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Writing Two new pomes from and old lass.

Sky Moonflow

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I wait for you

But you don't come

I worry about you

But you never know

I wish on many stars

I cry without any tears

I wait

You never come

I hope

You never hear me

I wish

You don't know it

I pray

You never recieve it

I wait night and day

I will wait forever

Till at last

You come back to me

[CENTER]End of the Dream[/CENTER]

Now the sun is slowly fading,
And the moonlight starts to gleem,
Fondest wishes masquerading
As a pointless, endless dream
And it's there along the skyline
As I search for where you are
That I feel those wishes combine
To a shining sliver star.

Am I all alone in darkness, am I all alone in pain?
Is there no one left to guide me through this dark city of rain?
Oh, no, I know you're near me; feel our fingers intertwine
But the wish that brings us here, is it ours or only mine?

If you need me, when you need me
I will be here for you always
Let me hold you, let me save you
From the shattered windows, and the empty hallways.

Now the sun is quickly sinking
Casting shadows in the sand
And a stray machine is thinking
That she'd like to hold your hand
Could I stop running long enough
To kiss your lips again?
Would that free my conscience of
It's heavy shroud of pain?

For I'm all alone in the darkness, where no frozen bond can break
And I fear this nightmare is the one from which I'll never wake
In the chains of the destroyer I fear I'll not be set free
Or is can this wish within my heart bring you here to me?

Are you near me, can you hear me
As my voice grows to a scream?
Do not despair, I will be there
Close by your side at the end of the dream.

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I'm tired, but I'll take a stab at this.

For starters, spell check. Please. You didn't even spell poems right. -_-

The first poem? I didn't like it. It has no rythm, no meter. And worst of all, no emotion.

The second poem is better. You tried harder. But there are times when it still has the same problems. Plus many of the ryhmes are way too predictable. The ones I saw were things like free/me, pain/rain, etc.

Eh, maybe I can be more helpful when I'm awake. :sleep:
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