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If at the same level, who would win?  

  1. 1. If at the same level, who would win?

    • Goku
    • Vegeta
    • Trunks
    • Other-Gohan, Krillen, Trunks, Piccolo, ect.

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Who do you think would be stronger if they were at the same EXACT level-SSJ5? Would Vegeta or Goku win?

-On my last thread, I asked about why Earth wasn't already destroyed. I know the real Earth IS destroyed, but imagine this, Vegeta, when he was the space pirate, took over tons of planets and was no where near his strength now, yet he is still weaker than quite a bit of people. Now, if all of these guys want to destroy the universe, why not fly into space(since Freeza, Cell, and Buu could) and just blast all of the planets away, one by one?

:mad: <~~ Is he turning into a SS or is he just constipated?lol:P
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Guest Majin Gohan
Well ummm nobody is capable of going SSJ5 since it never happened. But if it were a fight with everybody at the exact same power I think Piccolo would likely win b/c of his great fighting intelligence and some very very useful techniques
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