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Always with you

Sweet Pie

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[color=darkblue][b]Always with you

"Everything was fine until [i]that[/i] day. Things never stay the
same since [i]that[/i] day."[/color][/b]

[size=1]No friends. A loner. That's me. I dry myself with the ink
towel and slip into a black T-shirt and pants.

I wore slippers because I just wanted to take a walk in the peaceful night.
The cold wind caught me. I let the light breeze blew myhair in every direction
There was a blue sea ahead, so, I quicken my steps . Whoah! Beautiful! The sand was [i]pure[/i]
white and the water was crystal clear. I sat down on the cool sand.

"Aren't you a little cold?" a masculine voice spoked from behind which [i]nearly[/i] scared me to death.

I turned around and saw a cute boy. he must have been in college bacause he was wearing a Prince Louis
College sweater. he looks like a boy from high school. Dark brown eyes and short balk curly hair. Very

"Uhm..um..uh..I'm not cold. Wha..who are you?" I asked.

He looked at me and answered,"I'm Mario. Mario Ramirez."

I laughed softly without hesitation.

"I'm very sorry, I laughed at you. Did you get your name from that vidoe game? By the way, my name is
Juliet Ishida. I'm a mix of Japanese and French." I said with a grin. I've never been this happy.

Unexpextedly, he pulled off his sweater and handed it to me. Shocked, I just took it from him and pulled
them over my T-shirt.

"We could be friends. I'm lonely. [i]You[/i] made me smile" Isaid staring at my feet, knowing that my cheecks
were burning red.

Mario's hand flung around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him. I feel so warm and protected. He sniffed
my hair. It was the first time a boy hugged me.

Playing with a strand of my hair,"I've always wanted a friend. I've always wanted a friend like [i]you[/i],

I pulled away from him a little. "Call me Julie."

His eyes bore into mine , tenderly. He looks just like a puppy who just lost his mother. Adorable. "Okay, Julie." he
said my name sweetly.

Mario pulled me closer. I could smell his mint breath. A long kiss. [i]That[/i] kiss feels like an electric current
passing through my body. I could feel it till the base of my spine.Hand in hand, he walked me home.

I felt happy in his arms.

"I'll always protect you.."he whispered in my ear. It tickles me and I giggled.

"I love you.." I purred in his ear.

He stared at me and a smile spread across his face. "I love you, too."

Since then, I've been with him for five years. I'm nineteen and Mario's three years older than me.

[b]Everything was fine until [i]that[/i] day. Things never stay the same since [i]that[/i] day.[/b]
We were driving home after dinner. The speedmetrewent up, suddenly. I got a little panic. I looked at him in the
eye,"Can't you slow down, honey?" I tried to be calm but couldn't stop my voice from trembling. He turned to me
with fear in his eyes,"The brakes not working, sweetheart."

Although in danger, he was still calm. It happened so fast that it's difficult for me to decide which one came first.
The next thing I knew, the BMW crashed something big and I was in the hospital by Mario's bed.
He [i]was[/i] badly hurt, while I had only minor cuts.

As though sensing I was there, his eyes flew open slowly. His lips shaped into a weak smile. He took my hand and caressed
the back of it,"I love you and always will. I'll be with you forver, sweetheart."

"Don't leave me, honey. I want to be with you. [i]Kimi shika iranai[/i](Idon't need anyone but you)." I said softly. Unwillingly,
hot tears rolled down my cheecks.

"I'll always be there wherever you are, Juliet Ishida, my beloved sweetheart." he said calmly and slowly. he gave me his last kiss
and..he was gone.

I stared at the beauty of the sea. Waves were dancing following a rythm. The sunset was shimmering gold.The water reflect the
colour of gold. Then, something caught my attention. A figure in my distant view. He looked familliar.

"Ma..Mario? Is that you?" I asked confused and unsure of what to do.

"Yes. It's me, sweetheart. Come with me and we'll be together, [i]ad infinitum[/i]," he said with a beautiful smile, "just follow me, sweetheart."

Mario gave me a hand. Without hesitation, I grabbed his tanned hand and folloed him. Every step I took, the water tends to get deeper.
I don't care about anything, as long as I can be with Mario, darling.

Soon, I was floating on air, leaving friends and families behind.

[i]Goodbye, for we might not meet again. Sayonara[/i][/size]

[color=coral][b]Critic & comments are welcomed.....+++[/color][/b]
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