world throws you a curve. The wall is way too hard to go around, over, under, or across. Going through would take too much, but its the only chance you've got. The path is long, the path is tough. And as far as I am concerned, no one ever makes it. There are the select few that have a bridge built before them so they can cross. I am not that luckly. Just when I thought my whole world was caving in, my best friend told me something very wise: No guy is worth your tears, and the one who is won't make you cry. Just a little help can build a bridge over the biggest ocean in the world, just so you can cross. It will always hurt a little, and at 1st it hurts alot. But with time comes new love, and with new love comes new hope, and those with hope always come out on top.

My world has just rebuilt it's self. Thanks Guys.




I'm half demon,
with a halo
i'm half goddess,
with two horns
two people fighting in my head
one is living
one is dead
taking over constantly
is my demon side
while the goddess me
just sits there for ride
that is why
both high and low
i am known as the demon-goddess koneko.

kind of disturbing, ya know? lol.

~naru [/COLOR]
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