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Anime DBZ Fanfic! Chapters 1 and 2 of shadows are here...

Guest FreeSaiyan

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Guest FreeSaiyan
Heres the first and second chapter that Ive just written. The fanfic is still at a very rough stage so it's prone to change.

Note:-This story takes place quite a distance into the future. There aren't any dbz fighters included at the moment, though Im open to ideas. The world is basically screwed. Clearly something happened that wasn't meant to in the timeline of DBZ. Where and why Ill keep a mystery for now. Enjoy! (please?)



Shadows of the Past:-Chapter One(Prologue)

He opened his eyes and looked around his surroundings. What he took in did not please him in the slightest - it brought immediate fear into him. Two figures approached with instruments that he could not begin to describe. He tried to move but he couldnt. Fixed by a force he knew not of. And then it started...

It was at precisely five o five in the morning that a human of the name of Alker was to wake up from his recurring nightmare in a cold sweat. Ever since he had been a child he had, had this dream. It had almost become a part of him. Recently the dream had gone from occuring once every couple of months to almost every night. It disturbed him greatly.

Again he opened his eyes and looked around his surroundings a secong time. It was comfortably reassuring. His room lit by the moon light was there once more. It was a room that most people would give almost anything for. But then again he reflected that wasn't surprising since his family was one of the richest in America. His father was a scientist or something for the Established World Order he reflected.

Alker was 15. An adult by three years by the EWO's reckoning and therefore capable of labour. Hah! Not many people would dare force him to work, not with his family's standing. Then again you had to have the... what's the word he reflected...peasants to do the simple tasks and the people at the top reaping the benefits. That's the way it had almost always been, well almost anyway.

He dragged himself out of bed and swore when he noticed a bruise on his arm and chest. Hadn't he told his minder to stop him fighting if he got too drunk. Alker wasn't actually too bad a fighter. He had a knack for fighting and would probably be enlisted for training by EWO if he wasn't who he was. Smirking to himself he could still remember his father's astonishment when he had brought home a ki reader from the research laboratory. Out of interest he measured himself and announced he had a reading of 45. Sure he trained as a hobby, but 45 thats 9 times the normal strength of about 5. His father's face! He smirked again. He looked at the bruises in the mirror again. Alker was about 6ft and was considered good looking with his short dark hair and piercing green eyes.

Maybe one day he'd train properly, but hey life was good. Why fix what ain't broke? Besides he was determined not to become as demented as some fighters got-training all day and night 7 days a week. Ridiculous! He lay back down onto his bed and tried to get back to sleep this time.

It wasn't long before he was woken again, but for an entirely different more real reason. It was 6 o clock that he heard a commotion downstairs and made out the voices.

"You are to come with us for detention. Any resistance will result in your immediate termination. Are you clear?", boomed the first voice of a mettalic quality.

What? Alker thought furiously. Two androids sent to detain us? Us? US? Heads would surely roll in the morning when they realised the mistake they'd made. But... But what if? He refused to think of the alternative.

"Its the boy isn't it? You won't get him. You'll have to go through me first"

"Gladly", the robot remarked.

Alker heard a smash, a yell in pain and then silence. **** **** ****. This was not happening to him. Was his father okay? He had to be. He jumped out of bed and raced downstairs to see...

"Dead!", he rushed over sobbing,"You...you..you monsters, do you know who we are!" he screamed in anger.

"Alker residence, classification code As1433546", the android almost smirked, "You are to come with us to be detained"

Alker looked at his dead father again, saw a gaping hole in his stomach and was violently sick.


"You have ten seconds to comply or force will be use...", the leading robot didn't finish as Alker charged him, only to be grasped by two arms at what seemed like impossible speed.

"You..YOU!", he yelled, trying to break free. It was all in vain, as he struggled desperately against the impossible grasp.

Alker was taken out of the house that he had lived in for 15 years, out of his life and tossed into a detention van. As the van began to speed away rapidly to god knows where, Alker felt a short sharp pain which quickly stopped any resistance, no matter how futile, and sent him into a deep sleep.

"Oh shi...."


Chapter Two

It was the same old dream all over again.
One exception.
It wasn't a dream.
Oh crap.

Alker suddenly woke up. Where was he? A featureless small cramped room. Uh not his bedroom at all. What was that low rumbling noise? He peered out of the window beside him.

Then it hit him.

"No!",he sobbed quietly to himself,"No,no,no,no,no. This does not happen to me. How can it?"

His sobbings of despair were rudely interupted by what seemed to be something of a commotion outside.

"Stop! You are to be detained under section D9..."

"Well, well, if it isn't two androids. I'd be willing to bet that you're D classes at the best. Am I right?"

"No questions permitted human. You have ten seconds to respond"

"I tire of this - seems to me that you need reprogramming. My tools are rather blunt, but I think they'll have the desired effect"

He's so dead, Alker reflected.

And with that the commotion turned into a fight. Alker strained his neck so that he could just about look through the window beside him. It was night and they were no-where. No-where being just grassland. He couldn't even see any roads.

There were fights and then there were 'fights'. This was a 'fight'. The 'deadman' sprang at the android with absurb speed. Amazingly he missed. Alker rubbed his eyes - how? It just vanished! He turned 180 degrees as if sensing something, but was too late to decently block several blows that came his way.

"Zero... And now your termination human"

Wow! It hadn't even been trying up to now.

"Careful Ferefire, it's a B class!"

Alker had studied robot classes before. A C class was equivalent to a ki level of about 100 and a B class of 1000. One thousand! Only a robot could have an equivilant ki that high! In addition the second android hadn't even made a move to get involved, as if sensing that the fight would soon be over.

"I can handle an A class if I wanted to Alec, so stay outta this!", the voice of Ferefire yelled back.

Alec drifted down beside Ferefire. Drifted? To fly like that would require a power level of at least 300 Alker estimated.

"I'm helping", Alec stated simply.


Alec dropped next to his companion. Despite Ferefire's protestations, Alker sensed that he was secretly relieved that his what seemed to be friend had come to his assistance.

With that the second android joined the fight. It seemed that Alec's apperance had unnerved the androids (if that was possible) somewhat.

Alec flew at the first android and landed two solid blows to it's torso before it managed to put up a decent defence, having been lifted up into the air with the impact. Promptly Alec disappeared and reappeared above it, before smashing it down two fisted to ground.

The android was wrecked.

It was that short and simple. Impossible! Alker was astonished at what he was witnessing.

Ferefire was having a tougher time with his oppenent, the B class. Instead of a physical he had decided to attack by concentrating his ki into a beam and firing it by what Alker could make out. He wondered if the words which accompanied it was strictly necessary or just for show.


The android paused before raising it's hands and seemed to draw in the power.

"Ferefire! You that energy attacks are just absorbed, so why bother?!?"

"He won't be able to absorb this one"

The faint white aura suddenly began to surround Ferefire. For the moment it seemed that he was going to put everything into this one shot.

"NO! FEREFIRE!", yelled Alec. He sped toward the android and landed a solid blow to it's head from behind. The android turned to retailate, before it realised it's fatal error.


The beam flew at the android and hit it in the back, totally destroying it.

"You know that really wasn't necessary Ferefire"

"Shut up. Lets go and get the boy before they send in some serious fire power"

The door to his compartment of sorts was opened. For the first time Alker could see the warriors properly. Ferefire was about average size, sporting parted dull-blond hair, whereas Alec was massive-about 6 to 7ft at least, with long darker hair, tied back into a ponytail which went down to his waist.

"You saved me!", Alker exclaimed , 'you were amazing. How..."

"Shut up privildged boy", Ferefire interupted, "Do you think were doing this for you because of your family's position? Listen to this- we hate you. You think it's fair how we live don't you.."

"Leave him Ferefire, he's been through enough today as it is. Listen kid it's okay. You can trust us were here to help you. Will you come with us?"

Ferefire undid his bonds. Alker stood up shakily.


What other choice did he have?


"Put your arms round my neck and hold tight", Alec informed.

"Oka...", Alker began, and then stopped and yelled. The sudden acceleration from the ground to the air absolutely terrified him., "AHHH!"

"Just our luck we had to rescue a whuss"
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Guest FreeSaiyan

He opened his eyes and looked around where he was. What he saw absolutely terrified him and brought immediate fear into his heart.

"No...", he whisphered.

Two figures, their faces shadowed came toward him. He knew, just knew that they were evil. He had to get away. He couldn't. Couldn't even move.

"It's time", they approached him with those hideous instruments they had used so many times before. This time would be his last he could sense it. For all the wrong reasons.

Alker woke up screaming.

Where was he. Thank god! He was with what's their names - Ferefire and Alec flying 400 feet up. In comparision to his dream, this was nothing now.

"Hah! Well, well. The whuss has awoken", came the voice of Ferefire.

"Ahuh...", Alker sweated. He was already beginning to form an intense dislike of Ferefire. Obviously the feeling was mutual.

"How much longer, Alec?"

"We're almost there", he yelled over his shoulder.

Almost. Almost. Alker wondered when this hell would end. Probably with his death the way things were going. For some reason that he didn't have a clue, he was now a fugitive. His father, he forced back a tear - he didn't want Ferefire to have a go at him again, was murdered for no reason, trying to protect his son. For the first time in his life, Alker began to question the state that everyone lived in. It worked, sure, but was everyone happy. Far from it. Almost everyone except for him were miserable, condemned to being almost slaves from birth. Alker had no doubt whatsoever that if he hadn't been rescued when he had been, that he would have spent the remaining few years of his life slaving away as well.

It was crazy. With automated machinery, why bother with slavery? For the first time in his life it struck him. They, the EWO, liked people to suffer, as if it were their natural state.

"I'm so sorry. I never realised", Alker whisphered to no-one inparticular.

Thats the end of the updated two chapters. Im not sure if im that good at fight scenes so could I have some feedback please!
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