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[COLOR=Teal]Coje was asleep in a tree. He has taking his usual every-five-minute nap. Coje?s laziness far passed his ability to listen. His mother had just got done telling him to help his sibling and cousins with the chores, yet he blows it off. Suddenly Coje heard a scream. It sounded like his little sister Mika and it had came from the Sacred Shrine. Coje sprang up and jump out of the tree. He then took off through the woods.

?Mika,? Coje thought to himself as he quickly ran through the woods, ?You?ve better not have done anything to those stupid jewel shards.? As Coje thought about what Mika could?ve done, he growled. His fangs showed slightly after a faint growl.

In a few seconds, Coje was at the Sacred Shrine. He slowly walked inside. He spotted his little sister on the floor crying. He then looked at the spot where the Shikon Jewel was supposed to be. A horrified look crossed Coje?s face.

?What happened to the Shikon Jewel Mika,? Coje questioned as he walked up to Mika. Mika looked up at Coje. Her eyes were filled with tears. Coje shook his head and spotted his father?s staff leaned up against the wall. He went to walk over to it, but Mika grabbed his robe.

?No Coje,? Mika cried as she hugged her brother?s leg, ?please don?t go over there!? Coje looked down at his sister, bent down, and hugged her. Mika gripped the back of Coje?s robe. Coje noticed that Mika had their mother?s sword at her side. He started wondering what was going on.

?What happened Mika,? Coje asked with a puzzled look. Mika started shaking her head. She apparently didn?t want to say anything. Coje grabbed her shoulders and made her look at him. His blue eyes were flickering. Mika looked away just as the shrine?s door flew open. Koal and Karver were standing in the doorway. Coje rolled his eyes as the twins walked in.

?That?s a good question,? Koal said as he looked Coje. Coje growled and stood up. He had his hand on his Holy Beads. Koal placed his hand on his sword. Mika quickly placed herself in front of Coje and Karver did the same with Koal.

?No Coje,? Mika said again, ?I tell if you two don?t fight.? Coje took his hand off the beads. Koal took his hand off his sword. He looked at Karver. Karver shrugged her shoulders. Coje glared over at her. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Karver?s face.

?What are you??.,? Coje was about to ask before he got cut off by someone running into the shrine. Actually more then one person ran in. Mar, Ummei, Sky, Fuji-Iro, Sumie, and Iya all ran in. They all looked startled. Koal looked over at all of them.

?What?s going on,? Koal asked as he looked at his half-brother, Mar. Mar walked up to Coje. Coje looked at him. They both had really stern looks on their faces. Koal shifted his weight as he looked at the two brothers.

?Something happened,? Mar said with a icy glare, ?The sky turned black and we heard Mika scream.? Coje nodded and looked over to the holding place for the Shikon Jewel. Everyone?s face grew glum. Iya quickly pushed her cousins apart. She stared at the holding place.

?No,? Iya said with a slight sob, ?our pretty jewel is missing.? Mika put her head down and quickly lifted it up again. Something had made a noise outside. Coje and Mar looked at each other and then at the door. All of the kids quickly ran outside.

OOC: ShadowSword has plan for this next part, so could you guys let him post next. You can post after him alright. ^_^;[/COLOR]
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[color=navy]OOC: Thankies JoyKaiba! :huggles JoyKaiba: :clears throat: That was a little non-eighteen. Anywho, here I go!

As the group of kids piled out of the shirne, Keno stood in front of them. He was twirling a non-complete Shikon Jewel around his finger. His sister, Zsuzsanna, and his brother, Nino, were standing behind him. Some spirit like figures were behind Zsuzsanna. Keno looked at Coje as he stopped about two feet away from him.

"Who the hell are you," Coje yelled as he looked at Keno, "and what are you doing with the Shikon Jewel!" Keno shook his head and started laughing. Mikaq hugged Koal's arm. Koal looked at Keno and growled. The small group of half breeds were kind of scared.

"I'm Keno," Keno said with a wild grin, "and these are my siblings, " Zsuzsanna and Nino. We're here on behalf of Naraku and Kikyo." Coje growled under his breath and looked ready to fight. Everyone ran up to Coje's sides. Coje grinned as he looked at everyone.

"Your out numbered ten to three," Coje said with a grin. Keno shook his head and took a step backward. Zsuzsanna stepped foward. Everyone looked at her as she made a strange hand motion.

"I don't think you wanna harm us," Zsuzsanna said with an evil grin. The group lowered their guard as seven spirits appeared behind Zsuzsanna. The spirits belonged to Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Crystal, Sesshomaru, Sango, and Kuoga. Coje looked totally stunned. Koal growled louder as Mika gribbed onto his arm more.

"What did you do," Koal demanded. Zsuzsanna shook her head and looked over at Keno. Keno had a smirk across his face. He was going to enjoy telling these kids the truth.

"Your parents and the Shikon Jewel belong to us," Keno said with a slight laugh. Nino looked over at him. Keno looked pleased with his work as he disappeared into the shadows. Zsuzsanna and Nino quickly followed him. Coje was about to get after him, but Mar and Karver grabbed him.

"I think we have a major fight on our hands," Koal said as he looked at Coje. Coje shook his brother and half-brother off. He nodded and walked back toward the shrine. He was going to get his father's staff. It might prove to be handy.[/color]
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Ummei tilted her head to the side; she had no clue what was going on. She hoped someone would fill her in on it.

She tapped her ears, meaning, ?tell me.?

Coje looked worried, Mika looked upset, and Mar was astonished. She looked at he half-siblings, they were upset too.

?Why?? Ummei thought.

[Edit (Adding this in)]

Fuji-Iro was looking at every one. "Stupid, idiots! And right beforew my birthday too! [censord]!!!" She cursed. "I hate those idiots! [more censordness]!" She growled. SHe stomped off to find her flute and dagger.


Sorry, short... bord, no idea where I am...

Oh, yeah, and Ummei tends to space out at dire moments. Just tellin' you.

Oh, and before I forget, Fuji-Iro, now has a dagger... She just seems puny without one.
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[color=silver]Sumie gasped a bit when she heard her little sister cussing after every sentence. But she just couldn't blame her but didn't ever want to hear those words comming out of her sisters mouth. She ran after her sister, trying to catch up to her so she could ask her one improtant thing. Finally catching up to her and grabs the boomerang. Asking her sister quickly [B]"What would mother think if she heard you talking in such ways?"[/B][/color]


[COLOR=SlateGray]Zsuzsanna stood behind her brothers, looking at the souls that were there, laughing a bit to herself. She knew mom and dad would be very proud of them now if they could see them. [B]"So...are we fighting them...? Becuase you know they're going to come for these." [/B] Her crimson eyes glittering some as she smiled evily to them.[/COLOR]
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"Well mother's not here is she?" Fuji-Iro retorted. She walked into the house, continuing on her quest to find her flute. After almost tearing the house apart looking for it she finds in, on her counter. She walkes outside to see her siblings all talking. She joins them.

"So, yeah, I found my flute... Can we kick their sorry [censored]'s now?" Fuji-Iro grins, she has been waiting to kill somthing.
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[color=red]Sky looked at his little sister. With her searching for her flute gave him an idea. He quickly ran into the house. He started tearing the house apart as well. Sumie was ashamed of her big brother and little sister. Fuji-Iro was standing next to Sumie. She was wondering what Sky was looking for.

"Found it," Sky said from inside the house. Both Sumie and Fuji-Iro wondered what Sky found. They both looked at him as he ran out of the house. He had their father's sword swung over his shoulder. Both girl looked horrified.

"Are you nuts," Fuji-Iro yelled as she looked at Sky. Sky shook his head and swung the sword around in front of him. A slight stream of golden glitter was left behind. Shy grinned at his sisters.

"Dad's been teaching me how to use this, so I'm going to use," Sky said as he looked across toward the shrine. Coje had just walked out of the shrine, swinging his father's staff around his head. Sky shook his head and put his sword away. Fuji-Iro and Sumie shook their heads and headed back toward the others.[/color]


Koal looked highly upset as Mika still clinged to his arm and Karver stood next to him. He had his fist clinched. His father was visting just to let Karver see her mother and to give Koal his sword. Koal could really care less about his father though. He was worried about his mother. He turned and looked at Mika. Mika looked up at him and let go of his arm.

"You ok Koal," Coje asked as he placed the staff on the ground. Koal shook his head and turned his back to Coje. A tension mark appeared on Coje's forehead. He hated it when people did that to him.

"I say we go after them now," Koal said with a slight growl in his voice. Coje shook his head and crossed his arms. Mika looked at her brothers. She hated it when they fought. One of them always came out injured and was usually Coje. Karver looked at Mika. Mika shrugged her shoulders.

"I say we wait for everyone else," Coje said with a slight growl. Koal quickly turned around. He stared his half-brother in the face. Coje didn't budge. He wasn't scared. Koal let out a growl and sigh.

"Fine," Koal said as he glared at Coje, "we wait." Coje nodded and looked at his other siblings. Mar was looking for his pole and helping Ummei find some of their dad's spells and incarnations.
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OOC: Ok, I updated my little thing in recruitment. And...I thought I should let you all know that.... Karver IS A GIRL!!:D yeah, kinda not a girl's name, but hey, it's ok.


Karver looked at Mika, Coje, and Koal. She narrowed her eyes. "Fine. You all can wait for the others. I'm going [I]now[/I]." She didn't wait for them to speak, and instead, leaped into the trees and ran, quicker than lightning.

Her thoughts were on her father... [I]Did someone in our pack ally themselves with the children of Naraku and Kikyo?[/I] she wondered. Perhaps those rebelling in their pack had really wanted to rid themselves of Kouga, the leader of the pack... Or was it just because those three, evil children were feeling bored? She felt herself bite her lip in anger...those kids...were going to get it...

At this point, Karver could care less about the Shikon Jewel, or her mother. [I]Kouga[/I], she vowed silently, [I]I'll find you, and I'll rescue you[/I]. As she raced among the trees, her nose and ears pricked on Zsuzsanna's scent, a last thought came to her. [I]I'll find him...or I'll die trying...so those three better not get in my way, those filthy b*******.[/I]
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[color=silver]Sumie looked at her older brother and shook her head not beiliving him at all. She thought that he had inherited traits like their uncle Inuyasha. She was ashamed of them for tearing through the house like they did, cuasing a huge mess that she would have to be the one to clean it up becuase they didn't seem to do their share of the choirs.

[B]"So...what do you guys really plan to do when we meet up with those three again?" [/B] She needed to know the plan and understand what her part in it was. [/color]


[color=slategray]Zsuzsanna leaned against a tree listening to her brothers talking about something senceless to her. Her ears twitched a bit and lifted her head up, openeing her golden eyes. She turned to her brothers and spoke softly.

[b]"One of them are comming...alone. Do either of you want to take her on?"[/b][/color]
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"I'll take her," Nino said as he steped foward. Zsuzsanna looked at Nino and nodded. She stepped back as Nino moved in front of her.

"Show her that she doesn't know who she messing with," Keno said as he looked at his little brother. Nino nodded and looked toward the woods. He heard Karver coming. He was about to give her a fight she would never forget.


[color=hotpink]Iya was getting a little worried. Suddenly her little brother, Shyquan or Shy, placed a hand on her shoulder. Iya jumped sky high and looked at Shy. Shy waved at her. He was holding their mother's bow and arrows. Iya's fur stood on end.

"Don't do that Shy," Iya said as she glared at Shy. Shy faintly smiled and took the Tetsugia out from behind him. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Iya's face. She grabbed the Tetsugia from Shy.

"I thought you would need that," Shy said with a cute smile. Iya let out a sigh. Shy was too cute for being thirteen. Iya started walking toward the other's.

"Let's see what Coje wants to do," Iya said as she looked back at Shy. Shy nodded and caught up to Iya.[/color]
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[color=slategray]"Hey wait a moment. Have either of you seen Kanya?! Did she go off alone again?" Zsuzsanna asked quickly.

"Yes she did. I haven't seen her since last night." Keno replied back to her, and raised a brow.

"Damnit! Didn't we tell her to not do that at this time. And just stick with us so she didn't get into trouble. Well no and I hope she does get introuble for going off alone." Zsuzsanna noticed that her sister seeming to be the same age as her and they almost looked exactly the same except for their eyes. She shook her head and growled a bit, seeming really pissed off at her sister.[/color]
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