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Writing Adumreb Elgnairt: In the beginning...


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This is about a boy and his friends who find out of a hidden medeival world with magic and swords. They may face many dangers and come to realize that they are not meant to be here. They discover in the world that humans live together with fairies and dwarves and many other creatures. Though it [i]is[/i] a hidden world so these people do not know of any other place except this world called... Adumreb Elgnairt.[/size]

[center][b][u]Adumreb Elgnairt[/b][/u][/center]
[b]Chapter 1[/b]

"Matt... Matt..." the sweet voice of Matthew's mother awoke him from his sleep.

"Aww.. school already?" said Matt as he got out of bed.

"No. It's saturday and you said you were going to your friends today." replied his Mother as she walked out of the room. Matt nodded and closed his door getting ready to get changed. He opened his closet pulling out a white T-shirt with a large red star on the back. He put it on and then pulled out some long, black, baggy shorts. He grabbed his favourite white visor and pushed it on through his shaggy, dirty blonde hair. Matt stood at about 5"9.

"Mom! What's for breakfeast!?" yelled Matt as he slid down the stairs.

"Pancakes! You better hurry! Your going to be late!" yelled back his Mom. He walked into the room. That's right, he thought. Just recently Matt had won a free vacation to a surprise place. He was able to bring two friends. It was an amazement his parents had let him go...

After scarfing down his breakfeast and kissing his mom goodbye, Matt head out the door towards his best friend's house. Cody and Sakura were waiting for him there. So he finally made it to Cody's house and walked in without knocking. He saw Cody's Mom come down the stairs.

"Hi Mom!" said Matt, jokingly. Matt, Cody and Sakura always called eachother's parents Mom or Dad since they were like their second parents anyways.

"Hello, Matt. They're downstairs I believe.. Excited?"

"Very. I have my suitcase here aswell, we're going to walk to the airplane." said Matt, lifting his suitcase and heading downstairs.

"Heey! Ready to go you guys?" said Matt as he entered the basement. They already had their suitcases and lifted them up.

"Yeah, it shouldn't be much of a walk..." said Sakura. She stood at 5"8. She had long chocolate brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a white t-shirt covered partly by an open baby blue jacket accompanied by her usual blue jeans.

"So let's go!" exclaimed Cody. He stood at 5"11, the tallest of them all. He had short brown hair and blue eyes whoes matched Matt's exactly. He wore a red t-shirt with a black chinese dragon on the front and red cargo pants.

The three of them walked up the stairs and out the door. After what seemed like ages they made it to the plane that was taking them to their vacation spot.

"I don't trust that thing one bit." said Cody. Neither would you if you could see it. It was a small white bi-plane with scratches all over it. When the kids entered it, it only had 2 rows of seats, not including the pilots seat.

"Kinda uncomfortable. Well it said that the trip is gonna take a long time so I'm gonna go to sleep. Everyone agreed and eventually fell asleep after the roaring of the engine slowed a bit.
"WAKE UP MATT!" Cody was yelling in Matt's ear. He shot up like a rocket. There was bad turbulance. The plane was going to crash.

"This isn't happening... this isn't happening." Sakura was curled in the corner of the plane mumbling stuff.

"Pilot, isn't there anything you can do!?" But when Matt looked to where the pilot would be sitting, he was gone, with the parachute.

"That Scum-sucking--" Matt was cut off by a white light in the distance. All three of them looked at it. It was blinding but beautiful. Then as the light got closer they couldn't see anything except white. The all fainted.
Matt was the first to open his eyes. He felt sand between his fingers. He was on somesort of beach. He struggled to get up but eventually managed to stand. Sakura and Cody had just gotten up awell, no one was hurt.

"Where the heck are we..." asked Matt. He saw the bi-plane, it was burning.. or what was left of it. All their suitcases were in there too.

"Crap!" yelled Cody as he fell top his knees. "We're stranded on some island and no way of getting out of here!"

It was true. The best they could do is start to build a shelter...
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