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Writing Half Breed (A Poem)


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It's been a while since I've written something post worthy, but I churned out this poem today, and I want to hereeveryones thoughts. And please, be brutal. I strive to get better. :) (Note that the format has been skewed a bit as I copied direct from MS Word, but not a whole lot)


Half Breed

Seventeen years past
I look at my life
I was so tired of being all alone

I remember my momma always told me to be strong
And that someday I?d find a place where I belong

Take a step back
Fall into my shoes
And see what I did wrong

Somehow I ruined my life
From the moment I was born?

[I]Half Breed[/I]

They called me
Hurling rocks at my feet
Chasing me down the sidewalk
And on to the street

What did it mean,
What did I do?
I would quickly find out
And not a moment to soon

[I]Half Breed[/I]

I remember running up to my momma
On a hot summer day
My arms were cut and bled
And my shirt was all red

As she cleaned me up
And put me down
I hugged her tight
And asked:

?Momma, what?s a half breed??

She couldn?t answer
All she did was cry
Hold me tight
Don?t let go tonight

It was then I learned
About the hand I was dealt
I was a demon
And pain was all I felt

Half Lorien, half human
Shunned by both
And accepted by none

Except for my momma,
Dear sweet momma,
She loved me from the day I was born
Half this half that, didn?t matter to her
She loved me
And that?s all that mattered
In heaven, hell, or earth

[I]Half Breed[/I]

I pulled away
Struck it out on my own
I was tired of being all alone

Wherever I went,
It seemed
I was blamed for terrible deeds.
Should I pass through town
People ran like I was the plague
Though I would never touch a hair on their crown

In search of others like me
From the chains of loneliness
I wished only to be free

I remember my mommas words:
Be strong
Hold on
And you?ll find a place where you belong

But my strength was fading
And my grip was loose
Then someone appeared
And offered a truce
Pretty face
Dark blue eyes
Fragile little body
That cringes when she cries

For once,
Someone wasn?t looking down on me
Wasn?t picking on me
Was actually looking at me with warmth

She said I must be cold
And I have to come inside
For fear that out here I may die

She held me tight
And all those bitter feelings were gone
And for once
I wasn?t all alone

All my life people picked on me
Tormented me
Because I had committed the sin of being born

Understanding is a state of mind
If your different
If you feel like you done something wrong
And you just want to belong
Just remember that you?re not alone.

Just be strong
Hold on
And you will find somewhere you belong

I did, and look at where it got me.
Now I am proud to say:
I?m a Half Breed.


Hope you enjoyed it!
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