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Anime Random Anime Character's Vacant Thoughts


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[color=darkviolet]I'm not sure if this topic has ever been done before, but since I can't find it on the first five pages, I think I can do this.

What really goes through these character's heads

[b]MIaka[/b]-Tamahome-Ne, forget Tamahome, Chicken pot pie!


[b]Mizuno Ami from SailorMoon[/b]-Okay if x=32 squared and y=-12cubed then xy= equals... ki ya! I forgot!!!! *pulls out hair*

Why does Usagi get to be the leader? I should be the leader I was the favorite senshi in Japan I should be given top billing! *starts to cackle insanely*

[b]Tsukino Usagi[/b] *walks in on Ami who is laughing like a nutbar* She must be thinking of the time she forgot all her english vocabulary.

[b]Kagome[/b] Alrighty if z=-56cubed and a= 15 1/4 to the fourth power then az equals equals oh no!!!! I FORGOT!!!!!!!!! *runs screaming thru the temple yard then falls down the well

Well, that's it from me for now, if this works out, I'll think up some more[/color]
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Okay.... I've given a lot of thought to this, and I really don't feel that these kinds of threads can create much discussion. The "anime bumper stickers" topic, for example, degenerated very quickly. People often write one-line replies like, "Haha, that's really funny," or simply make the shortest, most vapid contributions imaginable.

I plan on consulting with the other mods, just in case I'm being overly harsh. But for now, consider this thread closed.

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