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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shinji v2.0 [/i]
[B]If you're asking for traditional subs: My group has subbed the X OAV to DVD. Not a single subber will touch the TV Series, as we all know it'll be licensed.

For digisubs, you can find the OAV and the TV episode #1 on Win MX, or irc.enterthegame.com [/B][/QUOTE]

wow. how can i get a copy of the OVA? i'm sure it will be liscensed to, and i'm sure a group will sub the series also before its over. it takes too long for liscensing companies to get the series out because they are so worried about their precious dubbing (read: generator gawl) that i just go insane waiting. like saiyuuki-- i had a portion of the series ordered when news came out that it had been liscensed so my order got cancelled, and the dvds won't come out till next year! what a joke.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]Yea, but rules are rules. And I guaruntee that only the Digisubbers will touch the X TV series. Anyways, to get a copy of my X OAV...Hmm...talk to me on AIM...c0wb0ybebop <- first 2 o's = zeros. I havn't sent it to any distros yet, as I just completed it.
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