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Instraments of Car'e


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OKAY! I'm finally starting this thing! Heres what we got!

ArunueShekamari: Arunue Kalamara w/ Kane [flute]
[something I forgot to mention in my bio...Arunue Kalamara is a mute{she can't talk}]
Keiko: Naju Kikara w/ Laki [guitar]
K.K.C.: Kai Tsune (Kay) w/ Taorii [drums]
MGuyPersonDude: Zakoji Harutomo [sax]
...I'm hungery... :tasty:

Arunue Kalamara sat up in bed slowly. She was cold. She didn't usually get awakened in the night and she thought it unusual. But she just said to herself, [i]Oh well...I was awoken by the cold. No big deal.[/i]

She got up and looked out her window. She judged that it was about 2 o'clock in the morning by the fact that the sun was not up and it was still cool out. 3 hours until she could play her flute, Kane.

Every morning she woke up at five and played a sweet tune on her beloved flute, to coax the sun to rise, and to carry her praises from the night before up to the heavens. But she had to wait...and she couldn't get back to sleep so she decided to take a walk, taking Kane with her of coarse.

She walked down the path from her little house, all alone in a small clearing in the woods. She walked towrds where her brother was burried. When she reached his gravesite, about a 20 yards away from her house, she bent down and said a praise for him. Then she got up and looked down at the smooth wooden cross at the head of his grave that was inscripted with the name [i]Hiroshi[/i]. It looked as though a profesional craftsman had carved it and polished it, but she had made it her self. It was a beautiful peice of work and her brother deserved no less. She though, [i]After 5 I'll come back and play for you, Hiroshi.[/i]

So she countinued to walk until the sun began to peak over the trees; she began to play her flute. The sound that came out was beautiful and uncracked. As she played the sun rose and the sky brightened. She played for about an hour until the sun was fully over head then endded her song with a bright trill.

She bagan to walk back to her brother's grave thinking, [i]It's unbelievably cold today. Did I play a wrong note? Did I mess up the song? Did I play the wrong song? Damn.[/i] She reached her brother's grave once more and knelt again on the soft dirt. She played another song. a lighter one and a softer one, but just as beautiful. When she finished she laid Kane over the dirt and praised again; it was his flute after all.

After awhile she got a sinking feeling. The feeling that something was wrong back at her house. She picked Kane up and began to walk the 20 yards back to her house. She reached the edge of the clearing and ducked down under the brush. She saw someone sitting on her front porch. He was playing a saxaphone. It was beautiful music..wonderfull...just captivating. She sat there listening for a while until she snapped herself back and walked up to him. He looked up.

"Oh! I've been wating for you! I see you do have Kane! I was right! now, we need to get going but, first, do you have anything to eat?" He looked at her and she just stared.

"Do you understand English?" he asked. She nodded.

"Can you speak?" She shook her head at this question.

"Well...thats going to be hard then...by the way...my name's Zakoji Harutomo...pleased to meet you." He held out his hand to shake her hand. She did so and showed him inside.


Sorry It Took So Long But Yeah...I figured It Died...But Yeah...Arunue Kalamara Is A Mute
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/me realises that my charector Is the only guy *has mischievous look in his eyes*
Zakoji Horutomo followed Arunue Kalamara insideand took a seat on a neerby chair. "Here, you can write what you're gonna say In this." he pulled out a notepad and handed It to her.

"I trust you know the importance of your flute." he said.

She nodded then took a look at Kane. "We need to find the holders of Laki and Taorii," Zakoji stated," so you might want to pack your things. I'm going to go into town to get some things, but you can come If you want." he got up and started heading for the door.

ooc: Ill try to make these posts longer
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Naju was lying in a field on a hill that could allow her to overlook the town. Not that she even bothered to look, it just gave her comfort to know that everyone was down there and she was up here; alone. She stared up at the blue sky, then turned her head towards the sunrise and watched the sky turn purple and red.

[i]'A red sky in the morning is a sailor's warning!'[/i] Naju recalled the joke her brother always use to say when there was a red sky at sunrise. She smiled at the thought of her brother and brushed away the memory of his death that was creeping into her mind again. She looked back up at the puffy white clouds gracefully sliding along the sky at a steady, unbroken pace, their color blending with the soft blue behind. A fresh morning wind blew through the grass, making it flutter like a field of butterflies tickling her cheeks. Naju let this and the warmth of the sun sooth her. Her eyelids became heavy until they slid over her eyes and put her to sleep...

[i]Naju found herself lying on what appeared to be thin air. She got up and looked around, everything was white. An image suddenly faded in before her and she looked on to study it. There appeared to be a family of four. The brother and sister were playing on the rug near the hearth in which a fire crackled. The girl was playing on a guitar while the boy danced to the tune.
"Laki?" Naju said, studying the guitar. It suddenly came to her, "I remember this moment..." Her eyes drifted over to the man and woman.
The mother's had was on top of the father's on her shoulder. Looking harder, Naju realized there was something different about her than she remembered, she looked plumper than usual. In fact she looked... she looked... pregnant. Naju was stunned. She looked at her mother's face and found a wet stream of tears rolling down each of the woman's cheeks. She knew she couldn't take care of three children. She knew she would have to leave Naju and Retcetorp, so she wept. She cried because she didn't want to abandon them. Naju reached up to wipe her mother's tears away. But, as soon as she touched the image, it disappeared and she was surrounded in a room just like the one in the memory. Accept there was no one there and Laki sat in a corner, perfectly preserved. She walked over to the guitar and touched the neck, starting to pick it up. But the minute she touched it she remembered the morning she woke up and read the note her parents had left saying they had to leave. Then came the memories of her and her brother wandering the streets, frozen to the bone and starving. Next Naju was surrounded by fire, in the midst of the fire she could see her brother burning at the stake. She tried to run to him, but flames engulfed him and she was back on the streets, crying and struggling for life, all alone... the child on the street corner...[/i]

"Eya!" Naju said as she sat bolt upright from her dream. She suddenly realized what she had said. In her native tongue, 'eya' means 'family'. But hers was gone, and all she had left was Laki, the guitar lying next to her in the grass. That, and her sibling her mom held as a secret from Naju and her brother. That is, if the sibling's even alive.
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Arunue began to write on the note pad that Zakoji had given her and wheeled him around by the shoulder and shoved the peice of paper in his face. He took it and read: [i]I can't leave. I must play in the morning for my brother. It's a ritual I must carry out![/i]

Zakoji looked at her and asked, "Well bring your brother!" This obviously was a bad choice of words. Unfortunetly he didn't know that. She stared at him for a moment then scribbled something else down and handed it to him with a tear running down her right cheek.
[i]I can't. He's dead. It's a ritual of death that I have to carry out. I must mourn for him for three more years! Its a total of 10 years that I have to mourn. I play my flute for him in mourn because he is the only reason I play. He gave Kane to me. Kane is his. So I just can't leave.[/i]

Zakoji read this quickly and looked at her. "Oh," was all he could say.


I'm sorry its so short...yeah...now all we have to do is get KKC to post and we'll be rollin'!
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"Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you" his smile melted and a pang of guilt entered his gut.
"Ill just go to town now, maybeci can find a place to stay" he sulked off towards the door opened it and passed through.
Outside he tried to admire the beuty(sp?) of the outdoors but kept thinking about whst had happened, his guilt continued to rise. "I should keep my mind off of that for now." he told himself.
He started walking towrds town......
When we get farther Ill be able to make bigger posts
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Arunue watched him walk down the path to town. When he was out of site she slumped down in her chair and looked at Kane. [i]Damn...[/i] she thought, [i]I...I guess...he wont...Oh god Hiroshi I promise I'll come back for you![/i] Arunue snatched up Kane and ran towrds her brother's grave. She had to go down the path to town and turn off so when she turned a corner in the path she ran smack into Zakoji.

"OWW! Damn girl what? DAMN!Oww." Zakoji was examaning himself and brushing dirt off him. Bye the time he looked up Arunue had a peice of papper in his face.

[i]I'm comeing with you. But I have to go somewhere first.[/i]

"O-okay...then lets go..." He looked at her for a moment before she countinued to walk down the path. Zakoji hated the akward silence so he decided to play 20 questions.[yes or no questions obviously]

"You lived here long?"

Arunue nodded.

"All your life?"

Arunue nodded.

"With your brother?"

Arunue nodded.

"You two all alone?"

Arunue nodded.

"Were your parents ever with you?"

Arunue shook her head this time.

"Um...why not?"

Arnue wrote down: "[i]Because they ditched me when I was born.They couldnt aford it. So my brother gave them a break and stayed with me.[/i]"

"Oh...how long did you live alone without your brother?"

Arunue paused then held up 7 fingers.

"Seven years? Wow."

By now they had turned off the trail and were walking without a path to follow.

"Do you really know where we're going?"

Arunue nodded. Finally they came to a small path of soil with a cross at the head. Arunue bent on her knees and put the flute to her mouth.

She played one note, then the next 3 down, in a scale, then she played the 1st note then the 2nd then the 4th then the 3rd. She laid Kane down and kissed the soil then the cross. She got up and smiled at Zakoji as if to say, "alright lets go."


Arunue and Zakoji walked into a small town inn. Zakoji asked for a room, payed the clerk and took their key. He started to walk away but Arunue stayed at the front desk. She stared at the clerk for a moment before he finally realized why.

"Holly shit! I almost didn't recognize you a minute Arunue!" The clerk said. "How you benn doing? You haven't come down for almost 7 years! Damn you've grown, holly shit! You look like you could be Hiroshi's gilrfriend instead of his younger sister! Ha! He'd be lucky if you were! Who's this, your Boyfriend? I'f I kill him will you take me instead?" as he said this he only took about one breath. Arunue was smiling the whole time and would have been laughing so hard if she could.

"So where is the old dog, Hiro?" He was looking around as if expecting Hiro to come out of a wall and slash him in half. Arunue wasn't smileing any more.

"W-Whats wrong? Where is he?" Arunue just stared at him. "Oh...Hiro...shit..."

Zakoji walked back over to Arunue. "Come on...I don't think talking about your brother will help this." He took her arm and dragged her away from the clerk's desk, leaving him standing there speechless.


A little bit of a counfusing post...yeah...
and its spelled "beauty" MGuyPersonDude...what a weird name...
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