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RPG Trigun: Death of the Stampede

Guest Vashdastampede

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Guest Vashdastampede
This is an online series of stories, all which end up to the death of Vash the Stampede and the rest of the team. If you would like to help create an episode email me @ [email]gamemasta@email.com[/email] or A.I.M. me at mangamasta123. Thanks in advance.
Vash da Stampede

"Duuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!" Yelled the man in red as he knocked the other man out of the way, a bullet grazing his ear. The two men jump behind a table, guns drawn. "Thanks" says the man, pausing to fire over the table and then ducking back to reload. Bullets whiz past them, bursting through the table. All of the sudden, a black haired woman burst through the door with two double-barrled derringers in each hand. The woman unloads all of the derringers in mere seconds in mid air while diving behind the table. The woman reloads and shoots again. What is the target you ask? It is a single blond haired man.This man, named Million Knive, happens to be the man in red, named Vash,Vash the Stampede, or even sometimes "The Huminoid Typhoon.". This man, is so famous, that they have put a $$60,000,000,000 bounty on his head. Why you may ask, this man, blew a hole into the moon! How? No one knows. But they are peeved at him for it. The other man was Nicholas Wolfwood. This man, suprisingly, is a traveling priest. He had met Vash on his travels and they decided to stick together. The woman was Meryl Stryfe or as some people call her Derringer Meryl. Her guns may not pack as much of a punch as Vash's but they are still very accurate and she never has to worry about losing them because she keeps hundreds of them in her coat. She is an insurance agent who was trying to sell Vash insurance and got tangled in his adventure. All of the sudden, a blond woman burst through the door carrying a huge stungun which she shot at Knives. The bolt from the stun gun pins him against the wall. This woman is Milly Thompson or as some call her "Stun Gun Milly". As soon as the bolt pinned Knives against the wall the entire group ran towards him. Without warning, smoke poured out from around him. When the smoke cleared ... he was gone. "Dang" said Wolfwood,"We almost had him." T.B.C.

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