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Hybrid Realm: Genesis


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(When it comes to ratings, this story is rated PG-13 ;))

Some of you may remember this story I was writing a few months ago, but it was called My Untitled Story. Yep, I now have a title. ^^

Anyway, I created a new thread to repost the chapters, except they're now edited, and to continue the story. Oh yeah, expect this story to be a book in the future. Now enjoy the story and please go ahead and comment.



''How long has it been since I first met you? We had our own personal problems to deal with. We always wondered if the problems would cease so we could continue our journey. But sometimes our problems can intertwine with another person?s. Not only does a new journey begin, but a new friendship, a new destiny. ''

Chapter 1: Let It Begin

''My heart is alone. Friends stand by me, but for how long and how far? How loud is my voice? I'm walking in darkness, searching for my light. I want to go to see new worlds, but not alone. I guess I got to try harder.''

Suddenly, Scott heard a mysterious voice.

''How long have you been searching?'' the voice asked. ''Searching for your light?''

''Almost my entire life,'' Scott calmly responded.

''What about those you have met so far? Don't you care about them?''

''Of course I do. They might not know, but I care about them. But, for some reason, I don?t know, I?m not sure if they are my light.''

''Your heart is filled with sadness and hatred from the past. If you're not careful, it will grow and your heart will be consumed by the dark. But it is still growing with your heart growing lonely. You must look into the future and present.''

The voice vanished and Scott started falling deeper into the darkness. But Scott fell through the darkness and landed in a hall. The hall had lockers and doors that led to rooms. But the hall didn't have color, everything was in black and white. The area was familiar to Scott.

''My school,'' Scott muttered.

The voice came back and spoke.

''This is you present. You must take courage and step into the unknown. If you don't, you will stay in the darkness and it will not attack your body, but your very soul!''

Scott's heart was suddenly beating rapidly. Dark shadows surrounded Scott and they shaped into monsters. They walked closer to Scott. With every step they took, his heart began to beat faster. Scott closed his eyes and panted as he wished for the nightmare to end.

Scott opened his eyes and stopped panting. He placed his left hand on his heart.

''Take courage and step into the unknown,'' Scott whispered.

The shadows stopped in their tracks. A bright light was shining in Scott?s right hand. The light formed into a shining sword.

The shadows continued walking towards Scott. Scott turned around and lunged at the shadows. He swung his sword, which destroyed the shadows. Scott slashed his way through the horde of monsters and started running down the hall.

Scott ran into an atrium where he saw a glass door. A door he hopes that will get him out of the nightmare. Scott ran towards the door when he heard something. He stopped to listen for the sound. He heard soft cries. Cries for help.

Scott walked around to find where the cries where coming from. The cries grew louder as he walked near the glass door. Scott looked to his right, where there was his school?s shield on the floor. The crying apparently came from below the logo.

Suddenly, the shadows were heard, approaching Scott. Scott looked at the glass door, which was only a few feet away to escaping the nightmare. Then Scott looked in the direction where the crying was coming from.

Scott closed his eyes and gave a small groan. He opened his eyes and ran to the school shield. There he found a trap door, where below, Scott could find the source of the cries.

Scott got on his knees and opened the door. A blinding light flashed after he opened the door. The cries grew louder and became numerous. Scott took courage and jumped into the light.

The jump became endless and, one by one, the cries ceased. Finally, Scott landed after the final cry vanished. Suddenly, a human shadow appeared in front of Scott and it lent him its hand and whispered, ''Help me.''

But before Scott could respond, the light grew brighter.


Scott's eyes opened and he was back in reality.

When Scott woke up, he noticed he was sitting on the floor. He was in a hall of his school, not the same hall from his dream, but another one. He had his back against his locker and had a notebook filled with drawings on his lap.

Suddenly, Scott realized there was a person next to him, sitting on his knees. He was a teenager about Scott's age.

''Hey, Scott,'' the teenager said.

''Hey, Eddie,'' Scott replied, scratching his head.

Eddie Ramos was a friend of Scott's. They both met during their freshmen year of high school, which was a year ago. They're both sophomores now in their second semester.

Eddie was taller than Scott and both had black hair, but Eddie's hair was shorter.

''Were you asleep or something?'' Eddie asked.

''Yeah actually,'' Scott replied. ''What time is it?''

''Ten minutes before the bell. What the heck are you doing sleeping in the hall?''

''Actually, '' Scott moaned, ''I didn't even know I was asleep. I know I was drawing and I guess I must have spaced out and fell asleep.''

Scott kept rubbing his face and groaned. He was thinking about his dream.

''Uh, are you okay?'' Eddie asked.

''Yeah,'' Scott stopped rubbing his face and put his notebook in his backpack, which was sitting next to him.

''I just had a weird dream.''

''Really?'' Eddie asked. ''What about?''

Scott stood up. ''It was strange, I was here at the school and I was killing some monsters.''

''You're right, that is weird. What else are you doing this dream?''

''Dunno. Oh, man, I got to go. My class is in the other building.''

''Okay. Try not to fall asleep on the way,'' Eddie chuckled. ''See you later.''

Scott picked up his backpack and said bye to Eddie. He then walked through the halls.

The reason why he was sitting was because he was waiting for his classroom to be opened. The teacher always unlocked the door at ten minutes before the bell. Either that or another teacher came and unlocked the door. Scott could never really guess when the door was open, so he always waited ten minutes before the bell before he headed to class. But sleeping in the hall wasn't intended. Scott usually walks around the halls instead of sleeping in one of them.

Scott walked in another hall where an entrance to the school cafeteria was. Some of the students were wearing their uniforms and others wore black or white polo shirts. It was Friday, and on Fridays students could wear white or black polo shirts, which they could buy at the campus store, but the students still had to wear their uniform pants, or skirts if the student was a girl. They could also wear tennis shoes on Fridays. Scott was one the students wearing a black polo, and so was the girl who stopped Scott in the hall. She was a small Hispanic girl with dark brown hair that was an inch or two past her shoulders.

''Hey Ryans. Did you bring your game?'' the girl asked. Ryans was Scott's last name.

''Hey, Glori,'' Scott replied. ''Yeah, I got it in my pocket. But wait until Theology class.''

''Aww, why not now? Come on Ryans.''

Scott rolled his eyes and pulled out a transparent blue Game Boy Advance. He gave it to the excited Glori.

''Here. Give it back to me after Theology. Back in one piece, please.''

''Thanks! And gosh, Ryans, you know I?ll bring it back in one piece.''

Glori jumped a little and walked into the cafeteria. Scott chuckled for a second and kept walking through the hall.

Scott walked into the atrium from his dream where he found the trap door. He stopped and stared at the school shield on the floor. He couldn't find any sign of a trap door, but then he realized it was just a dream. But even Scott had his suspicions. That's the feeling he got since he has played a number of video games where dreams were more than what they seem.

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard and some students screamed. Scott immediately looked up and saw a group of men holding guns. The shot came from one of the men, who was pointing his gun towards the ceiling.

''Nobody move!'' the man who shot his gun yelled. ''Try anything funny and you will be shot! Don't try to escape because we got more men coming through every entrance of this school! Drop everything and put your hands in the air!'

Scott and the other students had no choice but to drop their bags and put their hands in the air. This was no dream.
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