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Hello everybody,

Just to say howdy to the community as I'm a newbie. So my favorite anime is Golden Boy ( I wish it lasted a little bit longer :D ) but I've seen a whole bunch of others:

-- Evangelion
-- Trigun
-- Slayers (1, next, try, some OAVs)
-- Megami Kouhosei
-- Golden Boy
-- Escaflowne (not entirely)
-- Gundam Wings (not entirely, got bored on this one ^^)
-- Love Hina
-- Nadia
-- Hunter X Hunter (plus 2 Oavs, the new episodes)
-- Hellsing
-- Vandread (very few about 2nd stage)
-- Cowboy Bebop (+ the movie)
-- Cobra
-- Albator
-- Ninja Scroll
-- Berserk
-- Patlabor
-- Spriggan
-- Bakuretsu Hunter (also called Sorcerer Hunters, I think)
-- Kenshin (only the OAVs)
-- Iria
-- Gunm (+ all the mangas)
-- Venus War
-- Crying freeman
-- Blood: The last Vampire
-- Mononoke Hime
-- Totoro
-- Lodoss War (not entirely, shame shame on me...)
-- Noir (the most boring ever..)
-- GTO
-- Outlaw star
--Ghost in the Shell
--some Excel saga (weird Oo)
--some Niae under 7 (not sure of the spelling)

not sure if that's enough to make an otaku but should be a good start ;).

So, what about you ? ^_^
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Welcome to OtakuBoards, Kintaro. ^_^

We actually don't permit introduction threads, as we prefer members to immediately begin participating in OB's various discussions. The list of anime you've seen is quite impressive, and I'm sure you'll be able to use that knowledge to your advantage. If you have any questions, please begin by reading our rules, and then PM me or one of the other moderators. Thank you very much.

Thread closed.

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