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Well hello. i thank you for looking at all my writing. it's not all that great but it's my work.

Chi Story (A work in progress)

Chi looked around, it was a busy street, and she tired to get some one to stop so she could ask directions, but to no avail. So she decided to find some one who would come with her somewhere, she glanced around, and spotted two people chatting. But just as she started to go towards them some one yelled, "witch! Look at her clothes! And she has a bright aura around her... it looks like... like a soft warm breeze in..." the man trailed off...

"What?" she shrieks as she pulls at her clothes. "I don't know what you talking abou- AHHHHHHHH,? she screams as two punks grab her and pull her away on their brooms. (One twisted world right?)

"Yeah, great job Kioshi! She?ll be worth a lot at the Cloud Market!" the younger of the two yokai boys calls.

"I know, I?m not stupid just no one will buy her in those clothes she has on, but we better hurry and get her their before nightfall. Leo! Pick up some nice clothes and meet me there"

" 'K!" Leo says as he zooms off towards a clothes shop.
A moment later Kioshi has got Chi firmly tied down and zooms of towards the clouds.

'I must be dreaming' Chi says to herself, 'but if I am then why do these bonds hurt? But it has to be. It just has to be!'

"Hey whatcha talking to yourself about girly? Is it interesting? Oh and whats your name I never found out." he says a he pulls the cloth out of her mouth.

"My name is Chi!? Chi yells as loud as she can, thinking she's near the ground.

"If your hoping some one will save you, your out of luck, we're high above the ground shooting towards the clouds." he says about to laugh, "and we need to change that name of yours... hm... How 'bout Hotaru? 'Cause you glow like uh... I don't really know."

Chi nods her head because she is afraid of heights and does not want him to drop her. "And your name is Kioshi, right?" Chi asks timidly.

"Why yes," he smirks as Chi shudders from his fangs, ?I guess she really is magical? he says to himself.


Atop the mountain, Everend, sits a smiling young girl, and a deep gold dragon. The dragon?s eyes glow a gentle amber, and the girl?s a happy blue. Her black hair fluttered in the wind.

The flowers seemed to bloom at Hana?s touch. The rose thorns did not prick her, the stems did not crush. When her clear, happy blue eyes saw the young girl being whisked off by two nasty bandits. Their clear, happiness drained away.

?Cheeri!? Hana called with her high-pitched voice. A giant golden dragon flew out from behind a tree. ?See those bandits? Let?s get them!? Hana grabbed a hold of its tail and Cheeri jolted up towards the clouds so she could scare the bandits and keep her good reputation about not chasing people in the sky. As they flew higher, Cheeri?s warm, golden scales shone, and Hana?s pale pink silk cape flew backwards, its shine blinding onlookers. They quickly took their place in the clouds, preparing to catch the bandits. The thieves flew right below them. ?Now!? Hana whispered as Cheeri started to fly down to get them. Something snapped the bandit look behind him to see the ropes he had used to tie the girl down snapped and she was on the back of a beautiful gold dragon.


A mature looking girl about the age of 12, looked up to see a gold dragon with a black haired rider, wearing a pink cape. ?How tacky? the girl though only then realizing they were chasing bandits who kidnapped another young girl. The girl who was kidnapped did not look like someone from around here, and with further examination, the girl saw she had dark purple hair that gleamed in the morning sun, and an outfit that was so odd she could not describe it.

?Oh, Mint, snap out of it,? she says aloud but to herself. Mint shakes her head, ?Those bandits probably have another animal? she says afraid of other people who may have come to take over the world, for that was her obsession.

?Kiko?? Kakayana coos next to her mistress, Mint.

?No, Kakayana, she is not here to try to become a priestess. If she was, she wouldn?t let herself be caught by bandits.? Mint says rolling her eyes.

?Ka kappa tu.? Kakayana chirps.

?You have a point, she could have been resting, or was too tired to defend herself?? Mint says back. ?Let?s help out!? she yells, glancing up at the sky only to see they saved her. ?Kakayana let?s go to say hello, and find out what happened ok?? Mint says standing up and adjusting her clothes.

?Ko? Kakayana coos happily. As they run to the valley the gold dragon landed in.


?Hey Mint! Wait up!? a little girl screams as she pulls on her shoes and runs after Mint. Just after she crosses the old wood plank bridge she trips on a stone as Mint weaves herself between the trees and out of sight.

?Wait up!? she screams. She gets back up and starts to run again, moments later she realizes that she has no clue where she is going, Mint long since gone, and no one around. The little girl decides to just go straight. She walks along the narrow path, looking around for a clearing. ?Mint??

She whines as she stumbles over a root, and lands on her face. Her cheek starts to bleed. She walks over to a stream to wash her face, free of dirt, when she notices she?s bleeding. She gasps, then her little hands bunch into fists and fire burns in her eyes.

?I?m not the one who should be bleeding!? she yells with such volume, birds form all over fly from their roost into the sky, ?I am Terra! Princess of Pirates, and I will not be treated with such manner!? Terra screams as she goes into a rampage pulling out a sword and killing everything insight, and the things she couldn?t kill, like rocks for example, she simply destroyed.


Terrera runs till she finds the clearing, then calms down as she walks over to Hana, and her dragon, eyes wide in awe. ?Beautiful?? she gasps ?Where did you meet her? I mean it is a her right??

?Correct. She is Cherri. And who are you?? oh you don?t know who I am yet, sorry. I am Hana.? Hana giggles.

?Oh, um? I?m Terr--err? Teran.? She says almost letting out her real name.

?Terrer or Ternan? Or did you say Terra? Oh well I don?t really care.? Hana says her eyes trying to see into Terrera?s soul, but her soul is too clouded by shadow to penetrate. Cherri nuzzles Hana, eyes keeping a close watch on Terra.

?Ohhh?? Chi mumbles as she regains conciseness. She opens her deep purple eyes, ?where am I?? she mumbles looking aghast at her surroundings.

?Your on the valley of Everend, one of the largest mountains in the world.? Mint says all matter-of-fact her hair dancing in the light. ?But may I ask, whom are you??

?Well, I?m Chi. Who are you? And you?? she points to Mint and Terra, ?and you.? She points to Hana.

?I?m Mint.? Says looking board.

Terrera smiles, ?I?m Terran.?

?I?m Hana.? She giggles. ?You ask silly questions, I thought you would have known me, being a healer, and one of the best.?

?I?m a politician in training.? Mint smirks, ?we?re very rare.?

?You?re a politician?? Terrera giggles, ?I never knew that.?

?That?s because you don?t listen.? Mint glowers.

?So hold it, your Mint, your Terran, and your Han-ip!? she feels a warm breath against her back. She turns around and sees the dragon looking at her. ?Ah! What?s that?? she points a shaking finger at the dragon.

?Oh, that?s just Cherri, don?t be afraid she?s harmless unless you do something bad.?

Terrera moves away from the dragon. The last comment scared her.

Next Story: Galaxy Scouts

The sailor scouts weren?t strong enough. The battle for the universe went on for a very long time, as long as anyone could remember. Then one day in the Fall of 2072, five strange girls showed up each with a different skill.

Abby was extraordinary with all fighting, especially with guns and knives. She was known for murdering many people. Besides having offers to go to an assassin academy, she was a very normal girl, with the exception of having a scar across her back and dark purple eyes.

While timid Sun-Ae was wonderful with healing. She could heal people with her touch and voice. She aspired to become a doctor, but no college would take her because she well, had a few problems, her handwriting was far too neat, and she was always too organized.

Megan always loved fighting, but was great with stealth and speed. She was always blamed for missing objects at school, and beat the record for the entire world for speed so most thought she was an android, and considered her a threat to humanity.

Faye was definitely the best with magic; so much she left the others in awe at the simplest spells. But her personal favorite spell was a spell to create illusions. She was often considered ?different? just because she made people see what wasn?t there and not see what was there, and they all knew it.

And Naomi was obviously the politician. What else was left? And anyway, she was always the logical one and was Anti-George-Bush, because a long time ago has sent the United States of America?s economy down the drain. Just like the others she was very normal but; just like the others she had a few abnormalities. Like, she always had no expression, and the only clue to her expression was in faint flickers of light in her eyes.


As usual the day started off in dorm Chaos13 with Abby waking every one up screaming about well who knows what she was yelling, they were all too tired to think.

Every one got up, did their morning routine in silence except for the occasional, no common, collapsing of girls, who had been attacked by Abby and her sharp teeth and knives. Every one thought it was a normal day, but for them it was quite awkward and usually they just have an odd day for a normal person, but to them it was very normal.

They all went to their own school, did their own stuff, and then when they got back to room Chaos13, they found small charms on necklaces and bracelets for every one with a little slip of paper addressed to them. It said, ?Dear Ladies, we have some bad news. The scouts were killed, only I remain. I have sent these lockets to you hoping they will awake long sleeping memories.? Then covering the rest of the note was covered with dried blood. They all looked at Abby.

?Hey! For once it wasn?t me!? she exclaimed.

They turned away, too stunned to speak. In turn the turned over tier own locket and read the inscription. Naomi?s said ?Layea Lady Galaxy?. She thought about it but remembered only a highly political land where, if you were a politician, you were treated like a king or queen.

Megan?s said ?Soraru Lady Galaxy?. She saw a town where people had a power competition based on speed and stealth.

Sun-Ae?s said ?Kayko Lady Galaxy?. The word Kayko reminder her of something but it was too far back in her memories to remember.

Faye?s said ?Tayme Lady Galaxy?. Right away she knew the name Tayme, before she left her hometown when she was two, someone said, ?May we name the princess, milady??

The only one, who had a vivid memory, and the only one who got knocked out from it, was the most insane and unstable of the girls, Abby. She remembered from long ago, she sat on a silver throne covered with emerald silk cushions and finely cut stones, that shone like the morning dew on thin blades of grass at first light. The throne sat in a room adorned with green silk, stones and tiles.
Someone says startling her ?Has the princess been named??
?Yes, we chose Merin. It just felt right, and her mother died in? that battle? before she told us her name, so we could not name her, and all the other names she cried when she was called them. But, this one she smiled. Which startled half the court, being she usually cried, and threw her toy gun at people when she was upset.? A young, soft voice responded?

As Abby awoke she was surrounded by, not her friends but by a young lady dressed in a pale white dress that hung over her feet.
?Merin, is that what they call you? I am your mother. I was killed in the war of the universe. And now I pass on my skill to you.? She says as she places her hand on Abby?s forehead.

?Mother what is your name?? Abby managed to say.

?Shh? That is not important, what is, is that you get my power? but I will tell you it is? my time is short. You have my power, but I cannot tell you what to do with it. You may choose.? She whispers. ?And my name is, Aki? she disappears into nothing.

?Wait mommy! Don?t go!? she cries suddenly awaking into her own room, her friends staring at her.

?Come on! Shaman King is on!? Naomi says being completely oblivious to Abby?s obvious tears.

?Hey! Can?t you see she?s upset!?!?? Sun-Ae says always being the first to care.

?Just leave me alone.? Abby says with a tone that states loud and clear ?leave-me-alone-or-DIE?. She gets up and walks towards the window, drawing out her gun. She puts it right up to the window; muscles ready to pull the trigger, then suddenly drops the gun, and starts to curse under her breath.


Megan walks over picks up the gun, and puts it on the wood desk. ?Abby are you ok??

?Yes, I just had another vision, a sad one? at least for me.? Abby mutters.

?Ok, just snap out of it, we?ve got school!? retorts Naomi, brown eyes glaring, for once actually showing feeling.

Abby walks over to Naomi and says as she walks past, ?You will never understand.? And she continues walking out the door her black purple hair flowing out behind her as if there was wind...

?Come on Sun-Ae we?re late already!? Faye yells from the door looking at her watch.

?Ok!? Sun-Ae calls as she runs after her pulling on Megan?s arm.

?Ow! Let go! I have legs I can walk!? snaps Megan as she slithers out of Sun-Ae?s grip and runs after Faye at a faster pace. She catches up to Faye, ?hey where?s Abby?? she says as she looks down the hall.

?Hm?? Faye says as she looks up from Dragon Knights 10.

?Where?s Abby?? Megan repeats with impatience, her gold eyes roll at Faye?s incompetence; Sun-Ae had just caught up with them announcing her arrival with heavy breathing.

?Oh, she walks down the hall, and out the door. And chucked the locket out the window.? Faye says looking back at the manga, hair tumbling over her shoulders.

?We better get that later.? Sun-Ae says glancing out the window to her left.

?Yup, anyway, when do you have a break? I was hoping that we could go to the library.? Faye asks with plea full eyes.

?Umm. Sixth period, so where will we meet? How ?bout in the lobby?? Megan says ignoring Faye?s eyes.

??K!? Faye and Sun-Ae respond in unison.


Abby walked down the hall to her next class, ?Assassin Skills Advanced 10?, mumbling how much she hates the world. She walked up to the door, paused, and walked in. Right away she dodged to the right, then to the left, and again to the and left. She dodged all traps that came at her in simple steps. The idea was to show that simplicity sometimes saved your life other times it did not, like if you simply stood still. She walked over to the traps and disabled them, ?no use now that they are empty.? She heard her friends walk in after her, laughing at some joke, or rather joke of a person. They all sat down in the back, giggling and talking the entire time because if they got mad, well the teachers don?t like to remember what happened last time.
Next Story: The Three Royals of the Feudal Age

I plopped down on the gnarled roots of an ancient tree. To many I would look dead or in a deep sleep never to wake up, but still that?s wasn?t true, I was wounded from a fierce battle. No, the battle was not for money, power, or control of the land but of love. And I unfortunately lost. Deeply wounded on the inside and still fighting other battle wounds on the out, I was in great pain.

?Lady Rin?? a confused fox demon questioned as she slid down the tree.

?Yes, I?m Rin? I need to find a healer? Do you happen to know, where the closest one is?? I managed to mumble.

?No, Mistress Rin, I am a fox and I have no royal blood. My healer wouldn?t be able to help you.? She replied feeling uncomfortable around one of The Royal Three. ?Oh. And be the way I?m Hideko. Ok?

?Mistress, Lady make up your mind! Now help me up and get me to the healer! Royal or not!? I let my anger control me again. I was now breathing hard.

END of today's stories.

Hope you enjoy my writing critisism is welcomed.
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