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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's True Wrath


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Disclaimer: I don't own Legend of Zelda or anything like that I refer to in this fic. It's my story though!
Well, this is my second real attempt at a LoZ ficcie, and I think this one's probably a lot better than my first. Hero's Blade started out good, but it kinda got worse. This one, however, my friends keep on bugging me for more, so it must be a least a little good. (Or they were just trying to be nice, or they liked it 'cause they're in it!) Basically, in this fanficcie, my friends and I are at my house playing the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Wrath, and something terrible happens.
WARNING: If you haven't played Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time AND completed them, you might have some trouble understanding some of the story.
And if you like it, you should post a reply, or else I won't be able to write more, 'cause I don't want to double-post.:angel:
Last little notice: **** means the scenes switch between the game and this world.

[U]Chapter One: Into Hyrule[/U]

"Would you hurry it up, Nick! It's already 11 o' clock AT NIGHT!" Alex shouted up the stairs of her house. The teenager ran her hand through her long blonde hair and rolled her eyes at her friends slowness.
"I'm coming already! Sheesh!" Nick yelled back, carrying a huge bowl of popcorn down to his friends. :"Couldn't you just press start on that darn thing?" Nick was a scrawny kid, wiyth short brown hair and glasses that sat low on his nose. Some people said he looked a little bit like Smeagol from the Lord of the Rings movies, and he could even imitate Smeagol's voice perfectly.
"No! What's the fun in that?" Bryce replied. "Besides, with the Inverted Song of Time, it should take a while for the fireworks to begin." Nick sat down next to Bryce and passed the popcorn around. Bryce flopped down on the couch, keeping his eyes on the strange white clock on the TV screen in front of him.
"11:30!" Dannie called out, jumping up and down on her chair. Alex watched with amusement as she watched her little sister's dark brown hair fly up and down with her bouncing. Dannie was the youngest in the roup and wasn't quite a teenager.
The four friends met nearly every weekend at one of thewir houses to play video games. Alex and Bryce always brought RPFs or games like Super Smash Bros. Nick mostly never brought th4e same kind of game for two weeks in a row, but mostly brought games that inv9olved the world famous plumber Mario. Dannie was strictly a sit-and-watch game -fan. It was Alex's turn to have them at her house, so it was her turn to pick which game to play. This time, she picked their all-time favorite game, THe Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
"3...2...1..." They counted down together as Nick stuffed a handful of popcorn inoti his mouth.
"Fireworks!" Dannie shouted at the top of her lungs and grinned broadly.
"Alex! I told you not to give her too much Halloween candy!" Bryce yelled.
"I didn't !" she exclaimed. Her mouth dropped open when she looked down at the floor. A small pile of candy wrapper had fallen out of Dannie's pocket. "Dannie, did you?" The girl just stared with big eyes at the TV screen. It had gotten to the part where Majora's Mask had dumped Skull Kid and flew up to the moon.
"I shall...consume...Consume...I will consume everything!" The red-eyed moon said.
"Sounds like you, Dannie!" Nick teased.
"Relax, Dannie. Alex might not kill you this time," Bryce whispered in her ear. "She got really sick from eating too much Halloween candy yesterday. So she might not want it anymore." He grabbed the game controller again and ran througfh the field inside of the moon. On the game, Link ran up and talked to the Majora's Mask kid under the tree right off.
"Aren't you supposed to talk to the other kids first?" Alex asked.
"Yep, but I already did. I beat this game yesterday. I just thought it would be cool for you guys to see just how well I can beat Majora."
"Or how easily you can get creamed?" Dannie replied, but Bryce instantly smacked her in the face with a particularly large pillow. Dannie was always able to pull off comments no one else could think of quickly.
"Would you be quiet? This is the part where I can prove to you that I won't get whipped!"
"Do you mean that literally? I heard Majora's got some really dangerous whips," Nick said smartly. Everyone knew that it was probably true. He had read through the player's guide nearly a hundred times.

Link slowly held the Fierce Deity's Mask up. A kid wearing Majora's Mask gave it to him, so he definately didn't trust it.
"What are you waiting for? Put the mask on!" Tatl shouted.
"Sorry, I just don't trust this mask I'll bet my sword and every single rupee in the bank that this mask isn't to be trusted," Link replied quietly. ( Link speaks!!!!:faint::wow: )He stared down at the mask with his icy-blue eyes.
"You said the very same thing about the Giant's Mask, but it turned out to be good! Right?" Tatl [I]was[/I] right. The young hero had tried to defeat Twinmold without the Giant's Mask, and it took two healing fairies before he realized that he was in trouble without it. Even with the Great Fairy's Sword, Twinmold was way too latge to defeat with its immense size.
"But what is..." Link wasn't scared of the mask, he was afraid of what damage it might do if it turned out to be as evil as Majora's Mask. Even if after three days no one in Termina, except for the banker, recognised him, he couldn't let these people get hurt any more. Majora's Mask had caused enough pain to the land to begin with.
"Just put the darn thing on!" The fairy demanded. Link sighed and put the strange mask over his face. As the mask began to take over, he felt every bone and muscle in his body stretch. It was a familiar sensation, the same one that he had experienced when he was turned into a Deku by Skull Kid and when he put on the Goron, Zora, and Giant's Masks. He had a sudden urge to take off his mirror shield before it disappeared to see what the Fierce Deity would look like for himself.

"Couldn't you skip this part?" Mallory asked as the new mask cinematic started. "It looks really creepy." Bryce just shook his head and pressed one of the C buttons. He had kind of wanted to go through the entire ending without skipping anything. he pushed the joystick forward a little, and watched the next short cinematic.

The Fierce Deity gasped as the four Guardian Masks were pulled away from him and watched with curiosity as the masks of Odolwa, Goht, Gyorg, and Twinmold stuck to four of the walls in the strange, multicolored room. The sound that the masks made when they stuck to the walls reverberated through the room, waking a dormant mask.
Majora's Mask flew away from the wall it was hanging on as the spikes on its sides waved like wings. Long Mahogany tentacles slithered down to the floor and propelled it through the room. Tatl flew up to the Mask and Link swung his giant helix shaped sword at it. A white disk of energy shot out of the sword and hit Majora's Mask dead-on, destroying it instantly.

"Whoa!" Nick exclaimed. "I didn't think that the Fierce Deity was THAT strong!" Bryce looked at the TV in confusion.
"Fierec Deity Link [I]isn't[/I] that strong. Last night it took me much longer to beat just Majora's Mask," Bryce answered. Something was wrong. Defeating the first form of Majora's Mask wasn't supposed to be that simple.

"What kind of battle was that, Majora!" Link shouted as the mask floated in mid air. He was about to shout something else, but he was stopped by what Majora was doing. Long, skinny arms and legs shot out of the mask and the tentacles disappeared. A head, or an eyeball the size of a head, stuck out of the to-p of the heart-shaped mask.
"Watch out Link!" Tatl yelled, sounding almost exactly like Navi. "That's Majora's Incarnate. It likes to dance around a lot, so get it when it slows down!"
Majora's Incarnate swung from side to side, making strange noises as if counting out the beats to a song. Without warning, it took off and ran rapidly around the room, leaving dozens of zfter-images. It stopped moving around and started a steady moonwalk. (And wouldn't you know it. It's was on the moon!) The Fierce Deity just swung his sword at it from a distance and Majora's Incarnate was felled just like its last form.
"Do you give up yet, Majora?" Link asked, raising his sword at the monster.
"I will never surrender to the likes of you, Hero of Time!" Majora screamed, its voice getting strangely higher. Majora's Incarnate began to float. A pulsing song echoed through the room as every muscle in its gruesome body bulged. It head took form, actually looking like a head, but still with the single eyeball on top. It swung out its new arms and long whips took shape.
"My last forms were a mere test of your strength!
Now, feel the true wrath of Majora!"

The three teenagers and the not-quite-a-teenager stared at the screen with wide eyes and gaping mouths.
"Bryce? Did this happen yesterday? Majora's Wrath talking with a real voice and all?" Alex questioned softly.
"No. It didn't. Frankly, I've never heard any Legend of Zelda character actually [I]say[/I] anything," Bryce stuttered. Dannie grabbed one of the big, fluffy pillows from the couch and squeezed it tightly.
"Alex, that thing's scary," she said.
"It's okay. Bryce'll beat it in no time. Just like the other two," Alex replied, trying to comfort her sister.

Link shivered a little bit. Ever since that new monstrosity appeared, he had felt an evil like no other in the room. Ganon couldn't hold a match to the evil power radiating from Majora's Wrath.
"I'll get id of you just like your other forms," Link shouted as Tatl flew over to Majora's Wrath to help him target the beast, but as soon as she came within a yard of the monster, she flew back and hit the ground.
"Tatl!" Link exclaimed. He ran up to the fairy and lifted her gently into his hands. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah," she answered weakly. "Just shaken." Tatl tried to fly out of the hero's hands, but landed again with a thud. Link picked her up again and set her inside his hat.
"Looks like I'm going to beat this one the same way I beat Ganondorf," the Fierce Deity muttered to himself. "Without a fairy."
"Ganondorf. HA! Majora's Wrath laughed. "With him sealed within the Sacred Realm, now the Evil Realm, it was no hard task to claim his most prized possession!" Majora's Wrath held out his right hand, showing the back of it to Link.
Link gasped at what he saw. (Three guesses what it is!)

Bryce and his friends gasped, too. Nick was tearing up his walkthrough to the game, looking for an answer to what he saw. The walkthrough never mentioned anything about Tatl getting hurt, and then this. Dannie was covering her eyes and hiding behind the pillow. (Big, big pillow) Alex and Bryce stared at the TV screen in horror, waiting for what was sure to happen next.

Link couldn't think of anything worse than what he saw: the golden triangles on the back of Majora's hand with the top one glowing brighter than the other two.
"Being hidden away in shadows for so long is a cruel fate, but I did get to hear about the legends of the Golden Power of Hyrule, the Triforce. When I heard that Ganondorf, the holder of one of these Sacred Triangles and former King of Evil, was defeated by the young Hero of Time in an alternate timeline, I knew that I had to find this piece of the Triforce and make it mine. As you can see, I was successful in doing so and now I can get the Triforce of Courage from you!"
Link slowly began to smirk, and then began to laugh right in front of Majora's Wrath.
"I don't have the Triforce of Courage!" he laughed. "I got the Triforce of Courage when I pulled the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time and was sealed within the Sacred Realm for seven years! When Princess Zelda sent me back to my childhood, I went back in time to just before I pulled the Master Sword. Therefore, the door to the Sacred Realm was never opened and I never got the Triforce of Courage. But, changes in the flow of Time have no effect on the Sacred Realm, so Ganondorf still had the Triforce of Power!" (Thus explaining why Zelda sent Link back to his childhood, just in case someone decided they wanted the Triforce. *bows*)
Majora's Wrath growled in its high pitched voice and began to swing its wips around at Link. One of them wrapped around his feet and lifted him from the ground. The long whip retracted slightly and the other one began to whip Link hard. After Link had been beaten badly, the whip stopped lashing him, but Majora held it mere centimeters away from his face.
"You will pay! I did not go through all the hard work I slaved over to just get one piece of the Triforce!" Majora's Wrath roared. "I'll be sure to destroy every one of your little 'friends' as soon as I finish you off first!" Majora used its whip and ripped the Fierce Deity Mask off Link's face. Only then did he realize that if a mask came off fast, it hurt a lot.
"Why don't I just leave you and you pathetic fairy somewhere all alone? Somewhere that you'll never find your way out of?" Majora's Wrath chuckled evilly, and the room filled with deep purple darkness.

"That was not the ending to this game I remember," Bryce said, shivering up a storm. If it was because it was cold, or that it was a frightning new twist to the Legend of Zelda games, or both, no one could tell for sure.
"What are the possibilities? Majora's Wrath has the Triforce of Power now, so what could happen?" Nick asked, staring at the TV screen. It had turned a dark purple and hadn't changed back.
"Hey, Bryce. Maybe you should reset the Nintendo," Dannie suggested. "Maybe if you do that, everything will reset on the game and turn out right." Everyone agreed to that bit of logic, and Bryce reached out to hit the reset button. When his fingers neared, he quickly drew his hand back when he saw a spark playing across the expansion pack. As soon as the spark died down, he reached for the button again, but never even got the chance to push it down. An electrical surge shot through the room, and the kids disappeared in a flash of light.

Link opened his eyes and looked around at his surroundings. All he could see was sand, sand, and more sand. Sand in the air, sand on the ground, sand everywhere. All he could hear was the wind blowing more sand around, and the soft noise a ghost made when it was floating nearby.
"A Poe?" Link asked. He pulled the Lens of Truth out of his satchel and looked aeound. Sure enough, a lantern-carrying Poe was floating right in front of him.
"Follow me and don't be slow. I will show you the way to go," the Poe said, speaking in ryhmes. (I can't remember the whole ryhme thing...) It all seemed strangely familiar to Link.
He obediently followed closely behind the Poe as it floated over the sands. He had some trouble as it took random turns at certain points, but it went slow enough for Link to follow behind. The ghost led Link to two posts with red flags on them when it disappeared and he entered the space between the poles.
As soon as Link cleared the poles, the sandstorm died down revealing an enormous statue of a woman sitting cross-legged and holding one open treaure chest in her hands. Four words crossed Link's mind as he looked at the statue: "goddess of the sand."
It finally hit him. He was back in Hyrule!

Bryce sat up on the cold marble floor and rubbed his eyes sleepily. All of his friends were lying on the floor near him, shaking off their sleepiness, except for the girls. He crawled over to Alex and gently shook her shoulder.
"Whadaya wan' 'is erry in da' mornin'?" (Translation: What do you want this early in the morning? I really do sound like this early in the day.) she asked drowsily.
"Where are we?" Nick questioned. He was somehow able to shake off the drowiness much quicker than the others were. Dannie was just barely waking up.
"I'm not really sure," Bryce replied, sorting out his unruly blonde hair and looking around the room. It was a large room, completely made up of white marble except for a small, black limestone altar near one end of the room. The sound of a deep song echoed through the room.
"Great. The invisible man started a choir," said Alex moodily.
"Don't you recognize this place?" Dannie queried. "We've all seen this place a million times while you played the Ocarina of Time. This is the Temple of Time." The teens stared at the twelve-year old.
"Yes, this is the Temple of Time. And who, may I ask, are you?"

*massages hands* Ouch, ouch, ouch...Typing those seven lovely pages the SECOND time!!!! Ow....Well, how do you like it so far?

Majora's Wrath = :mad: :flaming: :devil: :demon: :naughty: :angry2: :cussing: :shifty: :angry3: :grumble: :bash: :blowup:
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