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RPG Yu-Gi-Oh!: Forgotten Past

Guest Lexy

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Story So Far: There's a new girl in Domino City, her name's Rikku Johnson. Her and her family moved to Domino City from Gala City to escape something horrible that happened though she can't remember what or entirely forget. Her family (consisting of her brother, Ethan and her dad) Know what happened but won't tell her becuase it might destroy her. Ever since she's met Uugi and his friends she's been having theses flashes of what?.....could it be of what happened back in Gala city that was so horrible?.....What would happen if she remembered?................

Here's what I need:




Favorite card(s):



Millenium Item(Optional):

If your playing a regular character all I need is:



Fav. Card(s):

And what they've been doing lately:

You are allowed up to three characters.

Here's my info:

Name: Rikku Johnson

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Favorite cards: The Dark Magician Girl and The Harpie Lady Sisters

Bio: Something horrible happened in her past and if she rememvred, something terrible might happen. She's trying to moveon with her life and forget that she can't rememver but ever since she met Yugi and his freinds she's been having these strange flashes and she's beginning to get afraid of what she might find!

Description: Rikku has dark blue hair with purple streadks and tips. She has dark blue eyes and a scar under her right eye. She's 5"2 and she likes to wear her short blue skirt, purple bellyshirt with a blue sleeveless vest and purple high heeled boots.

Millenium Item: The Millenium head band??

Name: Ethan Johnson

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Favorite cards: Red Eyes Black dragon, Blue Eyes White Dragon and The Flame Swordsman

Bio: Ethan is an outgoing advevturist boy who loves a challenge but when it comes to his sister that's a differnt story! He's always watching what he says so not to revive any part of her memory. On his spare time he likes to hang with his friends and play duel monsters.

Descrption: Ethan has shoulder length black hair with red tips. He has reddish eyes, a scar on his left arm and is 5"7. He likes to wear black pants and boots with a red sleeveless shirt and a black sleeveless vest with red flames on it.

Millenuim Item: None

Have Fun! :flaming:
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Name: Jon Wheeler
Age: 18

What country you are from: United States

Rarest Card: Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Summoned Skull, Toon Summoned Skull, Toon Blue Eyes White Dragon, Red Eyes Black Dragon, and Meteor Dragon

Bio: The second Wheeler to join the craze known as Duel Monsters, Jon has set off to prove that he is the best. This is the first tournament he has entered, but he knows he will prevail against Joey once and for all. After he has proven himself worthy over Joey, only Kaiba and Yugi will stand inhis way.

Description: 5' 8" Red spikey hair. Medium build, fast in sped. Wears a white bandana fold into a rectangle and tied across his forehead. A white log sleeved shirt worn like Kaiba's trenchcoat, with a black shirt underneath and baggy blue jeans worn half way down his rear. Black shoes and a dead serious expression with a black bandana worn on his right wrist and a duel disk on his left.

Deck Theme: Dark and Dragon

Millenium Item: Millenium Eye
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Name:[COLOR=DimGray] Blank[/COLOR]

Age:[COLOR=DimGray]1000 But is precived as 16[/COLOR]


Favorite card(s):[COLOR=DimGray]No preference[/COLOR]

Bio:[COLOR=DimGray]Blank I a wanderer. As far as she knows she has no parents. They were killed by a renagade gange when she was little. When she was 15 she was told that she is an alien, and if she proves herself, she can return to her home world. She has taken up Duel Monsters in hopes of finding clues to her past and keys to her future.[/COLOR]

Description:[COLOR=DimGray]Rather tall. Long silver hair. One red eye and one blue eye. Sleeveless shirt with 2 belts, and pants with belts on the legs. Logger boots with more straps. And a sleeveless black trench coat.[/COLOR]

Millenium Item(Optional): [COLOR=DimGray]None. Only to obtain some.[/COLOR]
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[size=1]Name: Xander Michaels
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Favorite cards: Buster Blader and Black Devil Master
Bio: Xander moved from Australia with his family, and got hurt so he was in the hospital and got better when he got the millenium earrings from his brtother. His yami is unknown for now.
Millenium Item: Millenium earrings[/size]
[size=1]Description:Chaud(from MM: NTW) except with black hair(normal), and green spiked hair for yami.[/size]
[font=Tahoma][size=1]Name: Konner Michaels
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Favorite cards: Buster Blader and Black Paladin
Bio: Konner was born in Australia where he spent most of his time playing cards and surfing when he wasn't at school. his father's job moved him th Domino City and he started hanging out with Yugi. He recieved the orb as a christmas present from his mom when he was 12.
Description: about 5'6 with spiked up black hair that when let down reaches his shoulders, he wears some black cargo pants, and a red dragon shirt with a cresent moon scar above his eyebrows on his forehead. He has brown eyes ansd is vrey athletically built.
Millenium Item(Optional): Milenium Orb[/size][/font]
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Name: Hiro Sakito

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Favorite card(s): Dark Magician, Buster Blader, United We Stand, and Magician of Black Chaos

Bio: An expert duelist that has also moved from Gala City to Domino City. Hiro meets Yugi and his friends at Yugi's grandpa's card shop. He dislikes Tristan and Tea because they don't like him because he is better at dueling than them and they think he doesn't respect the cards. Hiro always believes in the heart of the cards and will continue to as long as he duels.

Description: 5'7" and has jet black short hair. His bangs come down to his nose. Medium build and athletic. Wears a white vest like Duke's with a black short sleeved shirt under it.Also wears a black bandana on his left wrist and also his duel disk.

Deck theme: Dark, Light, and Earth.

Millenium Item: Millenium Star
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