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Writing Trigun fanfic


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okay! this is not mine..its actuallyfrom a picture on of my friends drew and I'm making a story to go along with it. anything that is in *these things* is part of my friends picture. DDR zyger I want that picture scanned and put up here tooo-- oops.............we have the picture dont we? oh well we'll send it to you and you cant scan it. sorry. my scaners broken^^


A little 4 year old girl sat in the grass, on a beautiful summer's day. She loked as though waiting for someone. She was smiling and picking white dasies. She then heard singing behind her.

"If you'll be my daisy I'll be your sunshine,
I'll help you grow up big and strong!"
The little girl turned around to see a young man in a blue suit standing behind her. She rushed up to him. "Oh! Mr. Wolfwood your hurt!"

Wolfwood tilted his head as to ask "huh?"

"Your wings! Your wings are gone! Did it hurt?" The little girl cried pointing to wolfwood's back. "Oh! My wings. I still have them but they can't be visible now okay?" Wolfwood said kneeling down and pating her on the head.

"Oh. Why not?" She asked counfused, with that little inocent tone.

"Its nothing, Jess. Never you mind." Wolfwood got up and held out a hand. "Care for a walk?" He asked. little Jess took his hand and they walked down the side of the road.

After a few minutes Jess stoped and tugged on Wolfwood's shirt. "Can I tell you something Mr. Wolfwood?" she asked in that same inocent tone.

"Go right ahead." Wolfwood said as he smiled.

*Jess straightened herself out and looked up at Wolf wood. "I know little girls arn't suposed to fall in love with Angels, but Mr. Wolfwood, I think I have!"*

Wolfwood leaned down and hugged her. "I love you too Jess."


^^ so sweet isn't it? there is another picture and another half of the story. but I don't remember what exactly the dialog was...so I'll ask DDR Zyger [whom drew them] And I'll get the second part up. =^-^= Coments so far?
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