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Anime The Immortal Question Of Yyh Fans

Guest Kirby3157

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*blinks* [i]Another[/i] one?

Welcome to OtakuBoards, Kirby3157. If you had read our [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/rules.php?]rules[/URL], you would have known not to create such a spammalicious topic. OB does not allow favorites threads, as they're unable to generate the kind of quality discussion that we're constantly striving to create.

Don't use 'Net abbreviations (i.e. "btw"), and try to write meaningful replies--rather than one or two line posts that tell us absolutely nothing about Hiei, Kurama, or the show from which they originate. Thank you very much.

And as I told the last person who started a Hiei vs. Kurama topic, Kurama is [i]much[/i] cooler. ^_~

Thread closed. "Immortal question" indeed....

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