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Writing Ghost Soldiers

Akki Koroshiya

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It's a book about the Bataan Death March and what happened to the prisoners after the march was over, and how they were soposed to be freed)not quit done so i dont know if they were freed or not.). I read a decent ammount of WWII books but most of them are filled with facts, at least thats been my experience, and this one tells a story with teh facts built into teh story. I rarely read books that arent popluar, like i just finished the second Artimes Fowl book and I will soon start on theHarry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. This is one of the books my dad found under the rest of all of his old books so its obviously not popluar at this time. So at first i was a bit cautious about reading it because i didn't have any idea on how it would be. After i started reading it I was hooked. In fact, I was so caught up in reading the book i missed an Acadimic Bowl meeting because all i had in my mind was to hear more about CLub Tsubaki(sp?). It's one of the ebst, if not the best, WWII book I've ever ha dthe pleasure of readinig. So if there is anyone else out there who read it, what are your thoughts and comments?
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