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Request Pet Shop of Horrors Banner/Avi.

Guest Count D

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Guest Count D
[COLOR=DarkSlateGray] [SIZE=1]Hello, everyone. I'm fairly bad at making graphics so I'd like to request one. Could someone please make me a Pet Shop of Horrors banner and avatar.


Dimensions: 200 x 60 or whatever you think may fit
Characters: Count D and/or Tetsu (sp?)
Dark background
and then just my name, in some kind of cursive font.


A head shot of Count D

Thanks to anyone who will do this for me. Also, I'll be sure to give you credit in my siggy and a link to your Profile or Art/Banner thread if you have one. If you need any images, just let me know. And I'd be more then happy to get them for you.


Count D ~[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Here's my try, Count D. I hadn't been able to make it 200 by 60. It came out 4 pixels larger on each size. But, let me know if you'd like any changes or a different banner/avatar. Hope you like it.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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