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RPG Final Fantasy, defendants of Gaia (sign up)


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Okay, my own FF RPG. You may start with one of the summons that are on my list, and if someone has chosen a summon, then someone else cannot choose the same summon. You may choose from these summons:

Odin (he won't have one hit kills, he will be a normal summon)

You may also have 2 basic magic attacks to start.

Okay, here what you need in your profile:

Name: Craig Kensindan
Age: 14
Height: 6'2"
Starting weapon: Gunblade
Starting summon: Bahumet
Starting magic: Bolt, Cure

Bio: His father and mother died when Craig was only a child, killed accidently by Bahumet. Bahumet saw the helpless child, and took pity upon him, and took him to safety. From then on Bahumet swore to be by his side for all time. Craig is verytalented with his Gunblade, and very intelligent, but quiet.

Description: Wears blue ripped jeans, a black vest and a black trench coat. Wears a bandana around his head. (like Ryu off street fighter). Keeps his Gunblade on a holster on his back. (like Trunks)
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Height: 6'1

Starting Weapon: LongSword

Starting Summon: shiva

Starting Magic: Ice, Cure

Bio: Comes from the north, where he found shiva materia atop the highest mountain.... he doesnt talk much...

Description: Baggy Jeans, and wears a red shirt.....
Keeps sword in a holdster on his back... (cloud... trunks...)
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Name: Forte Viro
Starting Weapon: Mecha Sword
Starting Summon: Alexander
Magic: Ultima and Cure

Bio: He was the Black Bomber until Dr.Gero infected him with Giae.. A deadly virus controller.. Forte had broken from it and destoryed him...Now he helps the weak.......

Description:" Black armor all around......Gray hands with wraps on them... He has his mecha sword at his side..
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Forte, I said basic Magic. Ultima is one of the strongest magic's in the game. Have somethind like Fire, or Bilzzard instead.

I'll start it when some more people join. If you want it to start faster, then spread the word.
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Name: Mike Stanley
Age: 14
Height: 7'
Starting Weapon: Shotgun
Starting Summon: Cactaur
Starting Magic: Haste, Reflect

Bio: Think Irvine and think Squall. Both macho and sexy (towards the girls). Typical flirting type of guy.

Description: Same as Irvine... (long hair, trench coat, leather boots, regular charmer)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Forte [/i]

I told you ,I'm waiting for more people to join before I start it up.
And you still haven't changed Ultima to something else, can you do that before I start the RPG please Forte, cause others may follow in your example.
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You may aswell have another materia, because you will collect more as we go through the game. You may aswell take another materia now, save you looking for it and finding it and stuff. Remember that all the materia we find in the RPg, we will share out, so you may find a materia you want, but because you've got more than someone else, they will have it.
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