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Iron Jawed Angels


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[color=darkorchid]This documentary/movie has been out on HBO for almost two weeks, but I haven't seen a thread on here about it yet so I decided to go and make one myself.

The term Iron Jawed Angels comes from one of the names these women were given by newpaper reporters Iron Jawed Angels is about the woman's sufferagist movement from 1917-1918 when Alice Paul and Lucy Burns came from England to America to help with getting women the right to vote. They end up causing a rift in the first women's organization and start their own instead. Mainly due to wartime and the fact that some women wanted to stay out of the war and others wanted to help.

The story also centers around when these women were rounded up for protesting outside the White House and wer arrested on Trumped Up charges of Blocking traffic and causing a disturbance. They were denied a right to a trial by their peers and sent to OCcoquan WOrk house in Virginia where alice PAul began a hunger strike. (they show this in the movie as well as the )part of her being force fed.

I've seen this movie twice and was impressed with the accuracy in which it was portrayed along with the cinematography (is that teh right word?) and the costumes. If anyone else has seen this movie, I'd appreciate your veiws. Personally, it makes me want to get my butt out and vote this November.[/color]
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