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Anime questions on Gundam Z (spoilers)

Guest Windrider

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Guest Windrider
Hi... i just finished watching all 50 eps of gundam Z, and i'm abit puzzled by the ending parts... partly because i thought the version was quite poorly subbed.Hopefully someone can clear some of my doubts about this show?

[spoiler]- After Axis helped AEUG destroy titan's colony laser and space fortress, Jamitov and paptimus went to negotiate with Hamaan. Halfway during the negotiations paptimus wanted to kill hamaan, but char appeared and shot Jamitov and Paptimus instead. After that they all left hamaan's ship, and i would guess that axis were still helping AEUG, but in the next episode Axis were attempting to drop their space fortress on AEUG's base on the moon...?? I would guess that axis would be still helping AEUG considering that that titans wanted to kill hamaan? But instead they went to attack AEUG?

- In the second last episode, Axis and titans were allied against AEUG? (not sure about this part). If so, why?

- Did Char die in the end?[/spoiler]

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