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RPG Grave Dance


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[COLOR=deeppink]Yu walked on the muddy ground it had just stopped raining and the soil was wet and easy to dig. In his right hade he clutched a shovel in his left a bag. He was a grave robber. He had to; it was the only thing he was good at. But this was this first time at the Cherry Blossom Graveyard, and he thought something was wrong, which it was. In the wind he heard children?s laughter, and in the drops of water from the trees he saw the faded faces. But he had no choice; he had to steal something valuable. He felt a hand on his shoulder; he flung around, no one. He continued walking only stopping to tie his shoe. He heard the laughter getting louder and once again felt a hand on his shoulder. He put his had where he had felt it, something moist, not solid, like steam, only thinner, yet with more feeling. He moved his hand around feeling only to discover it was the shape and size of a child?s hand. He turned around and saw 5 ghostly figures. He ran, ran as fast as he could, and even faster as the ghosts became clearer. A thick mist appeared and blocked his way out. He could no longer see what was ahead, he blundered around, trying to find the fence, only to fall, fall into darkness forever.

Kagami drifted over to his lifless body, "Idiot, this is our graveyard, and you were stepping on my friend's grave, how nice of you." she glared at the corpse. "That's why your gone."[/COLOR]


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