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[SIZE=1]I'm posting this message to if anyone has heard of the band Cursive or if you haven't, to get the word out about this band.

Cursive is a "local" type band that is just recently gaining national acclaim even though they've made several albums and have been together as a band since 1995. They were formed in Omaha, Nebraska where I'm from so they hold a special little place in my heart. ;) Another band that had formed in Omaha is the more popular 311, just to give you an idea of our little big city here in the middle of the country. A lot of good new music is starting to form up here in Omaha, so keep your eyes peeled for new and upcoming bands to hit the scene straight from the midwest.

Anyways, I really like the sound Cursive uses to get their point across because it is a rarely used combination in todays modern rock genre. They have their basic drums, guitar, and bass but they add a couple extra flavors in the use of a cello and organ. Yep, they've got a nice stringed instrument there as well as a keyed instrument that gets very little use outside of churches these days.

Their sound is one that is kind of like a mix of harder rock with the smooth sounds of strings and is almost a sound that demands you to listen. It's very good to listen to and seems to fit it with more musical styles rather than the huge amounts of clones that are popping up nowadays that just copy a sound and add their own gimmick to make it unique. These guys have a lot of emotion going into their lyricism and in my opinion, these guys are the real deal.

A very solid band in every aspect from vocals to instrumentation to songwriting to style, Cursive should at least be sampled by fans of all genres of music. Their latest album, The Ugly Organ, has recieved rave reviews and is worth the investment to buy and hear it.

I like them a lot, just wondering if anyone else here has heard of them and if you have, what you think of them.[/SIZE]
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