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Butterfly Asa: Part two


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The second installment of my short story. tell me what you think...

It was only two weeks before his death that I noticed anything wrong. He seemed more tired and sadder than any other time I had seen him. When I would ask him what was wrong he would brush me of with a ?nothing? using a small, frail voice that did not seem to belong to him at all. Thinking back on that day, I wonder why I did not probe him more, try harder to get a response. It was almost as if I had just given up on him.
The night of his death he came into my room and sat on the end of my bed. He did this when he needed to talk to me. I sat down beside and gave him a warm bear hug. He did not hug me bad. He sat on the bed looking small, frail, and more like a butterfly than I had ever seen him look like before this time. He looked up at me with those beautiful gray eyes. They were filled with tears. This time when I asked him what was wrong, he answered me with a voice that was barely more than a whisper.
?Everything? was all he said. I asked him what he meant by that and he told me he had heard mom and dad fighting and they were going to break up. He said the kids at school beat him up because he was smarter and shorter than they were, so he was beginning to fail classes so as not to be beaten. A girl at school said she had liked him but a day later said he was a little baby and she was going to date someone who was better in gym class.
I stared at my butterfly Asa. I had no idea life had been going so hard for him. He had always been a happy child not caring what others thought of him. Then I looked down at the child in my arms, my Asa, my butterfly. His world was collapsing around him and there was nothing I could do to help. I was angry. I was angry with myself, with my parents, and with the children at Asa?s school. Asa gazed into my eyes. ?Don?t be mad.? I burst into tears.
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