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InuYasha Fanfiction [PG-13 -- Implied V]


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[size=1][color=chocolate]I was a little eager to post this up, so here I am. This is my first fanfiction, and it doesn't have the plot of the InuYasha series so if you haven't seen InuYasha, no big deal.

Anyway, here's Chapter 1 and hope you all enjoy!!
If there are spelling, grammar, etc. mistakes, sorry.
------------------------------------ [/color][/size]

[size=1]"Kagome?" Kouga, a blue eyed, long black-haired 34 year-old man yelled. He after picked up a can of beer that stood on his brown, wooden coffee table in front of him. He stared at the can, until he looked away to the doorway to see legs. He slowly made his way up to look at the woman. So smooth, beautiful legs made him feel excited. Especially the fact that she was wearing a short, light blue long-sleeved dress which at the bottom showed a little of her panties. Looking up to her chest, her breasts couldn't really see through the dress; oh what a shame. Looking up to her face, he saw brown sparkling eyes but full of pain. Her face was cream colored, but was a little dirty from the dust lying around the house. Her hair...her hair was unique. Not like other girls, it had a raven black color to it, and it was smooth. Since her hair was down, Kouga could see how smooth her hair was. Very unique to have such nice hair.
Yes....that was his Kagome.
"Yes Kouga?" Kagome replied. She was now leaning on the doorway a little nervous from her boyfriend, almost husband to be.
"Have you cleaned the sink like I have told you?" he asked. Then he took a sip of his beer, after putting it back on the coffee table in front of him.
"I only haven't cleaned the counter," Kagome said. Kouga immediately frowned, and clenched his fists together showing his anger. Kagome saw his fists, and began to shake of what he might do to her.
"I told you to do everything! Clean the sink, counter...don't you get the meaning of everything woman?!?!" he yelled furiously. Kagome took a step back into the kitchen, afraid to see the look on his face after she didn't even clean the counter in her small kitchen. Then suddenly, she heard the couch squeak; being the old thing it was. She heard footsteps walk fast to where she was, and took another step backwards, afraid.
[i]Please Kouga....I don't want this to happen...not again...[/i]
Suddenly, Kagome saw Kouga's whole body in front of the doorway, stiff and his fists clenched together. Looking up to his face, it was angry and upset. His blue eyes flared with anger, and his body stiff and skinny wasn't the best thing to look at.
"I told you to do everything woman!" he yelled at her. Kagome, being afraid and weak, fell down to the kitchen floor on her knees, her hands covering her head, waiting for Kouga's fist to hit her.
"Dammit are you listening to me?" he yelled, more furious.
"Yes Kouga! Yes I am! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I am a stupid girl who didn't even listen to you! I wish I had done better!" she yelled back, but weakly from her weak state. Kouga suddenly lost his anger, and turned his frown into a mad smirk. Kagome looked up to him, and suddenly felt very uncomfortable by his smirk.
"Good. Yes you are, you realize your damn mistakes. Now..." Kouga said, clenching his fingers onto his hirt. Kagome put her hands on the ground, and started getting up. Once she did, she brushed the dust of of her light dress that was on the dirty kitchen tile floor. She stared at Kouga's hands, and they were slowly but strongly pulling onto his old navy blue shirt. Suddenly she heard a rip, and a hole appeared on where Kouga's hands once were.
"Do you want to do this here, or do you want to take this somewhere private?" Kouga asked. Kagome kept herself from frowning at what he had said. [i]First he wants to beat me...and now he wants to have sex? What kind of guy is he?[/i]
Kagome didn't want to anyway; well she did before, but that was before they had moved into this dirty city.
An idea quickly popped into Kagome's head, and she smirked, making Kouga excited of what she might do. Kagome raised her left arm to her right sleeve of her dress, and with all her might, made a little rip on the dress.
"Kouga..." Kagome said, but in a calm sexy tone of voice. "Before we go ahead and start...can I go out and get some drinks and cigarettes? Wouldn't mind a smoke and drink after we're done. I'll buy a pack of cigarettes and beer for you."
"Come to think of it, I am out, and wouldn't mind that either. Hey wait you smoke and drink?"
"I started at least."
"Okay, sure then. Now go!" Kouga said. Kagome nodded, and Kouga walked back into the living room. Kagome, in a hurry, grabbed her brown leather coat off of her kitchen table, and lucky for her her entrance to the house was in the kitchen. Kagome put on her coat, and walked to the door. She put on her blue platform shoes, then quickly headed out the door. Once she had gotten out, she closed her door and walked onto the small porch in front of the door. Then she walked down the steps on the porch, and once she did, she began walking to the right down the alley she had lived in, where the streetlights and sidewalks were.
"Perfect timing Kagome. Perfect timing to escape from that bastard Kouga!!" Kagome muttered to herself as she walked down the alley.

"Well it had to be a cold night on my escape!" Kagome said as she walked down the city sidewalk. She was shivering like crazy from the cold temperature, and crossed her arms across her chest to make herself a little warmer.
Well, she should have expected it too. It was nighttime, and it was usually cold during the night. Plus it was fall, making it a little cool. Kagome, wondering what the time was, lifted her left sleeve of her jacket to see the time because she had a watch on her left wrist.
"10:00 p.m., yes it's not good to be out..." Kagome said. She was afraid also; there were probably rapists around. Who knows what would happen.
Plus, there was no one around her. More helpless...
Kagome frowned at her thoughts, and hugged herself to keep herself warm.
[i]Damn it had to be cold...[/i]

Suddenly, Kagome heard a scream of a little girl from an alley a little distance away. Kagome, trying to be brave, followed to where she had heard the scream come from. Then the girl screamed again, and Kagome began running. Not good.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" a man yelled from where the little girl's scream was. Suddenly, a crowd of men ran out of an alley ahead of Kagome. Kagome almost screamed to see how many there were. Big, sweaty men...could be rapists, that was for sure. But the funny thing was; these men were badly injured. Some had blood running down the edge of their mouths, or they had bruises on their body. And they were all very terrified.
The men caught the sight of Kagome, and lost their terrified looks. They turned those looks into smirks, and began running faster to Kagome.
Kagome, seeing they were running to her, turned around and began running back.
"Look boys, we've found a beauty to catch!" one man yelled from the crowd. Kagome now began to cry of what might happen; this wasn't a dream. It was real dammit!
[i]Now what? I can't go back to dear old Kouga...especially the fact without cigarettes and beer in hand. I'd be beaten! What can I do? Fight them?[/i]

"Come on baby! Let us get you! We'll do nothing bad!" another man shouted. Kagome, only afraid, screamed for dear life. Then, Kagome ran past an alley, and felt a prescence of someone in the alley. Kagome trusting her instincts, kept running afraid of the person in the alley would get her. Then suddenly, yells from the men came, and Kagome stopped in her tracks. She turned around, to see a man a few feet away from her; his back to her. His body was slim, and he had long black hair, down to his thys. From what Kagome could make out, he was wearing jeans and tennis shoes. Kagome looked to where the crowd of men were, and again they were terrified.
"What...what are you doing back?" a man from the crowd said terrifed.
"Chasing girls again, you guys piss me off like crazy," the man with long black hair said.
"How did you get here so fast?" another man asked.
"I know shortcuts, I've been here long time."
"Come on boys, no use staying here..." a man said from the crowd. The other men nodded, and the whole crowd walked away.

Once they were gone, Kagome sighed of relief.
"What is a girl like you doing around here at night?" the man suddenly asked. Kagome was surprised by his question; and pretty ticked too.
"I'm...who are you anyway?" Kagome asked, thinking twice about her question. Who knows, this guy could be a rapist too.
"Why would you care?" he replied quickly. Kagome glared a the man, although it was useless because he wasn't facing her. Dumb ***.
"Because I would like to know the guy who comes mysteriously out of an alley and scares the crap out of a ton of men!" Kagome replied stubbornly.
"Fine then, if you must know, it's Inuyasha," the man said. Inuyasha turned around to see the girl he rescued, and was surprised. This girl looked about 2 with a pretty face and clothes not ripped or badly damaged. Kagome was surprised by Inuyasha's look too; he had eyes like her, and some strands of his hair lay on both of his shoulders. His skin though was a very tad bit darker then hers.
"Okay...Inuyasha. I should be heading back...to..." Kagome replied. Where was she supposed to go? She couldn't go back to Kouga of course, she was trying to escape from him. Dammit!
"To your boyfriend or husband I suppose. I doubt a guy would reject you..." Inuyasha said. Kagome blushed a little from what he had said.
Inuyasha crossed his arms across his chest. "I have to be going now." After, he turned his heel and began walking at a slow pace away from Kagome. Kagome wasn't very surprsied; she expected him to do just that.
"Wait Inuyasha!!!" Kagome quickly called out. Inuyasha stopped in his tracks, but didn't turn back to look at her.
"I was wondering...if you know a place for me to live for a while!" Kagome said. Inuyasha was a little surprised; wasn't she bound to have a husband or something and lives with him? For her good looks, why not?
"No...not really unless you want a motel or something..." he replied. Kagome crossed her arms across her chest then sighed.
"Sure that would work. Do you know any jobs I can have for now?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha was about to smack himself on the head; questions, it was irritating him. But it was for her own safety. Seems like she didn't have a guy to live with.
"You know what? My friend's girlfriend runs a tavern nearby...and has a job open there. Maybe you could go there...why don't you follow me. I was heading there myself, until I found you being chased," Inuyasha said. Kagome smiled at Inuyasha. Wasn't much she could give him but a smile for a thanks.
"Thank you very much Inuyasha. I appreciate it," Kagome said to him. After, she ran over and stood beside him, looking up to him. He narrowed his eyes down to her.
"All right then. Now let's go," he said. Kagome nodded, and then they began walking to the tavern.
"Instead of calling you girl or something like that, can I know your name?" Inuyasha asked. Kagome almost hit herself in the head; how rude and stupid it was not to introduce herself.
"Kagome. Kagome Higurashi."

[color=chocolate][size=1]How do you think? It was sure a lot to type...[/size][/color]
[font=Verdana][size=1][color=red]I've edited the title of your thread to include a rating of PG-13 for Implied Violence. If you feel that isn't an appropriate rating [and that it should be rated M for Violence, Language etc. -- future chapters might contain it or something] just PM me with your preferred title and I'll change it for you. Please don't forget to rate your thread next time. -- Lady Asphyxia.[/color][/size][/font]
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Guest blacktidewolf
Woah! That's long! ^_^ I could write long things like that too, but then my hands will fall off! Jk. I think that's really good.
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