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RPG Dragonball: World Wide Tournament!


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[COLOR=Navy]Roko was tapping his fingers on the chair of a small spaceship. He was watching different color lights pass by the window. He let out a depressed sigh as he put his hands behind his head. The little spaceship he was on wasn't a regular spaceship. It was a dimension skipping spaceship. It was personally made for him by Bulma. Roko let out another sigh. His mother's warning was running through his head.


"Now don't create havoc in this other dimension," Riku warned as she looked at Roko. Roko rolled his eyes as Yamcha walked up. Yamcha crossed his arms and looked at Roko. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Roko's face. Riku looked up at Yamcha.

"Listen to your mother," Yamcha said as he shifted his weight. Roko swallowed hard as Riku looked back at him. He started to sweat. His father was a good person to get upset.

"Yes Daddy," Roko said with a slightly scared voice. Yamcha nodded and looked down at Riku. Riku nodded and smiled. Roko wipped away sweat from his forehead.

"Go before we change our minds," Riku said with a smile. Roko nodded and let out a sigh. He ran to the door. He had to get to Capsule Corp.

[CENTER]-End of Flashback-[/CENTER]

Roko's Flashback was interrupted by a thud sound. His little spaceship had landed. Roko pushed the top to his spaceship up and poked his head up. He was surrounded by trees and flowers. He took a deep breath and tapped on his backpack. A little dragon-bird poke its head up.

"I want you to travel around and gather strong fighters," Roko said as his dragon fluttered out of his backpack. The dragon nodde and flew off. Roko let out another sigh and started going through his backpack. This would be a good spot to hold a tounament. All he needed was some well trained monsters and beast.

In the meantime, Trunks was taking in the sun at Capsule Corp. He was actually in a bathing suit and sitting in a lawn chair. He had sunglasses on and his hands behind his head. A girly giggle interupted his nap. Trunks lifted his sunglasses up to see Nimimi. A sweat drop appeared at the side of Trunks' face.

"What do you want Nimimi," Trunks asked as he sat up. Nimimi walked up to her brother. She had a grin across her face. Trunk could tell she met buisness though.

"Spaceships have been crashing everywhere," Nimimi said with a slight giggle, "and Bulma wants us to check it out." Trunks stood up and shook his head. He put his sunglasses on his head.

"We'll go as soon as I get dressed," Trunks said with a sigh. Nimimi nodded her head as she watched Trunks walk into the house. This could prove to be interesting.

OOC: Sorry for it being short. I would like it if your character(s) are found by Roko's dragon/bird or Trunks & Nimimi. If your found by the dragon/bird, you go stright to Roko. If your found by Trunks & Nimimi, you'll have too travel with them for just a bit. Is that ok with everyone.[/COLOR]
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OOC: Good with me.

[i] Goken sat in a Saiyan Space pod, eyes closed and about half asleep. The pod crash-landed into the hard ground at high speed, sending a trail of smoke that would rise into the sky and disappear at 400 feet up. Automatically, the door opened with a slight 'ding' sound and he opened his eyes. A smirk that was nothing short of Vegeta-ish crossed his face, gray eyes shining maliciously. He had felt abnormally strong power levels slowly moving towards this area, and of course, couldn't resist a challenge. Previously, on New Vegeta, they had devised a different type of armor. This kind had the same stretchable material as any other, but black and plated with split peices of silver that came together but moved to suit the position of the user. He punched the button that closed the pod's door and walked away from the site slowly, confidently. Steel-toed boots moved under him, one always in front of the other. Somehow, he knew this would be a great challenge; even for him. [/i]

OOC: Not all that flashy, I couldv'e done better, but it'll have to do.
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[color=teal]"Ow," Riku said as she lifted the door to her Saiyan Space Pod, "I hate rough landings." Riku looked around and ajusted her blue Scanner. She hated that thing. It made her look evil or something. Something suddenly ran across the screen on her scanner and a cold chill through her body. She could sense power levels, but Bulma gave her a scanner anywho. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Riku's face. She put her hand to her chin as the people or beings got closer. Bulma's words were being burned into her head.


"Remember Riku," Bulma said as she put a blue Scanner on Riku's ear, "People who look fimiliar to you are not the same people. Don't get hurt because your mother would kill me." A grin crossed Riku's face as Bulma took a step backward. Bulma looked at her with a puzzled look.

"My mom would kill you if she knew you were helping me out," Riku said with a grin. Bulma shook her head and handed Riku a leather baggy. Riku took the baggy and looked in it. The baggy was filled with Senzu Beans. Riku looked back up at Bulma.

"I'm not jokeing," Bulma said as she opened the door to the Saiyan Space Pod, "You better come back non-injured." Riku rolled her eyes as she stood up. Bulma took a step to the side as Riku jumped into the pod. Riku really wasn'yt planning on coming back.

"Don't worry," Riku said as she hit a button, "I won't be coming back injured if I like the place because I won't be coming back at all." Bulma went to say something, but the pod's door already shut. Riku was already starting it up. She was in a rush to get away from her decaying dimension.

[center]~End of Flashback~[/center]

Riku's moment of thought was interupted by someone clearing their throat. Riku fluttered opened her bright blue eyes. She was face to face with Trunks. She turned bright red.

"And who might you be," Trunks said with his arms crossed. Nimimi was standing behind him tapping her foot. A sweat drop appeared on the back of Riku's head. She went to say something, but her Scanner suddenly blew up. She closed her eyes and quickly turned around.

"We have company," Riku said as she got into a fighting stance. Trunks and Nimimi did the same. Riku's scanner had picked up this power level and blew. Now Riku felt scared. This power level was getting to her. Who or what was it?[/color]
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OOC: these things: ' means though, okay?

Matt was flying around, wondering where all these power levels were coming from.
'What in the heck is going on? Why am I feeling all this power? I better go Super Saiyan if I wind up in a fight.
Matt stopped flying to go Super Saiyan. As he flew off, he recognized a familiar energy.
"Is that Trunks?" He flew off in the direction of the energy he felt. Of course there was Trunks, with Nimimi at his side, as always whenever he seen Trunks.
"Hey Trunks! Whatcha doin'?"
"Huh? Oh Matt! Do you know whats going on?"
"No. Hey, whos this cutie over here?" Matt asked pointing to Riku.
Riku blushes but got angry. "WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT ME?!"
"Ahhhh...nothing! Don't worry. Whered ya come from?"
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Gojin had just got done training in his gravity room that Bulma had made for him. He was under some intense pressure, his body was worn out. Once he had step out, his father was in front of him with a towel in his hand. He threw the towel at Gojin?s face.

?You know son you shouldn?t be training your self so hard in your normal state. Why don?t you become super sayjin?? Gojin then whipped the sweat from his face. ?Dad I?m trying something new, I promise grandpapa that I?ll beat him normal while he is a super sayjin. So I can?t turn super sayjin for 3 more days no matter what.? Gohan just laughed a little. ?So what if something bad happened what will you do?? I looked at him with a smile on my face. ?I?ll make them wish they never crossed my path.? After that Gohan had went back into the house. Gojin was getting bored so he decided to fly around to get some fresh air.

While he was flying he began to pick up on some power levels. Some he recognized others he didn?t. He flew faster to catch up with them.
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[i] Goken looked up slightly and encased himself within a red ki sheild before darting off, moving between trees quickly until he stopped dead in his tracks. Voices. He grunted and moved right, away from the voices coming from the left. Antisocial, or just not wanting to strike up a conversation with possible enemies? Most likely both. Either way, he lowered himself to the ground, landing slowly. His training wasn't quite complete just yet, so more training was in order. He decided against it, as his concious told him he would get enough training done in the fighting process. He couldn't resist, though, blowing up a few trees. [/i]

OOC: BTW, Goken's mother was the daughter of Vegeta Jr. (alternate universe) which explains why he is so confident and pride...ful...
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Nimimi stood beside Trunks looking at the girl that had appeared.
"Who are you"?Nimimi demanded.Trunks looked at her oddly his sister she never actted this way.
"I'm Riku daughter of Goku".
"What but how can that be"?Trunks asked looking even more shocked.
"Ni!"A voice called out.They all turned and saw a small messy haired boy running toward them.He ran at Nimimi and hugged her legs looking up at her with a smile.
"Zoma!",Nimimi bent down and hugged him,"How wonderful to see you.You didn't come and see me yesterday.Why not"?
"Uh Nimimi who is this kid?"Trunks asked.
"Oh you never meet Zoma.Zoma my friend".
"Oh you meet him befor"?
"I've known Zoma for a while".
Zoma looked up at Trunks then cowered behind Nimimi.Trunks bent down to him.
"Hi,I'm Trunks Nimimi's brother".
Zoma looked back up at Nimimi and hugged her legs tighter.
"Stop Trunks your scaring him.Come on Zoma lets go!"
Nimimi turned and walked away Zoma ran after her and reached for her hand.Nimimi gave it to him and he held on to her hand.

OOC: We find out Zoma's sercret later much later.See his profile(relationship part).[/COLOR]
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"Couldn't you've landed alittle lighter Rio," Ruby asked as she rubbed the back of her head. Rio grinned nervously at his twin sister. They had a rough landing, but Ruby really shouldn't suspect anything to smooth from Rio. Ruby shook her head and climbed out of the spaceship. Rio climbed out as well.

"Now what Ruby," Rio asked as he pushed his black hair behind his ear. Ruby put her hand to her chin and looked off into the distance and suddenly moved it. Rio looked at her and suddenly stiffened up.

"You sense that don't you," Ruby asked as she pulled her lavender hair to a side, "We're surrounded by very strong presences." Rio nodded and looked ahead. Him and Ruby went Super Sayian and took off toward two energies that felt fimiliar. They had to check this out.

A little later, the twins landed in a small area in the woods. They went back to normal and looked at the three people talking. A stunned look crossed their face. They reconginzed two of the people.

"Is that mom and dad," Rio asked as he looked at Ruby. Ruby shook her head and looked at the fox like creature. She thought she saw him before too.

"Remember what mom said," Ruby said with a stern look, "We can't tell anyone who we are. Those two are mom and dad, but they have no clue who we are. They're probbly still our age." Rio nodded a sweat drop appear on his face. He stood up to look Trunks face to face. Ruby quickly stood up too.

"I thought I sensed two strong powers over here," Trunks said as he looked the twins over. A sweat drop appeared on both Ruby's and Rio's heads.
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Matt heard some voices coming behind him and was startled so much that he lost his balance and fell down hitting his head.
"Owwww...thats gonna hurt my IQ about another fifty points or so. How low is it now Trunks?"
"Now?...negative 237. Keep hitting your head and you'll get a concussion."
Matt knoticed the two Super Saiyans that was talking to Trunks. He was amazed that they were Saiyans. He thought that him, Trunks, Goku, Gohan, Goten, Vegeta, Bra, and Pan were the only Saiyans left that had Saiyan blood in them.
"Hey, are you two part Saiyan or something?" he asked the two visitors.
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[color=red][B][I]Ruby and Rio looked at each other. They might as well tell. It wouldn't hurt for them to know. Ruby let out a sigh.

"Yes," Ruby said as she closed her eyes, "we're almost completely Sayian. We have very little human in us." Rio nodded in agreement with his sister. Matt looked at them. He looked like he didn't trust them. Ruby and Rio knew they would have to spill their info to Matt.

"Can you come with me," Rio said as he grabbed Matt's hand. Matt didn't say anything because he didn't figure he had a choice in the matter. Ruby nervously smiled and walked by Trunks.

"We'll be back," Ruby said with a smile, "and we would love it if you didn't follow." Trunks nodded his head as Ruby took off after Matt and Rio. Riku watched them and shook her head.

In a place in the woods far away from Trunks and Riku, Rio placed Matt in front of him. Ruby came up behind him. Matt looked at the both of them and crossed his arms.

"What do you guys want," Matt asked as he glared at the twins. Something struck him as he glared. Rio and Ruby both looked similarto Trunks and Riku. He went to say something, but was cut off by Rio.

"We're going to tell you somethings," Rio said with a stern look, "and you've gotta keep it hush hush." Matt nodded at what Rio said. Maybe he would be getting some answers.

"Me, Ruby, and my brother, Rio, are from the future," Ruby said with a sad face, " and we're the daughter and son of Trunks and Riku. Riku was that girl you and Trunks were talking to." Matt looked shocked at what Ruby had just said. He had to say something, but what?[/I][/B][/color]
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Matt looked at them stunned. The fact that they were from the future didn't bother him but Riku and Trunks?! He thought of the time that Vegeta and Bulma had Trunks.
"I thought that Trunks would get with a human girl, not Riku. But what is it like in the future? Is it cool and all like I always thought it would be?"
Rio and and Ruby looked at each other with disappointed looks.
"It's not as you think. We came back to do the same thing father did."
"Get killed by a thingie called Cell and then be brought back again?"
"No!" Ruby giggled a little but caught herself. "We're here to change the future. But you'll find out why soon. We can't tell you though."
Matt looked a bit confused, being as dumb as Goku most of the time anyway.
"Well, lets hope you do what you came to do. I'll help!"
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[color=teal][B][I]Goku was flying above. He had sensed some strong powers, so he decided to go out and investigate.

"What's this," Goku thought to himself, "a power similar to Trunks is near to a very strong power and a power similar to Matt's is near two really strong powers." Goku suddenly stopped and started scanning the area. He decided to go stright down.

When Goku landed, he spotted Trunks talking to Riku. He knew Riku had a really strong aura, but how? She seemed to be almost as strong as a Sayian. He had to check this out. He walked out of the bushes.

"Hey Trunks," Goku said as he smiled and waved, "Who are you talking to?" Trunks turned around and looked at Goku. He smiled and looked back at Riku.

"This is Riku," Trunks said as he looked Riku over, "and she's from a diffrent dimension. She's your middle child, your daughter." Goku looked really shocked. She wasn't from the future, so it was ok to tell her father everything. Goku walked up to her and looked at her. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Riku's face.

"Prove your a sayian and my daughter," Goku demanded as he looked at Riku. Trunks shook his head. Goku was sounding more like Vegeta then himself.

"Fine," Riku said as she powered up to Super Sayian two, "I know that my older brother is Gohan and younger brother is Goten. You agreed to marry mom, Chi-Chi, after a tournament. Your first friend was Bulma and you train under Master Roshie(sp?) for awhile with Krillen. Do I have to go on?" Goku looked at Riku with a dumbfounded look. He blinked a few times and hugged Riku. Another sweat drop appeared on the side of Riku's face as she powered down.

"Wow, I have a daughter," Goku said with a huge smile, "You don't plan on staying do you?" Riku pulled away from Goku and looked at him. She smiled brightly.

"I might think about it," Riku said as she moved her black hair behind her ear. Goku smiled and nodded.[/I][/B][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]"Hey Goku!Hey Trunks!"Nimimi shouted waving at Goku and Trunks.
"Hey Nimimi where'd you go off to"?Trunks asked.
"Oh I went with Zoma down to his tree fort."
Riku looked at Zoma by Nimimi's side and noticed that he looked familair but,he quickly shot his head back behind Nimimi.
"So Goku do you know where Goten is"?
"I think he went to go see Gohan."
"Oh good cause Chi-chi didn't know where he was and told me that you probley knew.Well better go find him.Bye"!
"Wait Nimimi lets all go together".Trunks said.
"Okay.Lets go then".
Nimimi,Zoma,Goku,Trunks and Riku walked towards Gohan's home.Zoma walking very close to Nimimi keeping out of site of Riku.[/COLOR]
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  • 2 weeks later...
Matt, Ruby, and Rio decided to fly back towards the spot that Trunks and Riku had previously been.
Matt: "What is your dimention like?"
Ruby: "Not good. As much as we seen...-Rio: "Which wasnt much"-...we really dont like to talk about it. If we seen all of it, I doubt that we'd even want to go to another dimension for fear that we'll end up in a worse place than we left."
Matt: "Oh. You don't have to talk about it. I understand."
Matt then felt a familiar presence as did Ruby and Rio.
Matt: "Its Goku! Come on!"
Matt flew off ahead towards Goku as Ruby and Rio tagged along.

When they caught up with Gokus group, Goku turned around to greet them.
Goku: "Hey Matt....who are these guys?"
Matt: "Some old friends. Don't worry, they arent evil."
Matt looked over to Ruby and Rio to whisper this: "I aint gonna tell a soul about you guys unless you spill the beans first, okay?"
Ruby and Rio: "Okay."
Goku: "Hey, Matt. Go bother Vegeta. He needs some comic relief since Bulma gave birth to Bra. He needs to get that off his mind and calm down for a while."
Matt: "Okay. Bye guys!"
Matt blasted off towards Capsule Corp. As he left, he felt something go down his spine. It wasnt matter but something made him shiver as if something was going to happen soon...
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[i] Goken moved backwards and tripped over a log that he had just annihilated and landed on a silver armor plate.
"Damn! Erghh..."
He muttered to himself about how the armor should've been perfected before use, before he remembered he wasn't the only one in the area. He tapped the button on his double-sided scouter. Left side for the detection of dragonballs, the right for locating and analyzing power levels. He realized he wouldn't need the left side, but it was the only scouter he had, however obsolete. The levels came up, one extremely powerful. The others around it but not quite...he knew he would have trouble here. He could probably make it out alive if he was as strong as he liked to think. He scowled indifferently and walked out of the forest, his eyes shifting. [/i]
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