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The Pegasus

Guest EikoTheWolf

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Guest EikoTheWolf
Always there when I needed her most,
Not to good to give, To good not to boast
Faithfull and true, With emotions of steel
Nothing could hurt her, Not fiction or real
My little pegasus, fly like you want
My little Pegasus, Deep on the light
How I trust my little pegasus
How I want to give to thee,
The life that was never made for me.

Love Page Fairwell

My freind Sixy was banned, Guess cuz he's a little rebel. Oh well, He put this pic on a T shirt for me Last christmas, I think it really Goes with my poem. Hes always tinkering With Paint shop pro, He made like 5 different pictures from this one. They all look pretty neat. I sure do miss him. So If anyone want's somone to talk to, I am in need of friends :)
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